Dragon-men Chronicles: First Transformation

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This story contains adult content.
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This story is intended for people who like M/M. If you don't like M/M, you may not enjoy this much.
Author's Comments

I wrote this in high school. It was supposed to be part of a series detailing a particular fantasy-world but it was never finished. It's open to editing as long as you don't censor or remove content. It's just a simple M/M sue fic that I want to share.

Dragon-men Chronicles: First Transformation

Author: Ox

A year go I was rather pathetic. Bear in mind that not all guys that go through the change are pathetic losers like I was, but back then I can honestly say I was very lonely and didn’t have many friends. I was a sophomore at a University and had just come to the realization that I rather wasn’t interested in the ladies and would rather be in the warm embrace of a man. That wasn’t exactly a bad thing, but I had no idea about how to go about doing it.

Home wasn’t so hot either. I had a fairly good childhood. My father was a workaholic businessman who sold a variety of industrial products to myriad companies. Be as it may, I never really saw him that much but I admired him for working so hard to provide for us. Sometimes I just wish I could disappear so he wouldn’t have to pay for my schooling. I have some younger brothers, but I was never really close to them. I don’t even know what colleges they go to. My mother, well, we were always close. I was such a mama’s boy when she wasn’t sick. I told her that I was gay and she told me that she hoped I found someone to share my life with. Then a month later her illness took over and she promptly went insane.

So there I was, stuck in my dorm room half of the time, with no friends because I was more than a little depressing most of the time. But I had my computer! God bless the modern age! May the dragon god truly taste the light of the modern era! Exclamations aside, I found myself one Saturday night with my friend the computer. However, I shared the dorm with a guy that I utterly hated. Not only was he devoutly homophobic, he also lit up more weed than a Malibu brush fire ever could. But he was out trying to score (women or blunts) most of the time, which was a slight comfort. However, that night he was hanging on the floor with his buddies going in and out of our room like a bad stench in the breeze. So I just huddled around my flat-panel monitor and looked at random websites and chatted with a few contacts.

I don’t remember the site when I first saw the button. Just a typical alert button. It read: Would you like to join the Order of the Dragon-men? [Okay][Cancel] I thought at first it was some gimmicky pop-up ad that my pop-up stopper failed to catch. I paused for a moment on the “No” button but just closed the window instead. Thinking nothing of it I continued on as I normally did. Roughly fifteen minutes later the button popped up, when I was browsing a entirely different site. I figured what the hell, If I get a virus, then my virus scan would probably catch it. And I liked dragons too, so I hit ‘Okay.’ Then my computer froze. I hit the desk with my fist! Damn it, I fell for a cheap virus, or so I thought. The screen cleared to the desktop and then a dark navy color. Slowly images started to rise out of the blue and what seemed to be a website formed. I was a little worried when I couldn’t alt-tab to another program at first, but I have to say the site intrigued me.

I was a computer science major so I knew what had happened to my computer could have been done by a decent hacker, but the website I was looking at seemed to have been written for and running on a next-next-next generation browser that was doing no less than magic with my cheap graphics card. Basically, what I’m trying to say was that I knew by looking at the site that there was something more than a script kiddie prank was going on.

Now back then the site had the typical layout of your average page-- menu on the left site, site banner on top and text and pictures in the main area. But the left and top border seemed to be intertwined with the current main page and the border decoration seemed to go in and out of five different layers that moved in parallax. And the whole thing didn’t look pixilated at all, the text was crisp, and the textures seemed real enough to touch. The border for the site was a sturdy looking but complex Celtic knot of what looked like solid light green plasma (you know, like the kind you find in those lightning glass balls, but solid) that just melted into the dark blue background. This overlapped the main frame which looked like a piece of parchment paper with black text and marble buttons. The menu listed various links, some of which was unavailable to me at the time. The top read “Order of the Dragon Man.”

I was intrigued.

