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This is Jetfire, a common face on various IRC networks. (I even show up on the TF-Net IRC networks occasionally).

I posted years ago on the TSA, but have been silent for a long time.

Well, recently my muse struck me hard again, and (what I hope will be a short series), the Taylor Series was spawned.

Since then I've dusted off a few older stories, and poked into a couple new settings that caught my eye.



Related story, leading into Cat Scratch Fever (like All Spark Bulletin does)

Stand alone story, set after Rescue 911

Stand alone story, set in the Nextus-Sturmhaven war.

Stand alone story, set in the Zharus system.

Spacer Stories.

Related Spacer Story

Totalian Diplomacy (concurrent with the Spacer stories)


Colonies is a setting I'm starting and sorting out what I want to do with. Generally speaking the idea is that people appear on a new world, rejuvenated to their mid-20's, in good health and basic skills intact, but fuzzy memories of cultural stuff. Over a week, they change into the dominant species of the world with the intent they will colonize it as that species.

More details will come out when (if?) I get the mood to write more in this general setting.

Metamor Keep

  • Storm Watch Introduction of Saroth and Electra, the Weather Wardens.
  • Sunny Skies Quickie story of a small event around the Keep
  • Sea Breeze Saroth and Electra travel to Magdalain Island.
  • Cloud Seeding Saroth reflects on the events that lead him to the Keep originally.

Taylor Series

Paradise: The Veil Series

Before August, 2005

August, 2005-August 2006

August, 2006-August 2007

August, 2007-August 2008


  • GM'O'Fur: A friend of Joe's changes. A side story from the main Veil storyline, but stand alone by itself.
  • It Bears Investigation: A quicky story with the characters from GM'O'Fur. Set in summer of '07.
  • Silver Fox Tracks (A Veil side story)
  • Judge Judy: Deagle vs Anderson: A quickie idea that hit me one night about situations that would start happening as more and more people changed.
  • Doing Hard Time: Originally intended to be a Veil story, I twisted it around a lot and like the results. It's tangentially related to the Veil now.
  • Gulf Ice: I started this intending it to go one way, and the characters decided to go in a different direction. Seems to happen a lot with me. :)
  • Live At Five: A slice of life story of sorts, with a big (for my region) announcement, indirectly caused by the acts of ROB.
  • The Bear Facts: A story inspired (and urged along by) Eirik, mixing some of my characters and his together.
  • NorBAC: In this increasingly globalized world, sometimes you need a new organization to cut through the red tape of national labs. NorBAC is one such organization, intended to be a coordinator between North American bio-labs, to track down and isolate health threats. (Yes, it was blatantly taken from the Canadian show "ReGeensis")
  • Special Care: Some furs have special needs.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

IDIC was a setting created on the list years ago, but never really took off beyond it's original author. Still, I'm a sucker for crossovers, and this setting seems ideal for it. It's a setting where you can 'borrow' existing settings (and unique settings and anything you feel comfortable adding) and doing things in them that wouldn't be canon in the original setting but are fine here.

I've had a few ideas kicking around for what I might be able to do with this sort of freedom, some inspired by what I am currently reading, others inspired by just thinking of the differences between Real Events and things I wrote. I do have a bit of an overall theme/general plot for this, but I don't know if I'll ever go anywhere with it, or ever even finish these/polish these.

In any case, enjoy these ramblings.

  • Overlapping Fields: What happens when similar universes collide and interlace with each other?
  • Kernel Hacking: Decades ago, a catastrophe struck a world, effectively knocking it back to the stone age for reasons unknown. The ripples from this catastrophe have been spreading slowly through multispace, drawing the attention of the Tangle. Can a team figure out what happened and fix it up before it is too late?


Miscellaneous stories that are not in a particular setting yet.