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Copyediting is welcome

This story takes place before Fives Years Before As A Woman I RIDE as such takes place in the summer of 143 AL. Not happy with how this turned out, but I had to edit it a lot which got me over my fear of editing. I’m switching to Third Person Perspective for the rest of “Together We RIDE” as I think part of the problems I’m having might be my lack of skill with first person. So I’ll practice more on my own time, but for the sake of RIDE, Third Person beginning when this is done.

The plot is confusing, but not terribly so. I’m not terribly happy with this, but I’m glad I stuck with it. I made it decent and finally got a feel for how to make this series work.

This has been through many delays and countless revisions which include various editing jobs. If there is anything I missed please go ahead and either edit it or inform me.

And now! Please enjoy!

Together We RIDE Sidestory 1 - Bob’s Origins by Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon aka Hawl/Seranima Enroygall

Today was a day for celebration and hors d'oeuvres, mostly hors d’oeuvres. My parents and their RIDEs were the ones who were really celebrating, I just glad the ceremony was finally over. “Bob I’m proud of you.” my old man said to me, smiling. Though a smile in a super realistic lion suit is a little unnerving. “At this rate, there won’t be a single one of my kids who don’t graduate from College, just Georgette to go and we’re all done. I still can’t believe you did it without a RIDE.”

I pretended to be excited as I chewed on a shish kabob of a few meatballs, cooked onions, and even a shrimp. “Yeah that’s great Dad. I really feel accomplished.” Admittedly

“Well you should.” My mother said, herself in a hardlight gown being worn by her Flamingo Fuser. As if, it’s just a bachelor’s degree in Drive Extender Mechanics, for those curious I minored in Holophoner. “Especially since your father and I have been talking about, well, your siblings all have RIDEs so maybe it’s time you got one yourself. Now you’ve mentioned that you’re keen on staying male and there’s no shame in that. So we’ve decided as a graduation present we’ll help you pay for one. Now we’re limiting the RIDE budget to 12,000 MU the rest will come out of your pocket so don’t go crazy.”

I groaned, we’ve had this discussion before. “Look I’m not keen on the whole ears and tail thing. I’m fine with my skimmer, that’s why I told you to get rid of Higar!” I just wasn’t into the tail thing. Even if I got to keep my nads, I still don’t want animal ears. My dislike of the machine-halves of mankind bummed my parents out, the two valued RIDEs a lot. Dad’s a former member of Ye Olde Patriarch and still keeps their principles to heart in some batshit insane ways. Mom was a Valk growing up, since I’m male that makes her far worse than him. I was the third oldest, the two had moved to Nextus to get away from their parties, them and my older brothers, well siblings now. The crazy amazons were a little cross with mom, and the patriarch wasn’t too excited about one of their higher ups shacking up with one of the Valk’s finest examples of a “Well-Trained Proper Lady.” or a “Reformed Pig Delinquent.” or you know, brainwashed crossrider cultists as the rest of the planet calls them. Especially since dad didn’t try to make her a “Good Girl” or a “Real Proper Woman” or you know what those of us who’ve caught up to the 26th Earth Century call a slave. Yeah it’s one big Romeo and Juliet, but without anyone dying.

“Think about this a little harder Bob, when I meet and can afford the right RIDE for me. One I wouldn’t mind Integrating with, if it came to that, but yeah I’m definitely getting one. I mean they don’t just give you a tail, they can do almost anything, it’s actually quite amazing!” My friend Craig said, a rather handsome young man who was my dorm mate. Craig was blonde, easy on the eyes, and stayed in shape despite not having a RIDE to just tone his body up. Craig always found time to study, workout, and sleep around. How he does it I have no idea, he used to be more of a wild thing, different guy every night, but he seems to have gotten more focused as of late. I hope he doesn’t turn into a snob on me.

“You actually believe in Integrates?” I said to Craig, eyeing him like he was the biggest idiot in our solar system. “Please, you actually believe in that? It’s just an old story moms tell their kids so they aren’t in their RIDEs all day. It’s just that story about your face getting stuck if you stick you make faces at people, but with RIDEs.”

“So there’s no proof, no record of any Inties coming forth and saying ‘Get this thing off of me.’, but still, what about Natalia Vertigo and Epona?” Craig said, getting worked up and excited. He was referring to a singer/actress who made headlines with her mysterious disappearance. “I mean a woman that famous doesn’t just up and vanish, and she took her RIDE with her. It goes along with the rumor that when you become integrated, the others send people out to come and get you.”

“Oh yeah and have you heard? Elvis Presley has come to Zharus, he’s the Queen Of Rock now, she’s crossed over and teaches at this very school. Plays a mean Holophone..” I laughed as I got up to get more punch and maybe some more buffalo wings. Mom was about to say something to me, but I dodged it. “Yeah, hold that thought I’ll be back.”

Mom and Craig had taken the Integrate Discussion amongst themselves, I left them to it. Mom gets very defensive about her beliefs if they’re challenged. One of my older bros was proof of that, mom insisted that at least one of her first two kids had to be a girl, so he spent his childhood with an Applejack RIDE and then crossed back into a guy when she grew up. Mom’s better now, but she still hasn’t gotten all the crazy out of her head.

I slid my glasses on, which had been resting on my head and looked for something to do. No exciting new emails, just all my friends, every member of my family who hadn’t disowned my parents for their decision to marry each other, and well basically everyone with my email address congratulating me in mass for graduating. Typical knee jerk reaction, it’s not like money and success is just gonna fall from the sky because someone fabbed a certificate and then put a verification QR Code in it. Peh the only reason mom and dad are well off is from all the ass-kissing their parties did for abandoning their birth sexes. I slid them off and filled my plastic cup from the punch bowl, that was when I saw her. I hadn’t seen her before, but she was stunning. I only saw the girl, didn’t see her RIDE, but judging from the ears and tail I’d say she was a black panther. As for her herself, she had emerald green eyes, adorable face mismatched with a curvy body that said “I’m trouble.” well, if she was trouble, then I wanted to get into her.

“Hello kitty.” I said to her, a corny line. Chicks dig that kind of thing if the delivery is smooth enough and I’m as smooth as sunshine.

“Hi!” The mystery gal spoke up in a rushed bubbly voice. “I’m Jasmine!” I got the feeling she was the shy type. Jackpot! You can always talk the shy ones into your bedroom easily.

“Bob, pleased to make your acquaintance, milady.” I said, reaching for her hand to kiss it. The old chivalry isn’t dead routine has worked so many times in the past. Not that it hasn’t been alive for the last thirty something years.

“No my name is Jasmine” She said, raising one ear and lowering the other in confusion. Jazz was looking at me like I was an idiot. One of those kinds of girls I take it, the ones as stupid as they are hostile. This may be time to bail. No I should talk to her some more, see how it goes.

“No no, I meant my name is Bob. I just graduated, gonna be piling on the cash when I start my business.” Gah, no stupid stupid stupid! Why did I mention a fake business, she’ll ask questions about it. I’ll just tell her I work on RIDEs, no! Then she’ll want me to give hers a check up. I’m good with fixing RIDEs, but then she’ll want me to do the same for her friends and have me do repeated check-ups on hers, that’s just too easy to get caught up in. Come on Bob you’ve gotta think of something quick.

“Hehe I knew that” Jasmine spoke in that adorable bubbly voice of hers as she nervously scratched behind her panther ears, it was driving me nuts and effecting me in ways that only men can be affected if you get what I’m saying. “My sister’s graduating too, I didn’t go to college. I couldn’t pass the entry exams. I wish they had a RIDE fixing section on those, I dunno anything about them, yet somehow I always manage to get them working.”

“Heh, I’m the same way, I majored in RIDE Mechanics just for the easy A. So, where’s your RIDE? I don’t have one, but from what I hear my siblings’ RIDEs they like to taste food. A lot.” Making conversation, plus who knows. I might get lucky and have her RIDE turn out to be a PSA. Pleasure Support Armor, not Public Service Announcement. Why do they have the same acronym? Those two things are nearly the opposite of each other.

“Well I don’t really have one. So I borrowed my sister’s, I was just joyriding the skimmer and then I fused up, but I forgot that they did uhh, this.” Jasmine said groping herself, well there’s an obvious Cross-Rider tell, no not just admitting it, but grabbing at herself. Only someone not used to having breasts would do that. Honestly that was more of a turn off than telling me she was a guy. I mean, I don’t care that she used to be a guy. I mean some people would and not just Earthers either, although them more than others, but she’s still the hottest person here on two legs. Would be if she wasn’t acting it too obvious she used to be a dude. Now there’s a surefire way to make a guy’s dick soft.

No one likes a quitter though, and still my plan was just to bang her and be on my way. What do I care if she acts like a dude? “You plan on going back?” I’m not a religious man, but I still found myself praying she’d say no. If she did it would just be a waste.

“Where?” Jasmine looked around the outdoor tent, her ears perking up like a flesh and blood cat reacting to a loud noise or finding that red light that keeps mysteriously appearing. “To my table? yes I do.”

Oy! This was beginning to be more trouble than it was worth, but still that dumb innocent act. I bit my lip for a split second and breathed in. You’re making this hard for me Jasmine, and in more ways than one. For her sake I hope she doesn’t change back. A dumb broad can go a lot further in this world than a stupid man. Yeah I said broad! You wanna fight about? I’ll kick your ass. “No I mean back to a dude.”

“What dude? Which one are you talking about?” Jasmine began scanning the crowd, her tail sticking straight up like a pointer dog in curiosity. “That guy with the bear ears in the hat who looks like Linkara?”

“Where’d he purchase that?” I made a joke. Now I don’t know what it’s like on Earth or the other colony planets, but when you live on this one you think about gender a lot. You start going “What if”, a bi-curious would-be philosopher would have a field day with this planet. I bring this up, because right now I know without a doubt if I were a smart girl talking to a dumb guy I’d sit back down at my table. With the roles reversed I’m not sure which head of mine I should be listening to, well that’s not true, I know the one I probably should listen to the one telling me sit back down at my table. But you ever have an idiot friend who you know is an idiot, yet everything he says sounds like a good idea at the time, that’s kinda like how this is. That said, if she doesn’t get the joke I am sitting back down at the table and it’s just me and my hand tonight.

“Hahahahaha” Jasmine began giggling like a loon, okay good, because if she specifically said his name and didn’t get it I would have been tempted to slap her. Hey don’t look at me like that, no gender roles means boys CAN hit girls now, within reason and not as hard. Plus, to be fair, she is a crossrider and a manly acting one at that. If she one or the other I wouldn’t have such an easy time justifying this. Regardless, we’re finally getting somewhere exciting.

“Naw, I meant back into a guy. As in, you having guy parts.” That was painful to say, I felt like I was talking to a kid, but I had to fight back showing discomfort and talking down to her. Unless I really had to point something out, like she just made me do.

“I’m not really sure I could afford it, male RIDEs are very expensive. Does it even matter anyway?” Jamine held her adorable little chin and began contemplating really hard, or atleast thinking really hard for her. “I feel fine.”

Of course she did, RIDEs change the Gender Identity portions of your brain to prevent any unsavory feelings and regrets. There were a few people who went back if it was convenient to do so or they just plain liked the old sex better. Someone with Gender Dysphoria would have their mind set straight by fusing with a RIDE of their own sex, but they’d probably still prefer to switch teams. Why am I explaining this? I already knew that, I was born to gender flipped parents and surrounded by RIDEs. To whose benefit would this even be? Well barring that confusion for now. I could have told her she could just rent a male RIDE for a little under 50 MU, that’s nothing. I could have, but, why tempt her before I’ve had my fun? For all I know her cooldown could be over and I can easily scan the crowd and see one anatomically correct stallion (Nudity isn’t controversial in Aloha), a red red cardinal as opposed to a brownish one, one lion, and a bull. ‘Hey Mister, can I borrow your RIDE’s Nanites’ would not be very difficult right now. “Cool, cool, hey why don’t we go somewhere private, we’re blocking people’s access to the punch bowl.”

“Actually I gotta go, but if you give me your email I can have Panthra drop you a line if you wanna hang out sometime.” Jasmine smiled really wide and gave me a sudden hug. It came out of nowhere and I wasn’t prepared for it at all. I had the goofiest expression on my face as I dropped my new cup of punch. I thought about hugging back, maybe doing the ass to back tactic, but by the time I could react she ran back to her table and sat down next to a family of Fusers, her sister wearing who I assumed was Panthra with a hardlight prom dress, pink with more than enough gems. It was so ghastly girly that I imagine even most chicks would say it was too much. I guess it might be cute the way the gems go “Ruby, Pearl, Ruby, Pearl” in various heart patterns, for a special Valentines Dress on an episode of Power Rangers or Super Sentai I guess. Also their parents, the mom in a similar outfit with a dairy cow fuser, and the dad in a much nicer tux than mine with a rottweiler fuser.