I read the greeting. It was just a small paragraph that didn’t offer much information, but from it I decided that these guys probably weren’t that bad. It read:

Welcome to the home page for the Order of the Dragon-man for this realm . If you can access this site then you are either a prospective member or a current one. In either case, hopefully the tools and information inside will aid you in your endeavors. Hopefully once our numbers rise the dragon-man fraternities of this world can start to assist their homelands openly. Good luck and may the dragon god guide you.

I was a little worried at first about the dragon god part, but I thought the other part sounded good. Maybe they were a secret fraternity that did good deeds and were hooked on dragons or something? At the time I really couldn’t tell if they were weirdos or not. But I always loved dragons and I figured any one else that did couldn’t be half bad so I reckoned I should learn some more before making an opinion.

I tried using the mouse to click on the ‘projects’ button , but the darn thing wouldn’t work. I tried plugging and unplugging the mouse, but the result was the same. The keyboard as well didn’t work. I sat there for ten minutes just staring at the screen. After looking at the button I wanted to click for what seemed like a millennia or two, I tried picking off a piece of lint off the monitor that was on top of the button. When I did I heard a small click and realized the monitor was now a touch screen. Well, actually it was a “feel” screen. I could feel the grainy paper and the smooth marble of the buttons. Needless to say, I was totally stoked.

I read up on some of the projects they were doing at the time but they seemed to all be anonymous good deeds that couldn’t be traced back to any member. That made me skip to the pictures section because I wanted to know if these guys were just dorky-lookin’ boy scouts or something else, maybe? There were a list of categories of pictures, most of them were dimmed and blurred to show I wasn’t able to access them (they were cold to the touch). I decided to start out with the “before and after” category, since that seemed the most interesting. Was it the “before and after” of their projects, their initiation, their brainwashing? I touched the before and after link and the screen displayed a list of names which at the time had maybe over a thousand entries. I scanned the list for any name that stood out. I found one. A guy I kinda had a crush on in eighth grade, Drew. He was the nicest guy I ever met. I wonder whatever happened to him after he moved away? Well, if he was in this group, then I decided that I was definitely joining.

I touched his name. A picture popped up of him, aged a couple years since I knew him. He wasn’t dressing as formal as he used to, which made him look even cuter. The picture seemed almost professionally done, but with a casual pose. He wore khaki cargo shorts and a plain shirt with a simple dragon design that seemed dated. He appeared to be playing with the idea of growing a beard, but in the picture all he had was thick stubble. He had gained some weight since I last met him and he had a pot belly. But still he was very hot, at least to me. He always had a nice smile that could make me happy. I tried to rub his little belly on my monitor but instead I advanced it to the next picture.

I immediately withdrew my hand and found something amazing. I was looking at a large, humanoid creature that looked like a cross between a dragon and a powerful man but somehow looked familiar. My eyes grew wide. Was that Drew? The text beneath it said “Brother Dragon-man Drew.” I looked at this new picture blankly, until I recovered from the shock. It didn’t look like a photomorph. It appeared to be Drew in a similar pose as before, only this time with a thick gator-like tail, large muscular wings, a thick beard, and a gator-like maw. But he still had that same smile. I got hard just looking at the new Drew. He wore nothing but a simple loincloth that barely covered what looked to be bulging balls and a very large humanoid dick. Now, to me that was a very casual look. He had kept his hairy chest and he still had a pot belly after the transformation but these qualities seemed heightened in his dragon-man form. Although now he was huge, his arms and legs were crammed with muscle and his muscular abs seemed to be supporting that hefty paunch.

I could feel my pre leaking into my boxers. This was real. I had been chosen to become a dragon man like Drew. I looked at more pictures of the dragon-men in a daze, about ready to cream my pants and holding the monitor very close to me.

Then my roommate busted in, “Yo fag, what are you looking at? You whacking it to guys again?” I panicked and turned the monitor away from him. He walked over to me and pulled it the other way. Shit, I was busted.

Or so I thought, “Dude, what are you smoking? The screen’s blank.” I pulled it away from him and saw a bulky dragon-man in a loincloth. I was the only one that could see it evidently. But I couldn’t have my roommate watch me stare at an empty monitor all night. I had to think of something.

