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Hi, I'm Fibio and fairly new here. I've been writing for a few years now across various genres but recently found this site and was inspired to write some stories of my own.

I also have my own website located here which contains my musings on writing and constructing settings.

Stories - Shifti

Cascade Failure - The secret to Paradise is all in the timing.

Pup - Kids today, always sticking their noses where it doesn't belong.

Outfoxed - There's a dire warning on the interwebs about a group getting revenge on the TF authors. I don't have anything to worry about though, I barely write that kind of stuff.

Turncoat - Sequel to Outfoxed. I have a plan to return to my own form and thwart the UGTFV, I just need to sneak into their most secure compound to do it.

Free RIDErs

Turnover - A war weary RIDE on his way home finds himself hurtling towards disaster.

Inspecteur Hollins and The Cat's Paw - A man is dead, shot by his own RIDE in broad daylight. Inspecteur Hollins is on the case but will not discover the answers he needs unscathed.

Inspecteur Hollins and The Viral Thief - Inspecteur Hollins is still coping with the changes caused by the last case but crime never sleeps. Well, crimes are being committed by sleepwalking fusers but regardless of the new underwear Hollins has to solve the mystery of the Viral Thief.

Inspecteur Hollins and The Multimillion Vault - Billions have been stolen from the most secure and a notorious bank robber is dead, fed into his apartment's waste disposal. Just another day for Inspecteur Hollins.

Stories - The Outside

The Freed - A novel length story set in the Maximum Ride universe. Follows a group of human/avian hybrids as they struggle in a world that can't accept them, with creators that want to kill them and, of course, with each other.

This probably isn't technically a TF as they were born that way, but this story holds a special place in my heart and I try and plug it as much as possible ;)

Borrowed Wings - A normal person, thrown into the chaos of the Maximum Ride universe. Written mostly as a response to all these stories where the character is instantly adapted to their changes (believe me there were a lot of them) I tried to capture the psychological trauma of having your entire identity ripped away.

Not Human - The flip side to Borrowed Wings, a character that has changed utterly, but doesn't realise it. Are they still the same person. Are they even still human?

Warning, lots of blood and guts

Dawn of the Earth - An experiment of taking the Maximum Ride concepts and throwing them into a different setting. Also, taking a character, changing his kinaesthetic identity and seeing how he coped, especially with the amount of freakiness I included :D

Also, we have two of my really early stories, The Boy and The Wolf , and Luna Woes, which are obligatory werewolf shorts that everyone has to write at some point.