I got my punch and set back down at my table. “Saw you working the moves on that cutie, get you some!” my dad said, trying to sound young, but really just being awkward. I actually slapped my face as his awkward delivery pierced my very gallbladder with a lance.

“Yeah, yeah I so, so what’d I miss?” Now that Jasmine was gone I was reminded why I got up, no not just the bland pineapple punch, but that this table and being with my parents was one of the most boring things I’ve done in quite awhile. I think I’d actually much rather be back in class. At least it was boring and not preachy, for now, I wonder how long that will last.

“Your mom knows this Aristo guy who owns a RIDE Factory and apparently he owes her a favor.” Craig told me. “So she’s going to see if he can hook me up with something in surplus. I hope it’s something mousey, maybe a girl.” And then he began laughing as he brought forth an unfunny joke. “I’ve been gay for so long that being straight might be an interesting change of pace.”

“Did mom talk you into that?” I asked my friend as I shot my mom a quick dirty look and glanced back to craig before mom could notice. Dad always gets defensive when mom’s insanity is questioned.

“Well I didn’t care either way, but from some of the things your mom said. Eh I’ll give a shot, I mean it’s not a big decision like Coke or Pepsi.” Craig said, rolling his eyes back as if he was thinking really hard to find any reason anyone should care about gender. Knowing him and his attitude on RIDEs, that’s exactly what he was doing. I can’t even explain it to him, I’m surprised my mom can’t explain it to him. That’s gonna be hilarious if he ever says that to an Earther. I gotta get my Earther friend Nick to hear that. He always jumps when he sees a Crossrider, it’s hysterical. I only keep him around to laugh at him, I can’t friggin stand Earthlings.

“It’s a very mature and responsible decision Craig, men don’t have the same emotions that we women do. It leads to them acting on greed and selfishness because they can’t think about how others would feel about their actions. Most of them anyway” Mom smiled at my father, as if to reassure him that she wasn’t mad with him. “There are some men who are worthwhile and can think with their hearts, like my big strong lion” she said, snuggling Lillian, her RIDE, and her beak up against dad and Lawrence, his RIDE as he pet her long avian neck with his paw. “In the minority, but we raised you right Bob. You share your dad’s heart, so there’s no shame in you being a man. Isn’t that right honey.”

“Sure...” Dad said giving a forced smile. His putting up with mom was a true sign of his patience. “Don’t worry, Bob’s a good one. Craig too I trust, right boy?”

“I’m actually deeply offended at the accusation Mrs. Roberto” Craig said meekly. “I’m a man and I wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Why did he have to say my last name? I hate my last name. Do you know how many times I get called ‘Bob-Bob’ by people who know?

“Oh Craig darling I meant no disrespect. Your willingness to join the female sex shows great potential. All good men aspire to be women! Manageable ones stand back and let their wives handle things as to keep them from the temptation of male evil.” Mother dearest said, yep, it happened, she got off her rocker. Mom starts first, then Dad goes, and it just snowballs until they take some crazy pills.

“And great ones can handle their wives affairs just fine.” Dad smiled, playing along. At least he wasn’t completely pussywiped.

“Uhh alright, if you really feel that way. It’s a free planet, you’re entitled to your opinion.” Craig said, he sounded very nervous. He clearly disagreed, but couldn’t bring himself to anger my family.

I was ready to burst, I couldn’t take this anymore. Dad was going to chew me out, but I didn’t give a damn, he’d start soon anyway. Angrily I slammed my fist on the table like the iron fist of an angry god smiting his subjects. “God damn it Mom! Can you keep your feminazi bullshit to yourself for one night? We’re in public!” I screamed, the band the school hired even stopped playing as everyone looked at our table. “We’re not in fucking Strumhaven, God this is why I went to school in Aloha, where there are no crazies like you! This is why I got a fucking dorm instead of continuing to live in that awesome house. Day in, day out with you! I can’t believe you’re actually less crazy now then when Dad met you. Just keep your fucking beak shut!” It felt damn good to let loose.

“Bob Vanderbeak Roberto!” My dad roared, literally. “I am surprised at you. You know better than to raise your voice at your mother! She’s been through far more than you ever have boy! Don’t think that just because you’re a big man with his big bad bachelor’s degree that I won’t skin your hide!” He growled at my, showing his RIDE’s fangs as he gave me his old ‘Hungry Jungle Beast’ routine. It’d be scary if I wasn’t go damn used to it.

“You’re one to talk! ‘Look at me I’m a big scary lion, look at my expensive power wasting hardlight!’ if you’re think you’re such a goddamn alpha then bring it Leo! If you’re a real man you’ll get out of the fursuit and we’ll rumble right here. I don’t give a fuck!” I roared back at Mr. Lion King, I know the fangs are mostly fake. Just qubite and holodeck material! I don’t care how much time he spends in Lawrence’s Nature Range. Out here he’s just another human, rider or not. “Or keep the suit if you really don’t have the nanites to grow some proper testicles and not hide behind your fucking pet.” Yeah, I went there.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Craig said to me as he got up and started patting my mom on the shoulder trying to comfort her as she looked at me with those big disappointed eyes, Craig’s own facing me as well and growing wide like a small child being told the Easter Bunny’s just a fuser or Santa Claus doesn’t really ride around in his SpaceSled giving toys to all the boys and girls in the cosmos.

“Boy!” Dad scratched his claws on the table, leaving big noticeable scratch marks in the wood work. Knowing no one would care if he damaged a cheap fap table, his deep pockets could replace it with a real table with campfour wood imported from Earth if he wanted. “You really wanna fucking rumble? I mean it I’m not afraid of you son. I made you, I made your brothers and sisters and I can unmake any of you just as easily!” Dad de-fused and stretched, cracking his neck both ways and ripping off his shirt. My father wasn’t really stretching so much as showing off his six pack and all his chest hair colored like a lion’s mane. “Come on!” he said, gesturing to me. “Come with me over to that field!” pointing to a field nearby of course. “You wanna prove something kid? You wanna go around. I’ll take you! I bet you weren’t expecting this where you.”

I stood up, eyeing my dad in the face, I wasn’t scared of the lion, and I’m not scared of the human. I am pumped, I didn’t even blink and I wasn’t going to back down. “No, but I hoped you would. CROSSRIDER! You’re just like mom, but you’re afraid to show it! You try to keep it a secret with your chest hair and roars! But I know that deep down you’re still just that little Patriarch Girl trying so hard to play with the boys.”

“Stop it you two, you’re making a scene!” Craig called out.

My dad wasn’t kidding, he wasn’t taking my crap. Mom and Craig were huddled together watching in horror as everyone else kept watching. A few of the other graduates were actually getting together and even chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!”, Jasmine even screamed “Ooooh! Punch him! Punch him! I don’t care who just someone punch! Punchy punch punch! PUNCH!” Dad obliged with this request and punched me square in the jaw. I reeled back and rubbed it, spitting a little blood on the table. I thought he broke it for a second. It’s only pain, it doesn’t hurt.

“How did you know even know about that boy?” Dad asked, I could tell he wanted to hit me again, but he was holding himself back. “I kept that a secret from everyone, pulled a lot of strings to falsify my records. How does a punk like you figure out what no one else could? Yeah, you’re a punk! I know it! I bet you aint got shit planned for the future. What are you going to do for a living? I’m a lawyer I know all about chasing prey, how are you gonna survive, tell me that! Tell me that and then we’ll see who the real man is!”

“Fuck you old man!” I screamed “You know, in the olden days you wouldn’t even have a dick. Let alone your own son!”

He hit me again, gave me a black eye, but I blinked it off. I had something to celebrate. Thanks Dumbass, you showed me your pressure point.

“STOP IT! He’s just letting his testosterone get a hold of him, let him work out of his system.” Mom commented, starting to cry. “You’re better than to let it poison you too, just sit back down, he doesn’t know what he means.”

“Shut it!” Me and dad both said to her in unison.

An anteater fuser came up and pushed us apart, she’s a little late, but I wish she never came. “Break it up you two! This isn’t a time to be fighting, we should be celebrating our achievements, not beating on each other.” she said, attaching her tongue to my face. Apparently her RIDE was a medical unit, my face fixed itself as nanites were installed in my face.

“The field?” I suggested as I gave Dad my war face. It was on and it wasn’t going off.

“Damn right!” Dad responded as we left the tent, me, him, and his lion. The lion turned into its skimmer, a family sized hover sedan. We both got in, and rode to the field down a hill away from the others. We went pretty far, 20 yards away. Craig, Jasmine, and a bunch of others ran close to watch, many people and a few RIDEs chanting for us to fight. Dad and I took stances away from each other as the lion went walker and looked at us both taking our battle positions. Me pounding my fist into my palm, him making himself look big and holding his hands up like they were his claws. He didn’t have a beard so much as a mane, so he was definitely getting to full furry. He only used his fuser all the time. “Are you sure you can take me on? I’m not going easy on you! You wanna be a big man. I’m going to make you work for it.”

“You’re stalling!” I screamed, pounding my fist into my palm. “I’m gonna tear your ass up!”

“Yeah I am stalling! I’m giving you plenty of chances to back down. I don’t wanna bang you up too bad, we wanna give the nanites something that they can actually fix.” He taunted, his voice calming slightly, but not much. Losing steam already? This’ll be easy.

“The feeling is mutual Mrs. Man!” I smiled, I wasn’t angry anymore. I just wanna have some fun putting this two-faced little past-phobic shit in his place. I’ve wanted to for years, he only gave mom a slap on the wrist when she kept asking my girlfriends if I was pressuring them. Every time he thought roaring was how you ended a fucking argument.

“Lawrence fuse with my boy.” Dad called out to his RIDE.

“Yes sir, Manly Master Derek.” Lawrence responded in a robotic monotone voice. Oh please, you can tell by the fetters on the source of his power.

“What the fu--....” Before I could react or object the lion tackled me and looked into my eyes, showing as much shame and disappointment in me as dad had. I found that he had prepared Lawrence to do this incase any of his kids lost their way. Memories came flooding into me.

Suddenly I found myself standing in the middle of a bright spacious office, a lawfirm of some kind. Lancer & Harbucks:Defense Attorneys, they were in need of a new legal team after one of their hires was put in hot water for secretly selling an Illegal Human RIDE, evidence from a case, on the black market. One thing I noticed quickly was that I was a woman, a cute innocent girl with a pretty face and an ample bust they didn’t go along with my shy reclusive face. I feel that this is a curse, I was a hardcore professional cursed with the face of an adorable little girly-girl, one even purer than Jasmine’s. A mother would pinch these cheeks and say “Aren’t you precious.” I could feel the sensation of smoothness with an orifice between my legs, comforted by soft cotton panties. My chest itched a little and was kept from drooping with a bra. I was smooth and delicate, my skin was soft and smooth. Like a baby’s bottom I thought, always hated that expression, it makes you sound like a pedophile yet dad seems to disagree. Oh yeah, my otters ears and tail. Felt interesting having a limb above my, soft, round, rump. Honestly being in a woman’s body turned Bob-me on a little, but, this was my dad’s woman’s body. Creepy. As for the ears, I actually liked him better this way, they’re lighter, less like weight bringing down my head. Remembering Bob’s human ears made my head feel heavy. I enjoy how expressive my otter one are. My otter was waiting outside. There was a limit to who I could have Fuschia be around and who I couldn’t. If they’re of too much value to society, a panicky female might genderjack a good man.

“Miss, I’m sorry, but I don’t need a new secretary at this time. I’m looking for new lawyers.” A bull fuser in said in a blue business suit, readjusting his outfit. “If you know any send them here. We’re all about new blood here, so we’ll try our best to fit in fine.” I knew coming in here that they didn’t require prior experience, a law for Olde Bronson. All entry level positions or jobs requiring degrees could not legally require experience, they could merely only refuse to hire someone based on Gender, Having Bad Experience, or If There Is A More Qualified Applicant for a job that has limited slots. I knew that I had a chance of facing this, but Male RIDEs are expensive and I just cannot afford one. A shame I couldn’t I thought, to have muscles, a cock, to be a father and worthwhile member of society. To no longer be an over-emotional dame, weak and controllable. Women need to be controlled and tempered by men, otherwise they’ll go crazy and start trying to bring down the quality of life by following their ‘feelings’. I knew this wasn’t true myself, but that’s what dad believed in his memories. The real me knew it was a ploy to keep the higher classes in power. After all, everyone needs a RIDE to get somewhere in this life and if you don’t have cash then you’re going to have to settle for being a girl. It’s not all bad, because men will do their duty to take care over you, all you need to do is have the honorable role of providing fertile wombs for the workers and earners. Let them worry about the law, they can think it through much easier without girly hormones stopping them. What a crock of shit! Yet right now, I believed every bit of it.

