A day shy of a week ago Robotech Master was out on his e-bike when an SUV struck him and drove off. According to the most recent news available, he passed away from his injuries at around 2:00 this morning. I have kept some news up on his user page and, at this point, ask that anyone wishing to leave messages or tributes do so on either his talk page or another page that can be used for such things. His account here and all of the stories he has gifted the Shifti community with will be preserved in memoriam, as we also did for Morgan.


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Works by Bryan on Shifti


I'm Bryan, one of the main administrators of Shifti. I have extensive experience working with MediaWiki wikis like this one, so if you've got any problems or requests feel free to contact me about them.

I'm also an author and have been an administrator on the TSA-Talk mailing list since almost the beginning. I manage the Bryan's picks list of stories here on Shifti.


These stories are generally older and of lower quality than my more recent work (though not universally!). They're also fairly short.

  • ...And This Little Piggy Stayed Home - Plotless pig TF! The character's fun, though.
  • Chickenhawk and the Shapeshifter - One of my earliest TF stories. This is set in the Wild Cards universe, loosely speaking.
  • The Day the Universe Changed - a Winds of Change story written back before there was a Winds of Change.
  • Deus Ex Machina - a comedy, poking fun at a particularly deranged TF story author
  • Fertile Ground - Once upon a time Phil wrote a really quick little story, Who Shall Mourn the Dandelions?. There were no TFs and he destroyed Earth, killing the last living human. I took this as a challenge. Fertile Ground is a sequel in which I give the setting and the characters a happy ending, without changing anything established by the original.
  • Halloween Cinderella - Pretty straightforward furry TF, but it's on Devin's list of favorites so I guess it's got some appeal. :)
  • Reversal of Fortune - This one was written as a result of my annoyance with yet another instance where some character was whining about how eternal life was a curse. Don't remember what instance that was, though.
  • A Fine Vintage - I think this was my first inanimate object TF story. It's short and fairly plotless, written as a result of inspiration from an even shorter and less plotful vignette by DanielSan.
  • Legacy of Flight - A vague attempt at introducing a plot device for other authors to use, but not bad as a stand alone if I do say so myself.
  • Masters and Students - Written to illustrate the difference between intelligence and wisdom. Also for a cat TF.
  • Rachel's Collar - After I posted this to TSA-Talk I was told that R.L. Stine had done it already. Well, bah. I don't care, it's a good idea no matter who thinks of it first.
  • The Right Stuff - As far as I'm aware this is the only Boeing 737 transformation story on the Internet. It's set in the "Turnabout Tunnels" universe, which wasn't very popular and died out some years back but is fairly straightforward (mysterious incident causes rampant random body-swaps, not always with other humans).
  • The Next Chapter - A quick little story in the "Visionary's Saga" universe. Not much to it.

More recent, "better" work

  • Forest Life - This started out as a completely plotless bit of textual doodling and turned into one of my favorite descriptions of a long drawn-out TF. Illustrated by Ian Williams, who just spontaneously did the art for me out of the blue. I guess he liked the story too. :)
  • Olympus - A long story where I actually kept pretty close to the outline I had in mind right from the beginning. I was thinking of making a story universe out of this, but only one other story got written; The Limelight by Jon Buck.
  • Private Thoughts - Once upon a time, Phil wrote Public Domain. I think it was based on a suggestion I made, "goldfish", and so he wrote me in as the protagonist. It was awesome. So I hammered out a sequel following "me" a bit longer and giving "me" a modicum of a happy ending.
  • Taint of Chaos - Written for Eric Schneider's birthday, to be included in a book custom-printed and bound by Bob Stein. I included some fanservice for both in here, but it stands alone well too and I'm thinking I might want to revisit the universe again someday.
  • Unexpected Shore - My first completed work post-new-Shifti. :) I put it straight on after finishing and spellchecking, so not sure about the quality yet. I wrote it in just two sittings.

Xanadu stories

  • Xanadu - The one that started it all
  • Witchhunt - A direct sequel to the origin story, following the characters through more of an actual plot
  • The Bear Pair - The first of my "partner" stories, in which two people go to Xanadu in complementary costumes. I wound up using that basic approach a few times.
  • Horse and Rider - Another of my "partner" stories, and also probably the kinkiest of my Xanadu stories to date. Which isn't really all that kinky, in the grand scheme of things, seeing as I haven't had the guts to do anything with the Over-18 Hall yet...
  • Male Model - A non-traditional TG story focusing on the 'clothing curse' aspect of Xanadu's effects.
  • Slinx - Just as Xanadu started out as a ripoff of an earlier story universe, this story started when I decided I wanted to do a Pokemon story but realized I didn't know a lot about Pokemon. So I just made up a fictional Pokemon-like game, that way I was automatically the world authority on the subject. It turned out quite well, much longer and with more plot than I'd been expecting.
  • On Display - A mannequin TF that I'm told makes a good horror story, though I thought it worked out okay for the main character myself.

Unfinished works

A very important note: although I do resume working on old "abandoned" stories now and then, and sometimes find a new surge of inspiration, I can't guarantee anything of the sort and I've found that pressuring myself usually has the opposite effect. If you really enjoy one of these, I appreciate it, but I can't add more simply on request.

  • Manta - Based on a vaguely-remembered dream, a science fiction tale that has a nice TF but sadly ran out of plot halfway through.
  • A Flash of Lightning - This one was deliberately plot-free. It was inspired by the disappointing five second TF near the end of the terrible movie "A Sound of Thunder", based very loosely on the Ray Bradbury short story of the same name. I've got ideas for where it's going but need to re-find the motivation.
  • Naturalization - Inspired by a Second Life avatar. I had a plot in mind, but it didn't flow well.


This is stuff that I have no idea where else to put at the moment.