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Works by Hawl on Shifti

Hey there, I'm Jessica K. Nichols-Vernon, but you might know me by my furry name, HawlSera.

I joined TSA back in 2010, I'm not as old as others in this group are in both physical age and time in the archive, but I love to write all the same.

I am a Discordian Male To Female Transexual who has been in the fandom for as long as she can remember.

And the following are tories I've written. -Paradise Stories-

-Paradise Perspectives Series- (A Paradise Mini-Series about two people who don't see eye-to-eye about the Change and whether it's good or bad) There are other story ideas, but I'm not sure if they're their own story if they're parts of the above... Yet.

2001 Iris Budding - A Look at Cale when s/he first Changed, puberty can be a very confusing time in a boy's life, doubly so if that boy happens to be a girl now.

2006 The Sexiest Of All Tiger Girls - Meet Cale, a young boy with striped hair at the young age of 14. He talks oddly and doesn't act manly alot of the time. His questionable sexuality and babbling nonsense about "tigers and bears" have earned him the playful nickname. "Sexy Tiger Girl", on the first day back to school Cale meets a Snow Leopard named Hugh, but when his/her friend Gabriel comes down with the yearly Change Flu, he learns that Cale takes his or rather, her nickname a little more literal than previously suspected.

Of Rats And Former Men - Iris attempts to show Gabriel the ropes and help him adjust, not a busy chapter, but a fun one.

An Albino's Breakdown - Gabriel begins going absolutely crazy and at the same time falls in love with Thana Verde, who is equally as disturbed by her changes as Gabe is about being a rat. Iris continues to go crazy and tries to get into Gabriel's pants. Will this end well? Probably not.

-FreeRIDErs Stories-

-Together We RIDE-

As A Woman I RIDE - Life on Zharus is astonishing. All the zeerust you can imagine, living fursuits that cater to your every whim, easy access to nanite therapy, technological marvels that can make you live a long time even give you a shot at immortality. So how can a guy go wrong? Maybe if he had Gender Dysphoria and didn't want this parents to know. Though, it's not easy to bottle up when everyone around you is using RIDEs to change sexes.

-Metamor Keep Stories- (Are found at

-Tales Of The Transblade-

Where Life Begins Anew - Enter Cedric Bariclauph, a valiant guardsman wanting to prove himself a knight. The Legendary Transblade has revealed itself and the last wish of the great mage Seladon The Wise is that a valiant man who has skill in guarding go sell the blade to the cursed kingdom of Metamor Keep in order to help pay off the great date that Cornflower Village owes to the neighboring town of Mugal. Given that Metamor is known for changing lives for either the worse or the better, what shall become of Cedric? If he fails to make to Metamor with the Transblade in tow with lutins and highwaymen blocked the way who knows what could happen.

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