I spoke up proudly to the bull fuser. “Sir, with all due respect. I am a lawyer. I’ve had my diploma for months. I need a job. I know I’m female, but I can change. I just need a few extra Monetary Units and I’ll be an earner like everyone else. Just hire me on till then. I promise sir you won’t regret it.”

“Miss, I understand your situation, my niece is working as a secretary. Poor dear had to become a dame for his internship here. We ask for Riders here, a damn good computer to analyze evidence and store memories for testimony and information for clients is necessity! I promised him if he passed his exams and got his degree I’d personally buy him a male RIDE. Can’t let him have everything in life for free, he won’t appreciate it when he earns it.” Sam Lancer smiled. “Truthfully between you and me I detest RIDEs with that reason, they give us so much we should be earning instead of being handed. It ruins character! Some cases are just made too easy.”

“Does that mean you’ll hire me?” I perked up, ears raised in happiness. I loved how expressive they were. Wouldn’t mind trying it on my real body. Since Dad’s doing this to me I guess I will. I just realized. I’m going to have lion ears. “Once I have the cash it’s XY-Central for me. I promise.”

“I’m sorry, I do feel for you, but if I hired a female lawyer my clients wouldn’t feel safe. They could too easily be lead around by groupthink or have to call off for ‘female problems’. I just can’t afford to hire someone who’d get too emotionally invested. I’m sorry.” Sam said, rolling back in his chair, not facing me at all. “I can email you if something opens up, but for now I’m sorry.”

I panicked, I couldn’t be a worthless weak woman forever. If only I was still a male. Wait I was male? I don’t have that memory, but I’m still thinking it. Oh these mixed Bob-Desiree memories, I HAD to give it up to have a RIDE for College. I sacrificed so much, just as a man should. Have I sacrificed too much? I was a girl again!One who was even cuter than before, ugh. I didn’t want to be a wife! I’d have to get pregnant and let all those maternal instincts take me, worse still. My hard work to get where I am now, all my financial advisors demanding that I switch majors to something more suited to woman’s work if I was so ‘hellbent on a career that needed a RIDE’, it’d all mean nothing. Even the shock on their faces when I DID graduate even after giving up my male body sculpt! I had an idea, a desperation maneuver, but I can’t let myself be doomed “Wait! You need someone who can wear Female RIDEs!”

Sam rolled around to face me once more, he was giving me a frustrated look. “Don’t waste my time Miss. I have a man on Death Row for triple homicide. I don’t have all day to argue with you. Why do I need this?”

“Alright, some of these criminals are women. Let me wear their RIDEs, it won’t give me a cooldown to look through their memories. You can pay me to relay them!” Yes! Nailed it! Things are really looking up now.

Sam however sighed. “This is why I have the RIDE just send me relevant memories. Some of it’s gruesome stuff, I’m afraid it’d just be too much for you even if it wasn’t unneeded. So it’s neither morally nor financially sound. If you really want this job I’m sure your otter would make for a nice down payment on a male. But until then, Good day Ms. Roberto.”

I left the room as he began to look down at his desk, at the built in tablet. Seemed redundant with the RIDE, but whatever. I didn’t give a shit, I held back my sorrows and walked out of the room. Refusing with Fuschia so I could let her take me away as I tried in vain to calm down on her virtual beach. It was all a waste, I was never going to be able to afford the masculinity I deserve, that I should have always had. I’d need Fuschia for most of the jobs that actually paid an honest wage and I couldn’t refuse with her for three years so I couldn’t just borrow one or get a free bodysculpt. I’d have to give up being a Rider.

Look, I know you’re hurt Desiree. You’ve got some deep set Dysphoria issues that I can’t even touch. We went through College together, I saw your hard work. Heck I had the most frontrow seat in all that. I can’t let you let it go to waste!:: Fuschia sent me. ::I love you, and I can’t stand to see you like this. Men shouldn’t cry. Just get a bodysculpt, I understand.. I’m not as important as your dream.::
But I need you! Besides, you're the best friend I’ve ever heard! I’d have to lose you.:: I begged her not to ask me to do this, tears began to pour out of my eyes as I thought of losing her. This gender thing is horrible. ::Why
You need this! I’ll keep in touch. Just get your bodysculpt or better yet ask a guy to fuse with his Male RIDE. That way we can cut down on paper trails and I can try my damndest to help you fake being a Cross-Rider:: Fuschia pleaded ::I won’t take no for an answer.::
: I sent, as I gave her a virtual hug. I couldn’t suffer anymore. I couldn’t let my talents go to waste just because I was one of the weaker ones. I would fix everything and anything wrong with my body and be the man I was always to be. ::I’ll always love you!:: I knew that I’d keep her, I’d give her to my daughter. Er.. Sister.. Dad gave her to my sister.

I found myself returning to the real world, Bob, again. A memory of a friend happy to let me use his RIDE in return for a favor to become a man was cut off. Glad Lawrence fused off of me, things were getting just a little too heavy. “What the hell did you do that for?!? I told you, I don’t want to be a freak with a tail!” That tail began thumping on the ground over and over. Something cats do when they’re mad.

“Just evening out the odds for us.” Dad folded his arms and re-entered his battle pose He had not calmed down nor did he seem impatient, I guess looking at those memories didn’t take as long as I thought, it felt like an hour or two. “Look at yourself.”

I did, damn! I’m ripped! My muscles are a lot bigger, my shirt even ripped from how ripped I got. My biceps are pythons! I wasn’t a bodybuilder, but this was like year’s worth of a gym membership in a couple of minutes. I’d have to thank Dad for this! Jasmine would be foolish to turn me down now, but I’d have to admire myself out later for now I am pissed off. “You tried to guilt trip me and you gave me a tail! You really aren’t a man you bitch! I’LL KILL YOU” I yelled frantically as I charged at him at full speed, much quicker and gave him a punch headed right for his stomach. If I could reach his face I would bust his chin right up like he did me, but Dad tail whipped me and knocked me down to the ground before I connected

The crowd on the heel was cheering. Craig was looking the other way as Jasmine just cheered and even began dancing a bad imitation of the Kirby’s Dreamland Dance. You know, the dance Kirby does when you finish a level. The one you absolutely hate if you’ve ever played a Kirby game in VR. The older ones where your body is taken over by the game and you just start dancing. God I hate games that do that shit.

Dad laughed “Oh boo hoo, I have a tail! I’m soooooo tortured!”, I got back up with an angry gaze and tried hitting him again with a punch just below the neck. My hit connected and reeled him back a little too! I started wailing on him, getting a brief opening as the below neck blow knocked the wind out of him.

Dad smacked me with the back of his fist “Nice shot kid that was one in a million, but how about this?” he said as we began exchanging blow after blow. Turns out I could reach his face, the lion had made be taller too, but I was going to wait until I got him off guard. I’ve been blocked so many face shots that he just knows that’s going to be my counter. He shoved me and gave a downward strike right in the area just before my right shoulder. I shook it a bit, it was a tad sore and hard to move now, but he really should have expected me to do a kick to one of his ribs. Knocking him to the side and actually going “gah” like a cheesy martial arts film.

Dad was off his center once again, so now was the time for me to give him a left to the mouth, making him bleed. I got that fanged idiot to accidentally bite his own tongue, I swear he’s gonna go anthro one day soon. I was the one laughing now. “You’ve made me a lion, well, I guess beating you just became the new leader of the pride. Pussyboy!”

He shook his head at me as he wiped his mouth clean. “Alright, and eye for an eye. I made you draw blood, you drew blood from me. You weren’t bad, but you just came out of your first fuse.”

“So what? I’m not tired, I can still kick your ass” I was breathing heavy, the adrenaline still pumping, all this exercise and fighting has calmed me down a bit. At this point it was more fun than anything else.

“You could be dehydrated and not even notice right now. You don’t have as much strength as you think you do, just stand I don’t want to kill you.” Dad was kneeling, drawing his breath. “You fight well son. Maybe you’re a man after all.”

Now that he mentioned it, I was bruised heavily, and I must not have heard it, but I feel like my rib crack a while ago. I was beginning to notice it as I suddenly collapsed, and began struggling to stand. “What was your point?” I asked as I fell to the ground. “In us doing this?”

“Thought you’d hurt me less.” He smiled before sighing. “Look I know your mother can be a handful, but she’s still your mother and you have to respect that. We’ve watched each other’s backs and fought hard just to be together. Eventually we found peace and a few legal loopholes that let us keep in our parties without them giving us so much hell. So I don’t care if she slips up from time to time. We’re not perfect. I find myself shaking my head at female clients from time to time, every time I get a sexual harassment case I fight really hard not to turn it down. I’m still partially used to Cape Nord where you laugh at anything below rape.”

I was kneeling at this point. “Does she have to in public though!?! And what about you!? Your firm would NEVER last if you said shit like that to a woman’s face!”

“Yet I DON’T say that in my law firm. Your mother is entitled to her opinion as long as she’s not hurting anyone. All she’s doing is what she think is what’s best for you. I became a proud man of the patriarch willingly, your mom had to be told how evil she was for being a boy in her teen years, how if she didn’t repent she’d be a monster waiting to happen. Just cut her some slack okay.” Dad smiled at me. “That ontop of the stress that naturally comes from being a woman makes her a little nutty. It’s why I’m here.”

The crowd began going back up the hill and to the tent. “Sappy stuff, boring!” I wasn’t believing what I was hearing, not from the crowd, but from dad. He really was just as bad as she was. I guess they really do need each other.

Something wasn’t right though, I saw the memories, I felt the brainwashing. “If you weren’t the victim of brainwashing, why didn’t you stay a woman? You felt so bad about it, but, only because of what they said. You could just be your own girl.”

“Life isn’t always obvious, the Zharusian Gender Roles are only half-based in truth. Some people make great wives, some people just need their body to be just so or they go nuts, I just didn’t want that life or have such a ‘cute’ and ‘impregnatable’ body. Besides I’d miss out on being a dad.” He smiled, hugging me. “I earned it well and I’m glad I did. It’s getting late, why don’t you come home and I’ll help you find an apartment to move out of. Get away from us ‘Crazies’”

I wasn’t sure what happened, one fight and he’s pouring his heart out to me. I asked him about it. “Why aren’t you mad at me? Why are you telling me this?”

“Testosterone makes you crazy too, besides, how else was I going to get you to listen? You’re my son, you’re going to make mistakes. Now that you’re grown, I have to let you make them.” Dad said as Lawrence turned into the sedan and we got inside going back to the tent. “I will kick your ass if you screw up though, and if you insult my wife again I’m throwing you on the street. Are we clear?”

“Crystal” I nodded, I still wasn’t sure what was going on, but it was over now. The passenger seat now had a small hole for my tail, swishing it around feels surprisingly calming. No wonder cats do it when they’re angry.

When we got back to the tent we found that Mom was pissed. “I hope you two had your violent male moment God, I thought those breathing exercises I taught you two made you strong, but I find you acting like hooligans!” Dad’s ears lowered while mine stayed the same, why should I feel guilt if I’m still mad at her?

“Sorry hon” He said, hugging her and embracing her in his arms as she threw him back with a wing. She’s my own mother, and yet I hate her so much when she’s angry. If I thought the “Men Are Evil” routine was bad now I was really in for it when we got back to the house. I’m beginning to feel a lot woozier, and ow.... ribs cracked, face busted. Craig was frantic as well and holding me, it’s no secret that he was in love with me. Seeing me like this was bound to make him worry.

“You’re going to be okay Bob, I’m here for you now! I’m sure your dad will let you use Lawrence to heal.” Craig began rubbing on my back, I could tell he wanted to kiss me he was giving that look, that come hither stare, with with his lips began puckering up as he went into position. I shrugged, why not? He’s not Jasmine, but not a bad looking man. Our tongues met and I could hear him have, not quite moans, but grunts of pleasure. Craig began rubbing my thick black hair with his left hand and was moving up to scratch behind my new leonine ears. His tongue was more into it than mine, the opposite of when we usually made out, with him having pretending to put up a struggling and just letting me have at him when I broke his defenses. My mind was elsewhere, thinking about mom and dad, listening closely to their conversation. I needed to know how best to avoid them if I was going to be living with them and just about how painful this was about to be.