“I heard on the web that Upchuck Eaters is going to crash the end of the Dido concert tonight,” I lied.

He looked at me, “really?”

I pulled something out of my tail, “Yeah, they crashed that other concert in San Diego last week.” I’m just lucky I remembered that was one of his favorite bands.

He looked at me, “When, were?”

“The Dido concert at the bowl tonight, near the end.”


“I’m only relaying information.”

“Dude.” And he was gone. I locked the door behind him

When I got back to my desk another alert box had appeared. I straightened my self in my seat and read it. What is your name? I typed in my first name, forgetting that the keyboard hadn‘t been working earlier. None of the dragon-men in the after pictures had their full names listed so I put my first name only too. Would you like to become a Dragon-man Tim? I touched Okay.

The screen faded away from the website and to what looked like a quiz. I panicked at the idea of a pop quiz, but I comforted myself with the thought that if it was meant to be, it would be.

The questions were both impersonal and personal. Some of the questions were seemingly researched, which was a little intimidating because I knew there was some hulking dragon out there that knew me personally. Then again, I felt comforted by the fact that someone on the inside wanted me to join. Maybe Drew? I thought it would be very nice to meet him again. My thoughts trailed off while I answered the questions. How did you feel when your cat, Ghibbi, died? Boxers or briefs? If the world ended tomorrow and you could send something to the world after this one, what would it be? What do you find sexy? How do you want to change the world? What is your favorite color? What is most important: love, friendship, or sex? How do you feel about dragons?

When I answered all the questions the screen went blank. Another message popped up, “Congratulations, Tim. You are candidate to receive the power of the dragon god. Please clear a large space in the middle of your room and when your ready, press Okay.” I looked around , saw a bunch of my roommate’s junk in a pile on the floor, and kicked all of my roommate's things to the other side of the room. I took a deep breath. It dawned on me that if I touched okay I would become a giant dragon-man like the others had become, perhaps permanently. I was scared, yet eager at the same time.

I touched okay.

The screen faded and a circular green pattern appeared on the page filled with blue runes which slowly started to spin. It got brighter like it was warming or charging up. One last message appeared on the screen: “I’m waiting for you on the other side, buddy. I’m cheering for you Tim! -Drew” This made me more excited than ever before. Not only would I be a dragon-man, but afterwards I’d see Drew and we could fuck each other. I shook the thought from my mind--we hadn’t seen each other in years-- but it stuck. My dick was hard in my pants and I could feel my pre-soaked boxers against the head my dick. Drew. I touched his name before I touched the final okay.

The circle on the monitor grew brighter until it lit up almost all of my dark dorm room. It looked like a burning wheel spinning furiously, trying to reach an unknown destination. I thought of Drew’s message. He was waiting for me somewhere, but first I had to pass this final test. What could it be? I realized had to commune with the dragon god to go further. I placed my hand flat against the glowing circle of light and immediately I went into a trance.

I sat on a log on a ridge overlooking a lake and a tall, snowcapped mountain. The air was thin, but it smelled so sweet and fresh. There were trees everywhere, but it seemed like we were close to the tree line. A man dressed in a forest green suit sat down next to me. He had a neatly trimmed beard and a warm smile. His eyes shimmered with energy.

After a few moments he spoke, “So you want to join us, eh?” A simple question, and his tone was not implying anything.

“Yes, I do,” I blurted out, “I want to be with Drew and you seem like nice guys.”

He smiled, “Do you really know what you’re getting into? I really ought to talk to Joshua about that realm's recruiting methods.”

I asserted myself, “I want to be a dragon-man.”

He chuckled, “Well, from the tent in your pants I think you’ll be pleased with your new line of work. Do you promise to dedicate your love-making energy to me?”

I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, but the man beside me seemed like a really great guy/deity and I think I was getting a bit of a crush on him just sitting there. Plus, something inside me was saying that being an acolyte to this dragon god would mean that I would be having sex with Drew all day and doing good deeds (and I was right on both accounts!). So I said, “Yes.”

