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Works by Claude LeChat on Shifti

About me

I'm a recent furry, but lifelong speculative fiction reader, and now a writer too. (As a hobby, mind you.) However, I should probably warn you that I'm somewhat of an outsider to the TF community, drawn here by friends and a number of awesome stories.

Contacting me

I can be most readily be found on Mastodon, DreamWidth and Neocities. Or you can e-mail me via Shifti (I think).

My stories


  • Dragon's Wish: a fantasy flash fiction.
  • The Wolf With the Red Cap: a Rule 63 version of the famous story, with a bit of TF thrown in (short).
  • Invader: in order to live on Earth, an alien must give up his entire past (short).

  • Parole Planet: science fiction novelette about a young man stranded on a distant planet, among strangers with odd customs... that will slowly change him.
  • Kingdom of the Fire River: Clockpunk fantasy novella in which a young soldier discovers a hidden world literally right under his feet. A refuge from disasters, unrest and war. But hide there for too long, and it's forever.


  • Imperfect Coupling: a single (and short) TG story that requires familiarity with the setting, unlike the others.

Feedback on my stories is welcome, but I will argue with you: I don't do things without a good reason.

FreeRIDErs humor

Q: How do you know there's a formal occasion in Uplift?
A: MPs come to work wearing pants.

Q: How do you know there's a formal occasion in Aloha?
A: MPs come to work wearing something.

Q: How do you know it's Casual Friday in Nextus?
A: There must be some mistake. In Nextus they have Casual Monday.

Why did the RIDE cross the road? Because the road was of the opposite sex.


(from Shifti)

  • Pretty much anything from the aforementioned FreeRIDErs setting.
  • Extracted, and other stories from Sturmovik's United Federation of Alternate Worlds setting.
  • Destinies, an awesome sci-fi novel by the late Michael Bard, fairly hard SF until near the end. Reminiscent of A.E. Van Vogt and Arthur C. Clarke, except much better written.
  • Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World, by the same author. Furry transformation done right for a change, with all the body horror it would normally involve.
  • Joysweeper's 501st and Femtroopers, from the Xanadu series. Deep psychological TF fiction in an utterly surreal setting.
  • Refamiliarization, by Xodiac, another Xanadu story.