“Don’t sorry hon me! You turned into everything evil about this world all at once. You let yourselves get reduced to savages and just look at our son! He looks like he’s dying! Pour Craig over there is giving him CPR like the proper Strumhaven lady he’s going to become. Women help their troubled loved ones, not beat them senseless! I can’t even stand to look at you anymore!” She pouted and shook her head, Craig had his eyes closed, but my eye was giving them a glance as she bawled up her talon-hands and groaned loudly “Uggggh... I just... What do you have to say for yourself!?!”

“Honey, please, let’s just go home. I’ll give you my magic fingers and we’ll forget all about this. Bob’s fine, he’ll heal up once we put him in a RIDE.” Dad was clearly grasping at straws he seemed like he wasn’t sure if he was apologizing or trying to get her to come over to his way of thinking. “Besides, it was good for him, gave us a good father-son bonding moment.”

“YOU PUT HIM IN YOUR RIDE! I know what special ordinances you have in that thing, now he has MORE testosterone poisoning than ever.” Mom turned around and kicked Lawrence yelling at him now. “You made my son even worse than he already was you hunk of junk!”

“Ma’am I can’t do anything unless your husband requests it. I cannot even talk without being addressed.” Lawerence spoke up. “I am hardly to blame for anything that happened to your son.”

I pulled away from Craig, who gave me the most concerned look I’d seen on that pretty face in a long while. “What’s wrong Bob?”

“Do I have to explain it?” I asked, grumbling and tilting my head in my parents’ direction. “Just listen to that.”

“Don’t worry about it Bob, just ignore them..... You know you look really handsome, aside from the bruises. I mean, I just LOVE what Lawrence did with your facial hair. Side-burns really suit you.” I could tell Craig was oblivious to anything my parents were saying especially since he was rubbing his fingers through those sideburns and giving me those eyes. “God I need you inside me right now.... Look, how about I spend the night at your house. I promise you won’t have your mind on your family at all.” His offer was one I was about to take him up on, picturing him naked was a pretty good distraction from how my lungs feel like they’re where my liver should be.

Some people can look shy, reserved, and abstinent, then you get them going and you just can’t turn them off until they get what they’re after. Craig was the poster child for this, he couldn’t spend any game unless someone else lead him on. “You’re not fusing with him again you piece of shit. That’s it, you can’t talk me out of it, I’m Genderjacking Bob before he gets into anymore fights!”

“Hon, that’s illegal and you know it.” Dad’s face became gruff and serious as he gave her the same eyes he gave me. “You are NOT turning another one of my kids into a mama’s little angel.”

“Keeping our son from becoming a monster is a commendable act, not a crime! What are you going to do? Hit me? Bruise me? Do the evil that men do?” Mom defused, and looked towards her flamingo. “Save my daughter! Now!”

Lawrence immediately sprang into action and coated me, melting into goo and giving me the look of a lion-man like dad usually is. Craig buried his head in my chest as he found himself twiddling my mane with his finger. “Just take me now.”

“Nice try” Dad’s eyes became sturner. “But his fetters include stopping you from forcing your sex on my sons whenever it’s a problem. We’ve gone so many years without you trying to do that too.”

Mom began tugging on my ears, great, just as I was healing a new pain pops up. Though between my body being nearly broken and my ears hurting slightly. I’ll take my ears hurting slightly. Well, more than slightly, her talons were digging into my god damn damn ear. “GET OFF MY DAUGHTER!”

“RIDEs don’t work that way mom.” I pleaded as she pulled and pulled, cutting me a little once she started doing it with her talons.

They went back and forth, getting louder and louder until that Anteater Fuser came back. “Go home, Now! Both of you! Before I call the police, the festivities are about over anyway.”

Minca, the flamingo turned into a small flier, a pink mini-spaceship with bird wings on the side and a Bird’s Head Crest on the front just after running outside the tent to have room. Mom got in it and turned back to us. “I’m going home alone! I can’t stand to be with you right now!” she said as she began to take off..

Craig ran up to her. “Wait Mrs. Roberto, I was wondering if I could come with you. Talk more about Valkyrie Ideals, maybe spend the night. I could help convince Bob to better himself.” he said as he looked back at me to wink before I thought he had lost his mind. “I can’t wait until we’re both women, we’ll just have a great time together being girls I can feel it! Cindi and Roberta, galpals for life!”

Mom cracked her beak in a smile. “Hop in.” and that is all she said before Craig and her came back.

Glad that was over with, the awkwardness had left with her and Craig, and now I’m just looking forward to playing some video games and screwing Craig. “How do I defuse” I turned to dad, looking at myself confusedly. I felt like I was an actual lion, not a guy in a suit, that was cool and it might the suit feel natural, but hell if I know how to operate it.

“Just think about it, it works like your glasses.” Dad reassumed lion fuser after Lawrence came off of me and stretched for a bit. When my father finished Lawrence came off of him and became the yellow sedan with an orange hood like a lion’s mane. I felt glad to be human again, being an animal like that was just strange, not to mention not my style.

We got in and I laid back, twitching my new ears. Playing with their expressivenes was fun, but it caused my glasses to fall off. No way could I have gotten them back on my eyes, I’m really glad they didn’t fall off during the fight. These things are expensive, well that and now I have to trade them in to afford a new pair fitted for my new ears. “Vector Sigma!” I just realized that I cannot use the internet or check my email for Jasmine to send. Did I even remember to tell her my email address? “I was expecting an email!”

“That cute panther eared girl?” Dad laughed “Hehe, well you’ve got Higar. Like him or not he’s there for you and so am I. You might wanna stay in him 30/6 so mom doesn’t surprise change you.”

“Thanks Dad. You are there when I really need you, I guess there is that” I smiled, truthfully I hated my parents sometimes, but they were pretty cool. Even mom had her awesome moments.

“Thank nothing of it, when your mom decides something it takes her forever to change her mind, she only wants what she thinks is best for you. I’ve got your back, but you’ll need to be in this fuser as much as possible. She knows too damn well that I care about her too much to put her behind bars, I could pull some strings to have some evidence falsified to get her off the hook like that and don’t think I won’t do it.” Dad warned me, angrily snapping. “If she does manage it, I don’t think you’d have many problems with it. As long as you’re not in an area controlled by the patriarch I doubt you’d even notice a thing.”

“I wouldn't press charges against her anyway.” I admitted. I don’t want to be a chick, it just doesn’t work for me. I know myself too well to think I could possibly enjoy it. Though there are times when I’d almost take the damn thing if it meant getting her off my back.

“Your mother’s a sly old bird, in many ways she reminds me of, well, me when I was a lass. She still has Strumhaven connections so be careful who you pass on the street. Back when me and her were on the lamb we had to stay in our fusers as much as possible. They kept trying to win us over to whichever party with a good old fashioned bit of Rule 63.” Dad sounded very serious. “They actually succeeded in the end, worst part of your mother’s life. Luckily that just got Sturmhaven pissed at Cape Nord and vice versa so they just started fighting each other. We had your older siblings to celebrate our freedom” Dad smiled and laughed to himself. I guess you can nostalgia over even the bad things that happen to you. “I love you boy, don’t tell your younger siblings this, but. Your birth made me far happier than anything I’ve ever experienced.”

“Not everyday you learn your siblings’ mom and dad were different than your own, and yet neither of them have ever had kids with anyone else.” I joked, things were winding down now. The first heart-to-heart wasn’t as good as this one, my heart is in it now. Okay that’s a cheesy thing to think. Glad I didn’t say that. “Look I’m sorry I said you were a ‘fake man’, I hate it when Crossriders pretend they’re natural. Especially when you were doing to so unconvincingly. I mean go native all you want, but you have to be good at it. You can’t just pretend it never happened, you’ll drive yourself crazy with that shit.”

“That’s Zharus for you! hehehe.....” My father’s face grew long “How did you know?” his voice was more confused than it was mad, but there was a hint of that in there, and we were having so much fun talking calmly.

“When you meet with your other businessmen, especially mom’s contractors. You try too way too hard. Your hand gestures are exaggerated, women speak softly and use not many gestures, you were trying way too hard to avoid that. Your voice also resonates far more when they’re around, you have your RIDE call you ‘Manly Master’ real men don’t address themselves like that, that’d be like if mom didn’t want anyone to know she used to be a guy and she had everyone called her Missy Miss Von Femme. You should take advice from her, I respect her a lot for following the TG Golden Rules that you clearly have no idea of, if she didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know. I think they should be Golden Rules anyway.” I explained, my voice was dull and listless as I listed the reasons. “Your body is also ridiculous, no man wants to be that buff unless they’re compensating for something. I’m really glad you didn’t make me look like you..”

“I had him really pump it up for me. I wanted to be a strong man. I’ve always been strong, now I look it. You’ve gotta understand that being away from the real you for so long makes you really want to pile it on. I’m a hardworker as all men should be, thus I am a man.” I was getting tired of this, I felt like he was stuck on a loop now. “That I was ever a woman is shameful. For some FTMs they need to admit this shame that they can better adjust and tell themselves that’s over and they really need to buckle down now.”

“Mom’s a hard worker too.” I reminded him as I looked out the window, wondering if we were there yet. He’d be happy if he’d just admit he was a woman once and stop putting on this mask, I bet his Patriarch buddies would love the idea of a woman getting ‘better’.

“I know son” Dad said. “I know. Your mom is... How do I put this. She works hard, but her feelings are a handicap. I applaud her for trying, that’s what I like about her. I wouldn’t want her to give up and let a man do her job, that’s just not her, but she needs to stand aside and let me handle things. Your mother is soft and fragile, but the only thing that’s good for is taking care of her husband and child. Honestly it just shows how remarkable she is that she’s not holding up production. Some of her inventions are nothing to sneeze at, especially the Nano Stealthsaber, I love that thing.” Dad looked at the car and then at his palms. “It’s stealthy AND confrontational, how could you not love it? Anyway, what I’m saying is not sexist, it’s just simply admitting the facts. Women generally only need to work hard if they are becoming men.”

I rolled down the window and looked down, I was done with this. Unless he wanted to talk about Nano Stealthsabers or anything that isn’t his sexist beliefs. “We’re above Laurasia!?!? Why are we here?”

“I’m taking a long way, so we have more time to bond. Seeing you come out of College has made me realize how little I know about any of my children least of all you. This is a perfect chance for me to ask the questions I never did, like what do you even plan to do now that you’re out of college. You NEVER answered that.” Finally he was in his Dad voice, if you’re a guy who's been given a ‘Your Future’ talk at by his father then you know what I mean. If not, he’s talking in a calm collected voice, but you can easily pinpoint how worried he is and how mad he is at himself.

“I don’t know, it just seemed like a way to get out of the house. I like playing the Holophoner and slobbing around. All I really learned at that school was how to please a man and a few things about how RIDEs work, but that’s all anyone learns at that place. They say I’m good at RIDE Maintenance, but I just don’t see me actually using those things.” I said, rolling up the window. I didn’t want to face my dad though. He wants me to say that I have everything figured out and how I’m going to be okay for how big and scary the world is. Fuck, I know it isn’t easy out there. I don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’m going to live on my own. All I know is that I’m living with my parents and I don’t know how not to. Now that school is over, what excuse do I have that I aint got shit planned!?!

“So, you and Craig are a couple? Why didn’t you tell me sooner, I think that’s great, you’ve got someone to settle down with. It’s always easier with a partner by your side.” Dad smiled, desperate to find some reason to be happy with me.

“No, he was my dormmate. He’s a good friend, but we’re not a couple. He wants us to be. So far the closest we have to a plan is getting an apartment together.” I have given some thought to dating Craig. I’m just not sure about it, I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him. I’d too easily be able to break his heart. I didn’t tell dad that, if he thought someone more capable than me could be my partner, he might let mom cross me over. That and well, I don’t want to excite him.

“I was afraid of this, at your age I knew I wanted to be a lawyer and I had a part-time job after highschool. I was a janitor until I saved up to get a RIDE and enroll in college. I knew the whole time what I wanted and I chased it like a lion after a gazelle. My dad didn’t give me any breaks, but here I am offering you them now. If you don’t figure this out soon I might let your mother genderjack you so you can have a man take care of you. You know, if you really have no plans you should consider it. It’s what Georgette did and she seems fine. Especially with her... especially with her bright charming smile.”

“She still lives with you. Is being a Daddy’s Girl really that better than having no aspirations?” I asked, leaning back in my seat and kicking the dashboard in a mild fit.