He grinned once he was satisfied that I knew what I would be doing, “Then, will you accept my energy in return?”

Without hesitation, I turned to him answered, “Yes.”

He looked deep into my eyes for a moment, examining me, “Well then. Please take it with back to your world.” He leaned forward to kiss me. At first I didn’t know what to do, but then I leaned forward, closed my eyes, and received his kiss on my lips. He opened his mouth and gave a long warm breath into my mouth and into me. I felt all my bitter emotions wash away as his warm spirit filled me. For the first time in a very long time I felt strong on the inside and I felt body was too small to hold it all.

When I opened my eyes I found myself back in my dorm room. I looked at me monitor and saw a blank screen? Had I failed the final test? Was it all in my mind? What was I smoking? These thoughts quickly shuffled through my mind and soon dissipated as I felt a strength grow inside me. I felt as if I could crush boulders with my fists and I could run a marathon if I wanted to. My monitor flickered off as the dragon god found a new outlet for his energy in this world. The walls, ceiling, and floor of my dorm started to give off a watery mist that crawled down the sides of the room and swirled at my feet. A circle similar to the one that was on the computer screen shone on the floor and slowly started to turn, As it spun it grew brighter until most of the room was once again bathed in light.

I knew what was going to happen now. For a moment I thought I should take off my clothes, but was too excited to do anything but stare into the shimmering mist. Slowly my body started growing bigger. I could feel my clothes tighten and had to adjust my crotch a couple of times. Once I grew a bout a foot taller my size stopped increasing and I felt like I was wearing midget's clothing. I didn’t want it to stop though. It felt good. About then I really started growing. I began to bulk up. I never worked out a day in my life, but when my muscles started becoming thick and brawny I gotta tell you its a feeling like something else. My muscles came in all at once, and oh did it ever feel good. I’d assume if magic wasn’t involved it might be pretty painful, so I have to thank the dragon god for my fortune. My biceps swelled to almost the size of my head. I could feel my back becoming thick with muscle all the way from my bull neck to my muscular but. My thighs became so thick that they tore my shorts.

It is fun to play hulk and rip off your over-stretched shirt to reveal a massive hairy chest. I felt so big and powerful and manly--like never before in my life. Then my dick surged bigger than humanly possible and tore right through the remains of my shorts and boxers. I ripped them off and tossed them aside. Freed of their constraints, my bulging balls plopped down between my thick thighs. I could feel my balls churn out cum waiting to be used in service of the dragon god. I rubbed my dick with my now large, muscular hands. I really wanted to fuck. Then the changes started to become more intense now. At the same time I could feel scales and hair growing all over my body. I grew a thick beard and my body hair grew in thick. Between my two massive pecs a forest of hair replaced the savannah of fuzz.

But the hair was a soft and white. I pulled at a lock of hair from my head and saw that it also was white. All along the back of my hands, arms, shoulders, neck, back, and rear white scales grew. I played with the scales for a bit, running my thick fingers against then. Feeling them one way and then another. The undersides of my body still claimed a soft human skin although some parts of my face was growing scales. Then the tails and wings began to form. The wings grew like a powerful second set of arms. I’ve been told that if it wasn’t for the magic of the dragon god that our wing would fall off because of their weight, but I think this is only a rumor. When they came in I bent forward to adjust for their weight, and almost fell to all fours. At the same time my tail grew out from my tailbone, becoming thicker and moving down my butt crack, pushing my asshole down closer between my legs. I like my thick tail, even if it gets in the way sometimes. The underside was a soft human-like skin and the dorsal side was covered in scales. It feels like an extension of my dick from the base. I was wrapped in all these new sensations. My wings grew out and a thick membrane grew between the “fingers.” I could feel the tiniest breeze going through the dorm on my wings.