“Yes, I’m supporting her until she shacks up and someone else takes care of her, and in ways that I can’t. Men in the olden days didn’t have the option, they just became worthless losers and lived off their parents or the streets. Now if you can’t find a job, you still have some use...” Dad droned on and on. Judging from the memories I had of his, I was beginning to think this wasn’t Patriarchal ideals he was talking about and just poor parenting from his dad. I long since stopped listening and didn’t say anything for the rest of the trip. If he won’t get off about guys becoming wives for five seconds then we’re done bonding. “Well mull it over, I’ll give you a month to get out of the house before I let your mother have her way.”

I didn’t object, I didn’t want to drag this out further, besides, he meant it. My little brother George, Georgette now, was given that Otter RIDE from his female days when he said she didn’t want to go to college. Lawrence landed and I found myself once again looking at my parent’s mansion for the first time in two or three years. I ran inside as fast I could, Sad and Lawrence followed. As we stepped into the main foyer Lawrence ran off to a luxurious recharging couch we kept in here. It wasn’t as glamorous as the one in Mom and Dad’s room, but I guess Lawrence was hungry. I proceeded to go up the stairs. I wanted to be alone for awhile.

“Bob!” Craig appeared suddenly from one of the guest bedrooms upstairs, startling me as I jumped back from the open door. “Your mom was just showing me around, no joke she actually brought up some fair points about the benefits of an all female society. Giving that sperm can be synthesized and most RIDEs offer us enhanced strength, it is worth noting that testosterone can have adverse health effects and Gender Dysphoria is far more common in males than females. “

“You’re joking right?” I asked, taking a step backwards. I feared for my nads that this was the first of mom’s traps that Dad warned about.

“No, and with the much higher male crime rate as opposed to female, we might actually have something to gain from a very female society. Maybe you should come inside and look at this brochure?” Craig pondered aloud, I was about to say something to him before he started whispering to me. “I’m just putting on a good show, your mother is in this room with a female frog RIDE. Invite me to your room and complain. She’s trying to lure you in here and coerce you into accepting by putting you on the spot.” Craig’s voice returned to normal. “Come on in, I’m just about to Crossover myself.”

“Oh how wonderful. So I should turn female?!?!” I groaned, not missing a beat raising my arms in false anger heeding my friend’s warning. “I don’t want to be a woman, why can’t you and mom accept that? Though at this point, I’d take a new sex just to get her to shut up. Almost. Ughh... look I’m going to my room. You’re free to join me if you keep that Cross Crap away from me while you’re there.” I said as I walked towards the end of the upstairs hallway where my bedroom is, Craig followed. The mahogany and goldish walls and floors that lead to my room got his attention as he whistled at them and followed me.

“Look I don’t see the point in the Gender Wars, Male, Female, big whoop, but if they have all this documentation of research, then why not go female? There’s nothing to gain from staying male.” Craig said loudly as he followed me into my bedroom. Very good move Craig you know you won’t cross me. My room was pretty barren, there was a bed and a Nintendo 64 looking console, actually a Universal Classic Gaming Console hooked up wirelessly to an early 21st Century style PC with flat screen monitor and keyboard. as well as a damn fine TV.

“Oh yeah? Well, what about this?” I grinned, now that mom was out of earshot it was time for foreplay. As I said these words I began removing my tux and undershirt. Revealing my brand new six pack, my toned muscular masculine body. “They don’t have this in a perfect female society.” I laid back on the bed, grunting in slight pain as I accidentally sat on my tail.

Craig smiled, tackling me, rubbing my chest as I smiled at him, wrapping my tail around him. “You aren’t playing fair Bob.” I was the catman, but he purred like a kitten as he unbutton my dress pants, and pulled down my boxers. Revealing far more manhood than either me or Craig remembered me having. Manhood he began to rub his hands up and down as I began to stiffen. “And neither is Lawrence.....” Craig said wide-eyed as he put his mouth around it and began to pleasure me. I let myself drift into pleasure as he worked his magic on me. The night escalated from there and by the end of it, Craig couldn’t even pretend he wanted to live in a world without men.

The next day at breakfast, for which I was half-dressed as I had just woken up, Craig, Mom, Dad, and all my younger siblings, Earl and his bear RIDE Winnie, Georgette and her Otter RIDE Fuschia, and Terry with his bluejay RIDE Moredcai gathered at the table for fresh omelettes and a side of oatmeal. Thus of us that had RIDEs were wearing them. Earl looked at me. “Bout time you got your limbs.” he said to me. “There’s just something off-putting about a human without a tail. Just seems, blank.. No offense Craig.”

“None taken.” Craig laughed. “I’m actually looking to get a nice girl RIDE soon.”

Georgette stirred her oatmeal, smiling at me. A creepy non-sincere, very forced smile. “It really isn’t that bad. Guys buy you things and it actually feels kinda nice being smooth and soft. More natural too, not as clumsy as the male anatomy. So much on top, so little on bottom, talk about imbalance!” she laughed nervously, her voice only half-certain.

Mom smiled at Georgette. “Well of course it feels nice, a woman is what all good man aspire to be, but I love you anyway Hon.” Mom said as she scratched dad on behind the ears. She acted more subtle than this usually, a few kinks here and there when she get worked up about the subject, and a few incredibly insincere comments to herself about how men are not evil. She’s thirsty for a Cross and hasn’t calmed down with a nap, Dad was right.

“Right..Whatever you say dear..” Dad chuckled to his wife who just shook her head at him. Dad then gave me a sharp look. “Bob, this is the kind of thinking you’ll be prone to if you keep waking up at 14. This is practically brunch. Maybe you should start looking in the classifieds for a job.”

I shoveled food into my mouth trying to ignore everyone else. “I’ll keep it in mind.” as I got up and handed my plate to a robot maid, emotionless with a blazer and purple hair, like the anime Big-O. Just a servant, she had no freewill of her own and could not fuse. Human RIDEs were illegal afterall. She did however bow as she took my plate. I thumped my fingers on the barren table as I looked towards my sister. “Georgette, you’re not fooling anyone. Just switch back, it’s been five years.”

Georgette looked around, shrugging before going back to her food.

“I agree with Bob, Georgette.” Terry pleaded. “You’ve been nothing but mopey since you switched. Also.... the male anatomy really is a lot of fun. Makes you feel strong and looked up to. Don’t regret it for a second.”

“I actually do like being shaped this way... it’s just..... I feel worthless....” Georgette said to herself. “Yet, confused.... I dunno what to think. If I’m a woman I’m worthless, if I’m a man I’m evil? I mean. I don’t want to go to College, but that makes me worthless? If I did go to College I’d be evil...... Look no no, I gotta figure this out.” Georgette defused and walked out. “Look like I gotta go find myself.” when she left on Fuschia who went skimmer.

“Nothing’s changed I see.” I pounded my fist on the table as I went back to my room and dressed myself. After coming back down I turned towards my family “Clearly returning to this house was a bad idea. I’m better off homeless!”

“You’re just stressed. So’s Georgette, she’ll be back soon. You got out of College and now you’re lost.” Dad said to me. “You don’t know what to do now and you’re a Nextus Boy, scared of RIDEs. That’s why I had your siblings go to school in Uplift. So they wouldn’t be afraid, you however were a special case. I could see the weakness in you.”

I growled at him “Look I don’t need your assessment or your political bullshit. What I should do is leave this place, leave this place and never return.”

Dad smiled and snapped his fingers summoning a RIDE into the room. An iguana, my old RIDE Higar. “This is Higar and you WILL take him. Look Bob, I’m sorry about last night. It’s just.. We didn’t have to protect you, but, the year you spent with us lead me to think of you as.” he exclaimed. “Leave my house, and don’t return until you know the truth. NOW!”

“Bob, it’s so nice to see you again.” Higar said to me, looking up at me with delight. “It’s been awhile.”

“Yeah yeah, it’s a laugh and half Higs.” I barely acknowledged my abandoned companion. I didn’t give a shit Like all RIDEs he was much bigger than an Earth igauna, to the point where he looked like more a Baby Crocodile. “Did you say year? But, you fathered me...”

“Derek.” Mom said looking nervously at my father. “Are you sure it wouldn’t be dangerous for him to go out like that, he should atleast change sexes.”

“Look the boy has put his foot down. If he doesn’t wanna face the world as a woman than he won’t. Besides, what are the chances that Shyver would find him?” Dad asked my mom, who the hell is Shyver? “Especially with Higar looking out for him.”

“Who?” I asked, looking at Higar who looked around the room nervously.

“No one you need to worry about son. Just trust Higar and you’ll be fine.” Dad smiled at me.

“Yeah fine whatever.” I said coldly as I left with Higar and Craig immediately after that, Higar going into Skimmer Mode and me and Craig having absolutely no idea what was going on. As we stepped outside, I looked back at the mansion. I knew full and well that this time I really wouldn’t come here again. “Well that was the weirdest damn Anti-Climax I’ve ever seen.” Craig turned to me to say.

“My family is just weird.” I said as I went for the only lead I had to my sister. On my skimmer it would a difficult task, but I had my RIDE to contact her. I had forgotten to get Jasmine’s email address, but I definitely had Georgette’s. “Wait, I’m coming with you. Let’s meet up in Aloha, mom and dad wouldn’t be caught dead there..” I had Higar send as I set out towards that location. Higar going from hover to flight as we Craig looked down below in awe seeing Nextus below us. Deja Vu kind of.

“Bob, your sister responded. She’s already at NF.” Higar announced as burst forward towards the far away city’s destination. Far far away from Nextus to a new life where my mismatched mom and dad wouldn’t have a hand in it. It was at this point I regretted that Higar was a convertible and I left the top down. I had only two thoughts going in my head, how sweet my freedom would be and that my face had so much wind in it that I’m amazed my eyes didn’t fly out of their sockets.

“Bob...” Craig sounded nervous as the ground below became very blurry and he began fastening multiple seatbelts and yelling so that I could hear him over the wind. “Do you have any idea what we’re going to be doing in Aloha?.”

“.......No idea, I just know that it’s the last place I felt calm!” I yelled back to him, looking at him uneasiness as he looked quite Flier Sick. “But you and I need to stick together, I don’t know anything about what the hell happened back at the house, or what we’re going to do now. Promise me that we’ll stick together till we figure it out.”

“I promise!” Craig cheered before throwing up as we landed in Aloha. Higar converting back to walker mode before we set out to find the nearest hotel. Aloha was a large city with lax standards and almost nothing against the law. A shining large metropolis for doing what you want, the very reason I want to college here. If I couldn’t find a new life here, I wouldn’t find it anywhere. “Uhh Higar, you’re connected to the internet, can you find a cheap hotel?” Craig was always the smart one, even if he was dizzy and walking like a drunk. Ha, can’t take a little flight sickness? I won’t bring it up. He’ll just point out that I had forgotten to ask Higar for housing before we left.

-One Week Later-

We met up in a Starbucks, me, Higar, and Georgette. Fuschia was off and Craig was off exploring the town, looking for job prospects. Preferably in Hotel Management, it’s what he majored in. Lucky for him, we were currently staying at one for him for spin some game at. “So what have you been up too?” I asked my sister.

She took a moment to respond, eyeing Higar cautiously. Like she was afraid of him for some reason, until eventually. “Reading mostly, entered a drift race with Fuschia.”

“Where is Fuschia?” I asked, I actually wanted to speak to her about Dad’s memories. A shame she’s not here.

“Oh she’s getting a few things in town.” Georgette assured as she sipped some coffee “I’m actually feeling better now that I’m out of the house. I think I just needed to be out of that environment. It actually does feel nice having this body shape. I’ve also been seeing this Gaian girl, tigress fuser from Earth. She’s letting me stay with her. She really put a better spin on things for me.”

“Okay... Aren’t Gaians just Valkyires?” I asked her, worried that I was about to hear a go-girl speech.

“Not really. Her name is Kayla, she used to be Karl on Earth.” Georgette smiled, blushing as she thought of her beloved. “Did you know that declaring that someone used to be a guy is a Faux Pas on Earth? It’s like a racial slur back on Earth.”

“Her being cross doesn’t make Gaians not Valkyires....” I said bluntly, Georgette was like this with all her mates. Never wanting to shut up about them. “If anything that makes them still the same.”

“A Gaian named Kayla?” Higar asked

“She’s very friendly!” Georgette said in a defensive tone to me and Higar. “She actually had Gender Dysphoria, but came here without being corrected to keep her friend company as he went off to a mysterious new world. She didn’t even know we HAD nanite therapies on Zharus. On Earth they don’t know anything about Zharus. Being sent here is often used as a punishment for Earthers. She gave up all she ever wanted just not to get separated from her friends.”

“Cute story.” I said, letting my usual grumpy demeanor melt into a smile. No Valk would do that, especially not for a male friend. “And having her as your girlfriend.... makes you feel better?”

Georgette smiled. “Well, it was ultimately my call on my gender. I’ve never had to blend in with a sex I don’t belong in. I was given the chance to be female and I took it. I didn’t feel trapped in my male body and I don’t in my female. I told dad I didn’t want to go to College, and both him and mom suggested I become female. I chose based on which social role I wanted, not which one my brain belonged too. She tried really hard to be a man so she wouldn’t be considered a freak and yet I could have continued to be one or not be without consequences. It makes me feel ungrateful. Especially since she was risking staying a guy for her friend.” she looked down at Michele and petted her. “Besides, Kayla and Sabrina don’t think I’m worthless. They think I make a great mommy.”

“Sabrina?” Higar asked seeming unable to sit still as, his eyes growing large as he was deadlocked on my sister, dancing on his legs. “Has he fallen?”

“Mommy?” I asked, eyebrow raised. “Previous marriage?..... Also what’s he talking about?”

“Not a clue....” Something about the way Georgette said that seemed off, but before I could see anything she continued talking “She hasn’t been married before, but she volunteered herself to be impregnated after her crossing.”

Higar fell silent and stopped moving and began to enter deep thought. What the heck is he babbling about? That would have to wait as I suddenly had butterflies in my stomach and tape on my eyebrow. “Volunteered?” I asked with morbid curiousity.

“She doesn’t live in a Gaian Town persay, but a lot of Gaians live there and it’s a tradition that the males father at least two children before they cross. So she agreed to mother a child, the dad got custody, but she just wanted to be pregnant.” Georgette explained as she sipped her coffee.

“Why?!” I asked, giving my sister some of the weirdest eyes I’ve ever had. I was lost and trying to think of why someone would want to get pregnant and NOT keep the baby. Especially with all the Crossride Comedians who complain about childbirth with the famous ‘This was so much easier when all I had to do was drive’ routine. There’s being a surrogate mother for a friend, and there’s troubling yourself for nothing, no one is THAT nice. I was so shocked I actually forgot to ask why Georgette would make a good mother if there were no kids, seems like her answer just raised more questions. Maybe they looked at each other’s memories.

“After you go so long not being allowed to be female. You long to do the most feminine thing imaginable.” My sister smiled, . “Kayla’s only in town for business, but she does not like not wearing clothes. Bob... what I’m saying is, if you look for your purpose. You’ll find it sooner than later. Believe it or not I’m a Senator’s Date”

Higar nodded. “Understood”

“Understood?” I asked him. “Higar if you have something to say say it all ready.”

“I’m afraid I can’t Bob. I can’t say anything about this to you.” Higar cautioned to me, shaking his head from side to side.

“It’s probably a bug or something... I’d ignore it.” Georgette advised, I didn’t see a reason to doubt her and so I carried on with my conversation.

“It’s only been a week....” I protested, shaking my head in doubt. “There’s no way of knowing if this will stay how it is. I’m glad you’re happy, but isn’t this a little extreme to say you’ve found yourself in her so soon?” What can I say, I’m a realist.

“Even if it’s not meant to last, feeling grateful that I got to choose is enough.” Georgette smiled, as a nude woman with tiger ears, cat nose, long black and white hair, green eyes, and striped tail hugged her from behind. “Hey darling!” she said as she got hugged.

“Is this your brother Bob? and his RIDE Higar? They don’t appear to have fused yet.” Kayla asked as she groped on the bosom of my giggling sister and looked at me with a smile, from her very large bust and very wide hips, I would have known she was a Cross-Rider. That’s a bust above natural women, but well below what Pleasure Support was capable of. “Your sister has told me much about you. I am trouble if I hear this correctly, but you’ve run away from home?” the naked female asked looking concerned and very questioning.

“Yeah that’s right, my folks think it might be good for me if I cross. Then when I told them I was leaving they insisted I take Higar who is male like I’ve always been..” I said, shrugging. “My parents are weird.”

“I’ve known the Robertos since before they were a couple. This public display of affection and nudity was nothing noteworthy. I went to school in Aloha, I’ve had teachers who never wore clothes. My favorite was Mrs. Jennifer Ferdinand, or Jenny, the literal and figurative cougar who kktaught chemistry and a few other courses. She had herself worked over to look like her Fuser and very often flirted with her students. Oh the times I left her class with blue balls. I can still recall her curvaceous feline body, the way she’d wag that plush tush of hers when she wrote on the Touchscreen. The way she came into class with a playful clawing at the air like a ball of string and “mrrowl”. Only in Aloha.... Where was I? I suddenly found myself wondering how I got back to college. Oh right.... Kayla has nothing on Jenny. “Sorry my mind wandered what were we just talking about?”

“It’s the nudity isn’t it? Didn’t you go to school here?” Kayla asked, gesturing to her body before placing her hands on her hips as she began giving me looks that were less curious and more judgemental.

“Yes Mrs. Ferdin.... I mean, yes, yes I did.” I slapped myself, that was an embarrassing freudian slip. Hopefully I can keep talking and she’ll look past it. “I mainly went to learn instruments, but I somehow majored in Drive Extender Mechanics. Which is weird because I’m not really a big RIDE fan. I actually just use Higar for transport and communications.”

“That’s quite a shame. You look like you have... good muscle memory.” Kayla said, sounding a little reclusive as she complimented my muscle memory, how does one do that? How does one look at someone else and tell them they have good muscle memory. “I just hope you find a use for it that doesn’t involve thinking about Jennifer Ferdinand.” she laughed.

“Bobby!” Georgette scolded me, she furrowed her brow in my direction in sheer dissaproval.. “What are you? 14?”

“She’s a friend of yours I take it?” I asked as I crossed my legs, my face turning as red as the blood from my nose bleed as her visage was stuck in my head along with that of Kayla. The two kitties with their paws wrapped around each other, oh damn you high sex drive!

“Yeah she’s a regular at my casino. Sometimes she comes in clothed. Nudity sadly isn’t legal in Femizona, or Neo Francisco at all. Too many voters keep saying nay when I try to legalize it. I gave her a pass because of her fur hiding the naughty bits.” Kayla explained, recalling the past. Smiling as she reminisced as people often do when they think of brighter days. “I remember when she was human. About six years ago. She was a plain jane back then, only sixteen, but a big keno win and not even a full day later she was a milfy cougress.”

“She aged herself?” Georgette asked, her ears perked up in confusion. “Why would she do that?”

“For the looks, she’s actually far healthier as a feline despite looking 65. Her insides are still in their teen years.” Kayla said as she pet my sister’s ears. “She only did it to look milfy.”

I had no idea where to even begin. “You’re that Kayla!?! She’s only twenty two?!?” I wasn’t sure which shocked me more. “I.... WHAT!?!?!” I looked back at Higar, he said ‘Kayla’ and ‘Senator’, knowing that’s who my sister meant the whole time. Something is definitely fishy around here.

“What can I say, the woman’s a genius, and surprisingly timid outside of the act.” Kayla grinned, showing off her fangs. “I have to rig games in our favor just to make it interesting for her. But I could talk about her forever. To answer your other question, yes. I am that Kayla. Senator Kayla Edmund, owner of The Lady Or the Tiger Casino and one of the Senators of Femizona. The first Earther Senator since the Invention of the RIDE.” Of course, what she didn’t mention was the title of Senator of Femizona outside of owning a casino. Only the Senators of Neo Francisco held real power, the town isn’t really independent, hell, it wasn’t even a town as much as it was the gambling district of the place. I’m not really sure why they’re called Senators.

“My mother talks about how you’re too soft on men, a lot.” I said looking from side to side. This is actually how I knew the Femizonian Senators had little real power, if it wasn’t men then mom was complaining was how Femizona were a bunch of Wannabe Valkyries only without a spine as mom put it. “I can’t believe you’re dating my sister! For a lot of reasons actually......”

Kayla gave a purr as she smooched my sister. “Well, with a otter like this who could blame me for robbing the cradle?”

“Hehehe, Kaylaaaaaaaaaaa.” Georgette giggled. “Wait till we get back to the hotel and I will give you such a...”

“SO!” I quickly changed the subject. “Mom said your last name used to be Enroygall, why change it?”

Kayla looked back at me with a dead serious gaze, I could feel her cold eyes piercing my very skull. “Bob Roberto, if you know what’s good for you. You will stay FAR, FAR AWAY from ACE Evolutions.”

I didn’t notice it at the time, but Higar seemed frightened when Kayla said this. Had I known then what I know now. I would be too.

“The luxury RIDE Company in Supernova? That giant landmass far south of here? Surrounded by Ocean? Gee I wonder how I’ll avoid it.” I said sarcastically. What’s this chick’s deal? I’ve heard bad things about ACE, but never a freak out like this one. “Besides, Mom and Aristo actually get along, that’s never a good sign.”

“I mean it Bob! Nothing, but pain awaits you there!” Kayla warned, her eyes narrowing as she gave me her most serious look. “For you and Jasmine.”

“She’s serious.” Georgette added, but, not really since that didn’t contribute to anything. “There are some things better left unsaid.”

“....How do you know I know Jasmine?” I said getting a little creeped out, sliding away in my chair and accidentally falling backwards on my ass as I had forgotten I wrapped my tail around the chair’s leg. I was trying to back away from this chick.

Kayla looked down at me shaking her head. “You should really look into joining the Gaians, or at least womanhood. MTF Nanites are brainfood you know..”

I thanked her in my most insincere voice. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“We’re not Sturmhaven you know, heck Femizona isn’t even owned by the Gaians. Some of us just own land there.” Kayla winked at me. “We’re only concerned about the well being of our customers, not a petty gender war. Although everyone who signs the Cross-Over Pledge gets free 500 MU worth of chips at the Lady Or The Tiger Casino, a free weekend at a our wonderful hotel, and a discount on any female RIDE. Or even better, owners of a Male RIDE can trade theirs in when they sign the pledge and get a high quality RIDE-Girl for FREE and an additional 1000 MU worth of chips, for a not bad starting total of 1500 MU in Chips on us to use on your one week vacation.”

“Senator Kayla, I thought we were allies. What would you do with me?” Higar asked, naturally a little worried about what Cross-Feminist Radicals tend to do to Male RIDEs. Mom mentioned about how when she was younger she’d skim down to Uplift to sabotage them at night when the dealerships were closed and some of her friends did even worse. Poor guys.

“Oh don’t worry Higar, we’re just selling them at prices even more inflated than what your gender goes for normally and funding Gaian Political Programs and Charities.” Kayla assured with a purr.

“Ingenious plan, but can we rewind a bit to how you know I know Jasmine.” I demanded, that part seemed pertinent given that my siblings weren’t at graduation with me. Come to think of it I’m not sure why they weren’t, but regardless Georgette wouldn’t know about her.

“Earlier at the drive a family came in, some girl named Jasmine wanted me to email you her address. Sabrina’s sending it to Higar. Apparently the girl forgot to give it to you at graduation, and correctly assumed my girlfriend’s last name was yours. Then she walked off with her two mothers and older sister.” Kayla smirked. “Her father left me his rottweiler RIDE, exchanged it for an gopher. I wish I could have offered Jasmine a RIDE, she’s such a sweetie and seems like she needed one. However, I only brought so many RIDEs to Aloha, and we’re trying to get every penny. If you decide to join us though we’ll see what we can do for you.”

“She put two and two together?” I asked, smiling and half paying attention soon I’d fuse and contact her for a quick date.” “I didn’t think she was that clever.”

“Oh how cute it is that people think Zharus has no Gender Roles.....” Kayla smirked, shaking her head at me. The Earther actually had the gall to look down on me, it’s my planet you love so much! Don’t you try telling me how it works up here. “You can’t go around assuming people are stupid just because they’re girls. This isn’t Earth and it certainly isn’t Cape Nord. Not that I ”

“I don’t think that’s why Bob said that, you have to admit Jasmine’s not on the clever side.” Higar spoke up for me.

“Oh pshaw Higar. ” Kayla said as she kneeled down to pet my lizard. “She’s childish and a little naive, but this doesn’t make her stupid.”

“No he’s right, that girl’s hotter than unholy hell, but I wouldn’t trust her to make me a ham sandwich with a fabber already set to that. Do you just assume EVERYONE female is brilliant?” I asked giving her my finest ‘You’re an idiot look’

“I don’t assume a woman is brilliant, I know that manhood is a disadvantage to be corrected.” Kayla informed, grinning. “If she is a fool, than you, who have not crossed over into sacred femininity shall truly be pitied.”