My feet grew larger to help support my growing body. My toe nails grew into claws and scratched at the cheap carpet. My tail nearly knocked over the bunk beds when I swung it hard in reaction to the sensation of feeling my face change. My mouth and nose started getting longer like a gator snout. My nose extended and I could finally feel my sinuses clearing since spring started. As I open and closed my jaw I felt my brows become thicker and my ears fan out into fins. As I felt more teeth grow in the inside of my new snout with my longer, muscular tongue. My vision blurred a little be as my pupils became vertical slits, although my vision didn’t seem to have changed (later though, I found my night vision to be greatly enhanced). White spikes grew from my head down my back to my the tip of my tail. I looked at my groin while I felt the finishing touches go through me. My dick seemed to be just a human dick made massive, but a few brushes revealed it to be rather sensitive. I must have undergone some change besides getting thicker and longer if it could support its own weight.

That’s when my roommate came back. No, I didn’t jump him and start humping him. I just glared at him when he opened the door a little after midnight shouting ,“Yo fag! You lied about that upchu...” Just then he caught the image of a naked hulking dragon-man in his small dorm. When I glared at him as my eyes adjusted to the light from the hallway he ran out and shut the door behind him. That was the last I ever saw of him. I think he landed in a few mental institutions after that before he finally straightened himself out. I think.

Once I regained myself I plodded closer to the computer monitor. The screen was still dark and blank. Then my tail brushed against something behind me where I was standing during the change. The mist and glowing circle had condensed to a vertical circle that looked similar to an extremely large full-length looking glass. Man, did I look hot. But having seen enough fantasy and sci-fi to recognize it as more than just a shiny mirror I immediately contracted my wings and moved toward it. Drew was on the other side! Since it was my first time walking through a magic portal I closed my eyes and stepped forward until I felt the air around my new hulking body change completely from a cold damp dorm room to someplace warm and dry.

A voice called out, “Oooh, a mist dragon-man! Tim, you look magnificent!”

I new that voice! I opened my eyes to find myself staring down a broad green maw and into the golden eyes of Drew. I stood there with my jaw agape and my dick fully aroused, “Drew...I...I,” I stammered, I didn’t know what to say for a long-awaited and strange reunion, “I...I...want to fuck you.” I winced inwardly. Smooth move Romeo, I thought as I stroked my dick inattentively.

He gave me one of his trade-mark smiles, “Actually, as your sponsor I was hoping I would be able to initiate you into our brotherhood properly, Timmy-boy.” My dick started leaking pre once more as I scouted the place. It seemed to be a private room with two dragon-man sized couches and a rather large mattress. I noticed a few drains on the stone floor. The room was clean and decorated with banners that read, “Welcome, Brother!” and “Congratulations!” On a table near the door there seemed to be a welcoming package with my first loincloth. But my attention was all on Drew at the moment. He led me to the mattress by the hand and then proceeded on touching a few sensitive areas of my under tail with his thick fingers. I moaned a little bit as a wave of pleasure traveled up my tail and to the base of my cock. Then he embraced my midriff and started sucking on my sensitive nipples. I almost creamed right there, but I tried not to seem like an amateur. He tickled my tail hole with his tongue and then decided to get down to business. He spread out his wings so I could feel all the body heat he was radiating and smell the all the deep musk that his scent was giving off. After all these years, he still smelled so good.

He grinned and me and then took my entire shaft in his maw. His thick tongue wrapped around my dick tightly and I felt it work itself like a spiral around my dick, making me feel like I was thrusting deeper and deeper. After a few minutes of this I shot my first load as a dragon-man and muttered a small prayer of thanks to the dragon god. I never had I thought I could put out some much cum before, but already I felt as if my balls were churning out more to be released.

After Drew guzzled down his first of many drinks of my seed he slowly pushed his colossal dick into my tail-hole. Out tails wrapped around each other as my dick rubbed against his hair belly. I gave into the sensations of his manhood inside me and my dick rubbing against his woolly gut and cummed again into the air and onto his hairy chest. Drew smiled warmly. After realizing that I could cum multiple times in a short period I put my balls (and the floor drains) to good use and gave my all for the dragon-god. Drew proved to be a very faithful partner within the fraternity and we are still together to this very day.

And the rest, as they say, is history.