“Gaian, Valkyire, you’re both bitches.” I said, rubbing my face, not believing that this could pass for logic in this day and age.

“Boys” Kayla rolled her eyes with a smile. “My contract information is in Higar, but I can put it”

“Please don’t!” Higar spoke up horrified at the prospect of being sold to a random stranger. “You know I’m still acting on behalf of the Robertos, he has no right to sell me.”

Seeing Higar scared made me chuckle, I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the way he seemed to actually shudder on four legs. “Naw I’m not interested. I like my genitals as they are. I got these tags when Dad fused his RIDE to me so I’d have muscles to fight him fair, I actually don’t like RIDEs that much.” I told her, hoping it would get her to shut up.

“.....Typical Patriarch behavior, what does fighting even accomplish?.” The Senator grunted and left, her white tigress following behind her. “My offer is still open Mr. Roberto. If you don’t take then do yourself a favor and get you and Jasmine out of town. Go anywhere, Zharustead is a wonderful spot, see our world’s capital or even better, somewhere nice and peaceful like Venars. I hear this Wrench Of Paris place just opened up and is hiring.” she advised, sounding as serious as she did angered. I was confused, but I did like the look of her naked plump ass as it shook from side to side as she walked away. Her tail was wagging too, a telltale sign of a pissed off cat.

“Why?!?!” I called out in confusion.

Georgette looked towards Kayla, sis seemed very worried and desperate to say something.

“Don’t make me explain, you’re better off not knowing.” The senator said, not answering me at all as she left.

“I wonder what her deal is. Well not bad for an Earth chick.” I shrugged. “Little too close to mom for comfort though, other than that.... Woo... I wouldn’t mind being a chick if she’s one of the two I had to knock up.” I said aloud to myself as I got up and found myself another door scare from Jasmine who was right outside the door.

“Hey Bob!!! So glad I found you again! I was just going for a walk when Auntie Kayla told me you were in here. You forgot to give me your email address, and mine yours... Glad that she knew you.” Jasmine smiled and doing a little dance with her hands behind her back, twirling left and right, blissfully unaware of how much of a completely implausible longshot she just pulled off. Clearly the fates want me to do her. “Cool RIDE, is he yours?” She asked, pointing down at Higar.

“Yes, but he doesn’t talk much..” Truth be told I’ve barely heard him say much of anything outside of short sentences..”And yeah she said she turned your dad into a woman and wanted us to leave town.” I said, looking in her direction, hoping to get someone more about that chick out of Jasmine.

“Yeah, Dad said it was a good thing to do, he and Doug, his RIDE didn’t get along and Mom thinks she might like girls more and some of her friends are guy-annes.” Jasmine shrugged. “Well, she should be happy because we all are now.” she laughed began petting Higar, I don’t know why people keep doing that, he’s just a iguana.

“Jasmine!” Higar called out. “Do you know where Wally is?”

“Who?” Jasmine asked “Wally West? The Flash?”

“Gaian” I corrected, ignoring Higar. “Don’t worry about Higar, I think he’s malfunctioning, but I have to ask do YOU know that woman?” I asked pointing towards Kayla, if Georgette was dating her, I figured I should know as much as I can. That and she is really suspicious, why’d she ask me to leave town?

“Yeah her, she’s a friend of my mom’s. Her name is Kayla and she used to be an Earther guy but she came to this planet twenty years ago when RIDEs first got invented and then she started turning other people into girls for some reason. She always runs around naked when she’s in Aloha.” Jasmine said scratching behind her panther ears. “Auntie Kayla’s very friendly, she gave us two weeks, but said I could stay in Femizona if I wanted.”

“Hard to believe it’s only been twenty two years.” I said, before getting a little confused. A lot of confused actually. How did Dad and Mom have RIDEs before I was born? Because if I’m 23 now..... “That’s not possible! When could I have been born for mom and dad to have had RIDEs before I was born?”

“I don’t know....” Jasmine shrugged. “I’m 19 and my parents had RIDEs before I was born. Sister too!”

“Well, the plot thickens even further...” I said to myself as I scratched down my sideburns and across my goatee. “Jasmine, we’re chasing that cat....” I said as Jasmine nodded moreso out of boredom I imagined, she followed along with Higar behind me as I chased the naked woman. “HEY TURN AROUND NOW! I’M NOT LETTING YOU GET AWAY!” Senator Kayla turned around, she seemed startled, fusing immediately, and pointing her guns at us. Yelling wasn’t the best idea. Poor Georgette nearly jumped out of her skin, but I had to find out what didn’t add up. Like, why did Kayla pretend that she met Jasmine today? Why did she tell me to take her to Venars, if she was offered a place in Femizona?

“Stop right there! Oh it’s just you Bob...” Kayla defused. “Have you decided to take me up on my offer?” She asked, looking towards Higar menacingly. Higar once again, shaky and uncomfortable.

“Jeez Kayla! You know that’s not Aristo’s voice.” Georgette was a little worried, but rightfully so. Okay, that tells me why I need to get out of town, Aristo apparently doesn’t like me, but why? I’ve never met the guy.

“Senator, please don’t do that! After all we did for each other you’d sell us and end our friendship?” Higar objected, now I’m beyond curious.

“Actually I have a question, three actually, why does Higar know you? Why do we need to avoid Aristo? And if I’m 23 years old, how did my parents grow up with RIDEs?” I asked, looking at her, then Higar, then Jasmine. Something just didn’t seem right, someone’s not who they claim to be and I need to find out who.

“Kayla, you need to let me tell them.” Georgette whined, please enlighten me sister, what is up. Are mom and dad behind this too? I didn’t feel like calling them to find out. They’d just tell me to become female, because somehow that’d make me safer or because calling for help makes me unfit to be male.

“Yes, I met Higar the same time I met you. The second question I can’t answer.” Kayla said, looking at me with a frown as she sighed. “Why do you ask?”

“My mom is a Valkyire and has been before I was born.... but... if I’m 23.... How is that possible!?” I asked, giving my most demanding face. “Don’t bullshit me, this is about ACE isn’t it? Why? What connection do I have to that dump.”

“.....I was hoping you would never ask....” The Senator looked downright defeated as she exhaled softly. “I wanted you two to get out of dodge, I gave you three good choices between you. Aloha is not safe for you.”

“You’re stalling!” I exclaimed, walking slowly up to her, wanting her not to get away.

“Yeah you really are!” Jasmine raised her voice, but in a cheerful excited manner as she pointed at Kayla. “Why are you doing this thing?”

“Aristo....” Kayla said, softly, looking around. “Bob.... I wanted you to be a Gaian so I could protect you. My sweet-sweet child. My often neglected child, my very forgotten child.” she said as she walked closer to me and actually wrapped her arms around me and hugged. This would have been a lot hotter if she wasn’t calling me her child. “Bob, Jasmine.... This is your fight too..” she said as her RIDE converted into a Skimmer. “Hop in! And have Higar follow us. I’ll clue you in after we take care of something.” she demanded. We got in and once we did she began driving really fast. Like, WAY too fast!

“Lady!” I fussed at her failing to see how this provides answers. “LADY! You still haven’t given us a clue as to what the hell is going on?”

“WEEEEEEE!” Jasmine called out, from the back. Treating this farce like a free roller coaster ride.

“I’ll need to keep an eye out for Aristo.” Kayla said, repeatedly flying in circles. “If what I heard about him is true, he’ll be easy for us to apprehend. I’m starting to get second thoughts about this, but I could use back up from you Bob.”

“Higar didn’t even go this fast going to Aloha! This is anything BUT safe, just put me down. I’m not curious anymore!” I screamed in vain as Senator Kayla completely ignored my shrieks of terror.

“It’s too late! Look Bob, Jasmine.... The truth is that neither of you are what you appear to be. I have a brother named Aristo and he is insane, dangerous, and if I’ve heard right, dying.” Kayla warned in a ghastly voice. Someone I doubt her brother could be more insane than her. “We should be safe here, but if we fail to take down Aristo. Jasmine will need to run for help.”

“HOW THE HELL, ARE WE SAFE HERE!?!” I yelled as loud as I could! “Can’t you just tell me this stuff instead of recruiting us for some bull we know nothing about!”

“WEEEEEEEEE!” Jasmine cried, waving her hands in the air. Neither listening to nor caring about the situation. I’d love to be her right now, treating whatever the hell is going on like it’s just a day at Qubitite Park. Like we’re just riding The Cheetah’s Hypercoaster Gauntlet and then afterwards calming down with the TeaCups. I’d settle for the damned Merry Go Round if it meant I wouldn’t have to worry about my goddamn molecules breaking apart or whatever.

“I had the promotion in Aloha because Aristo was going to be here. If we’re driving fast enough he won’t be able to shoot us down, but I should be able to spot him quickly. This is too fast for you to see, but these aren’t my original eyes.” Kayla said calmly as she looked out the side, smirking. “You aren’t 23 years old, you’re only three. Amazing what can be done with false memories isn’t it? Actually this applies to both of you. I’ll explain in a bit, I just spotted him.. and if my eyes don’t deceive me. You’ll get the full explanation in a bit, I think he is just as dumb as he is arrogant. Perfect chance to attack!”

“What the fu...” I was about to say before the skimmer suddenly stopped and Kayla refused with Sabrina. “No you get your unclothed ass back here HOW THE HELL AM I ONLY THREE!?!” It’s official, I’m being punked.

“Can we do that again!?!” Jasmine pleaded as she ran up to Kayla and get on her knees, bringing her hands together and beginning to beg. “Please? PLEASE! I wanna do that again!”

“Maybe later... just stand back...” Kayla answered, her facial expression was, incredibly unsure.

Jasmine wouldn’t take no for an answer and starting holding onto Kayla. “I said later!” she said as she pushed the childlike beauty off and walked north of where we landed.

“I never get to have any fun!” Jasmine pouted, folding her arms and making a “Hmph!” sound. I’d be lying if that wasn’t adorable, especially since it didn’t seem sincere as she stood up instantly and began smiling again. “Now what?” This is something I would have smiled at and hugged her for if I wasn’t busy puking my guts out all over the street.

“No...Kayla... Never again.... We’re not doing that again....” Deja Vu again, I’m just as flier-sick as Craig was. I’m suddenly really glad I didn’t make fun of him, I feel another puke coming on.

“Found you!” Kayla shouted at someone whilst I was still getting my bearing, taking the appearance of an anthropomorphic white tiger thanks to her fuser. “Well Brother we caught up at last!” she said to a shorter guy with a blue shirt, black pants, a metal arm shaped like a tiger claw, a right eye that was clearly neon and robotic in the shape of a tiger’s eye, but he had the tail and ears of a Red Panda. Bit of a combo-breaker he had there.

“Oh greetings to you as well beloved sister. I see you have my experiments. Bob, Higar, and.. well you have Bob and Higar anyway.” The short cyborg said smiling. “I see you’re still doing the Pseudo Senator thing. Having fun with your casino and pretending to have a purpose?”

“You never leave your comfortable Corruption Palace at ACE, what the hell are you doing here Aristo?” Kayla roared as her claws became little laser swords. Aristo just kinda looked at her. “Answer me!” she demanded, but again Aristo just stood there.

At this point I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see where this was going or head for the hills. “Experiment?” I asked, but was ultimately ignored as Kayla and Aristo just kept staring each other down. I’d really like that answered. Being referred to as an experiment has been the most unsettling moment in recent memory, yes, more unsettling than everything else. I turned around, wondering where Higar was and had been quite thrilled to see him land right behind me.

“I’m always here for you Bob! It’s what I’m built for.” He assured me, Aristo and Kayla apparently didn’t see this happen or did and just didn’t care as they were still standing off.

“I guess talking really is a free action...” I muttered to myself. “Higar I’ve never been more happy to see you! What the hell is even going on?” I cried as I got inside him, still in his Skimmer Form.

“My fetters don’t let me tell you directly.” Higar stated coldly.

“Well that’s great!” I banged my fists on his controls. “Well just have to worry about that latter... I don’t like the look that guy’s giving me.” Aristo had began yawning as he turned his gaze at me with an evil smirk. Then he just stopped moving entirely. “Arm your weapons Hig... I don’t know what is going on, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t a Trekkie Convention!”

“You got it Bob!” Higar roared, excitement filling his voice as two assault rifles, and a plasma gun appeared on his front, armed and ready to fire. “I’ve been wanting to take down Aristo since we were born!”

I had no idea what was going on. “Since we were born?” I was getting more lost by the second, but I wasn’t gonna let whatever what going take me unarmed. “Can someone fill me in on what’s going on? I’ve never been more lost in my life.” I tried seeking answers one more time in vain.

Jasmine looked pained in how hard she was thinking, tapping her foot. “I think it’s Auntie Kayla’s birthday party.... but I’m not sure.”

I slapped my forehead as I turned to Jasmine, dumb again already? Oi, well couldn’t leave her. “Jasmine Get in the RIDE!” I barked. “Kayla... explanations... now!”

Kayla waved her and Sabrina’s paw in front of Aristo. “....Are you still with us?” she asked. Turning around. “I guess he died. Well, we can talk now. My brother Aristo made two creatures he calls newmans to use as cheap lab. In actuality they are just humans with slightly enhanced abilities, you Bob.... Did you hear that?” Damn it woman, will you get on with it already?

What happened next was just creepy. Aristo after being completely immobile and frozen in that gaze he was giving me spontaneously came back to life with a very electronic power up sound. Following this he threw Kayla to the ground with his metal arm. “You aren’t the useful one right now.” he said to her and began walking up to me slowly.

“Fire Assault rifles!” I screeched, Kayla stayed down as the weapons fired. I deduced that there’s no way Aristo was on my side so I was letting him have it! Higar opened fire, and yet none of the bullets did anything to Aristo. He just kept coming at me, with that same evil grin he had from the moment I laid eyes on him. “Fire plasma gun! Headshot!” There’s no way that wasn’t going to work.

“Nice try” Aristo called out as something shot out of his metal arm which he caught with an impressive flip. It appeared to be some kind of handle, which immediately ignited a green laser out the handle. He just began laughing and laughing as he smacked the plasma shot back at me like a baseball player. Fortunately the shot whizzed past my head. He stopped his gigglefit and spoke to me in the smuggest voice I’ve ever heard.. “Nano Stealthsaber.” He began twirling it around for emphasis as he named the weapon. “It’s like a lightsaber, only you can’t tell it’s on my person. Commissioned a Former Valkyrie to build it for me. Nice lady. Consider that reflected Plasma Shot a warning. You have no idea what I’m capable of boy! I could kill you so easily! If you shoot another I will.”

“Mom’s latest project...” I muttered under my breathe as Kayla began to stand again. “Alright fine...” Higar deactivated his weapons and assumed Walker form.

“I heard that! Mhmhmh, Oh Bob so that’s where you were, hmhmhm. Pretending to be a child of the infamous Zharus Oddcouple, hidden right under my nose. Though I must ask is that a lion’s tail or are you happy to see me?” Aristo laughed again holding out the Nano Stealthsaber, swinging it in my direction as I stepped back in fear of the weapon. “Oh this is a riot, I’m so glad to see you again Bob, but where is Jason?” he asked me, getting closer and closer, until he was in my face and giving a burning gaze right into my eyes.. “I made two newmans, not one. Where is Jason? The set is not complete without him.”

“I have never met any Jason!” I said panicking. He immediately put my mom’s invention in his organic hand and gripped his cold clawed metal arm around my neck as his neon eye turned red.

“I...” after every pause he jilted my neck back and forth. “do..” “not..” “do..” “things..” “half-assed!...” “Where is Jason?” His smile was very creepy, he looked like he was about to gnaw my face off!

“I used to be a Jason!” Jasmine spoke up, which made me feel stupid. Even if I was scared out of my wits I should have realized. Of course the Crossrider is this famous Jason.

Aristo let go of me and let out a hearty laugh. I’m noticing a recurring theme. “Oh Kayla, My dear sweet sister Kayla. This the return of my newmans is the best thing present you’ve ever given me since your closest childhood friend Gabriel! Well it’s Gabrielle now. Hard to give someone body dysphoria without giving them a body they don’t like. Did you know that if a RIDE’s nanites are inappropriately programmed on top of the RI being the wrong gender for the DE, it creates a very nasty whirlwind of constant turmoil. You would know all about that wouldn’t you sister? My dear thick-headed sister. Just as thick as a REAL Senator!”

“You monster! How dare you do such a horrible thing to an innocent RIDE!” Higar called out, showing no concern for this Gabrielle.

“You’re the thick one! Fusing with Xhyz this soon? You don’t even HAVE all of your organs, don’t you realize that becoming a man again is just going to kill you.” Kayla roared charging up energy in her giving off sparks as her lightsaber claws grew large and sliced through Aristo. The damage was incredible, the dude had a chunk of his face missing with his skull exposed, as he fell over dead. “That was easier than I thought it’d be.... Bob, Jasmine, it’s over. What do you wish to know?”

“Well I...” I was about to say, before I nearly crapped myself

The Red Panda Cyborg Rider actually stood up, getting a better look at his exposed skull there was no blood and a lot of steel. “I am looking for Sarah Connor! Mwhahaha! Cute darling, but you forget one thing. I’m not stupid enough to attempt Crossing Over early. I’m still the very female version of myself and will be for two years. You know you became a woman twenty years ago, your cooldown has since expired, you really should cross again, having your polarity reversed on a regular basis is quite refreshing. It tingles in all the right ways. Oh Bob, if you cross leave the period on darling. Well if you like bleeding, I do. It’s weakness leaving your being. Quite invigorating. Oh yes as I was saying. Kayla my darling this is an experimental Remote Robot Body. Real power drain, but I can appear wherever I want as whatever I want, provided my real body is being piloted by the RIDE and I’m a certain distance from the body. Normally I send Shyver out for these things, but you know me with new toys. I just have to play with them until the very moment I grow completely bored.”

Kayla and I made grimaced faces as he said that period line, while Jasmine seemed very unfocused.

“Speaking of new toys I don’t usually use PSA Models this skunk, Lucille I believe her name is. Is just fantastic! The sensations of body euphoria that come with this thing, I’m being constantly stimulated and all these features... Oh God am I going to hate giving this girl up. Oh well, it’ll be a fun... two years till I move onto Xhyz. I have the perfect plan for Lucille afterward. Once I perfect her special coding.” Aristo laughed at the end of his maniacal bout. “Oooooh dam... daaamn... it’s like every part of me is being massaged at once... even both of my... Well, let’s not save that for pleasant conversation. Well I’ll tell you what... turning the tingling sensations down now. If you give up Bob and Jasmine to me now, I’ll tell you what Lucille’s special programming does. You can trust me, I am a woman of my word..”

“You know hearing ‘Woman of my word’ sounds funny when you look and sound like a guy.” Jasmine pointed out.

“Indeed” Aristo said rolling his eyes. “For an added bonus, if you bring me the Integrate I originally came here for, I’ll treat her far more nicely than if I have to track her down myself. I’m quite the negotiator aren’t I?”

“Ha! Integrates don’t even exist!” I screamed. “You’re bluffing!”

“Well aren’t we sharp?” Aristo smirked. “I’m afraid they do, and soon I will possess that power. In fact the real me is closing in on where her most recent location. Anyway. Tick-tock, tick-tock. If you want to find out what I’m up to and save your friend some torment you’ll need to surrender Bob and Jason... Jasmine. What’s it going to be? They’re not real humans anyway.”

“No I agree with Bob. I fuse with my RIDE often and since she was one of the first to be sold to civilians I think if they existed I’d be one.” Kayla smiled, folding her and Sabrina’s arms.

“Suit yourself, but you know where and who she is.” Aristo shrugged. “When I have ultimate power and immortality, you’ll be sorry you played dumb. And so will Gabriel. Your last words to him, they were asking him to join the Gaians, and now she has Gender Dysphoria. See it’s funny because I turned him into a chick, but that’s what you were going to do. Only when I do it, she’s unhappy! Doh-ho-ho-ho. We must play these wonderful games again.”

Kayla began punching the robot who didn’t react. “This isn’t my real body sister, my real one is looking for your friend the Integrate. I’m not capable of feeling pain because this isn’t my body. Now how long ago did I kidnap him? About three years ago I think it was, and for the past three years. She’s been building my machines, obeying my commands, amusing me, loathing her body, missing her precious hyena Zedimuse.” Aristo laughed as Kayla continued punching the robot. “I might wanna give her up if you bring me the Integrate! She can cross back over now, so freeing her would do a great service.”

“Your obsessions for power and our great grandmother’s legacy have nothing to do with him!” Kayla roared “I don’t know any Integrates because there ARE NO Integrates!”

“Maybe not, but I must keep you in check. You’re the only one who knows just how ruthless I truly am, the only opposition I have on this sphere, so I must continue to prove to you that there’s nothing you possess that I cannot take away and crush. The hands of destiny are turning my way sister. You know where ACE Evolutions is, you have three days and then I will have Gabrielle executed, create a virus with that video on an endless loop, and infect poor Sabrina with it. You know me well enough to know that I’d do that just to spite you and that I’m rich enough not to get caught. After all, remember the first time you went in for your Sex Change, back on Earth. It’s amazing how nanites fail to do anything when your older brother replaces them with blanks.” Aristo looked into Kayla’s eyes with something I hadn’t seen before. A smile that conveyed hatred.

“You monster, that’s murder! Of your favorite ‘toy’ too! You wouldn’t.... Wait that was you? I cried all the way to Zharus you fucking dick! It’s a YEAR LONG JOURNEY!” Kayla growled “I swear you’ll see me in three days! I’m going to kick your skunk ass and I’m getting my best friend back!”

“You never honored Grandmother Seranima’s memory, why should you deserve the same salvation she fought for!?!” Aristo yelled “Three days, bring me my clones or the rat gets it! Bring me The Integrate and the rat goes free. I won’t leave a trail and I do have backups of these Remote Control Robots so I could be anywhere. Bob, my sword is yours temporarily. Oh yes, and sister. Next time you hear that I’m in Aloha from an escaped worker, make sure it’s not a crossriding Shyver. I pay her far too much for her to disobey me.” The short robot replica laughed to himself once again, this time like he was laughing at a joke instead of gloating. “You’re damn lucky the newmans were with you, I’m very disappointed you are still hiding the Integrate and you know damn well that if I named or described the Intie in question the candlejacks take her from me. There will be repercussions for that latter. As for now, Self-Destruct sequence initiated. If the Intie isn’t in this building, she’ll be at your casino. I know you’re not as stupid as to not notice the two who are one. Ttfn, Ta ta for now!” Aristo then suddenly and violently exploded, knocking Kayla onto me.

“You need to rub that butt up against me more often.” I joked with her as I lifted her up, trying to diffuse the mood. I quickly apologized though, that angry look was something I didn’t want to turn into some anti-man rant. “Sorry, but... wow... did he specifically pick a secluded area of a major city just so no one would believe us?” I asked as I picked up the sword, the only thing remaining of Aristo. “Or am I just giving him too much credit... and again.. who was he really? No one who owns a Major Company on this planet talks like a supervillain.”

Kayla looked at me and Jasmine with regret and sorrow in her eyes. “My brother, he’d be brilliant if he wasn’t a monster.....” Her sorrow became crying. “You know that I have to turn you two in now.... If it wasn’t for that.. well.. woman now. I’d never have come to Zharus. I had my Nanite Redo canceled just because I couldn’t stand to lose him, I had to go to Zharus with my best friend. I had no way of knowing I’d find RIDEs up here. So.... I almost gave up the only thing I wanted just to continue being his friend.”

I got into a martial arts pose, Aristo’s blade held up in my hand in a very goofy fashion before I started slicing through the air. This pose was one I made up, but I figured it was better than nothing. “I’m not afraid to hit a lady! Especially when she doesn’t explain anything! Do you really not know who he meant by Integrate?”

“I have a slight idea.... but oh my, a musclebound lion-tailed three year old versus a woman with some of the most sophisticated power armor in the galaxy. Clearly I surrender!” Kayla snided bitterly, regaining her composure and looking around. “Meet me back in Femizona and I’ll explain more. Jasmine, you just tell them your Auntie Kayla said to use the High Roller’s Suite for now, Bob, you’re Jasmine’s lover.”

“No arguments here.” I said, wrapping an arm around Jasmine who smiled up at me. “But I have just one question.”

“If it’s about the lovers thing, just know that I have appearances to maintain.” Kayla said as she defused with her RIDE Sabrina who went straight into skimmer mode.

“Why would we go to Femizona if you’re just going to send us to your very creepy brother?” I demanded to know. I found myself regretting this question as Kayla groaned, got out of Sabrina re-fusing with her as she walked up to me and blew in mine and Jasmine’s faces, our nostrils filled with the scent of the breathe of a cat that had eaten too much tuna. “What the frak lady?!?”

“A special nanite cloud Kitty Kat Poisoning. With a timer of three days. Looks like you’ll be coming to Femizona. Remember, be at the Lady Or The Tiger Casino or there won’t be a fourth day.” Kayla smiled and defused, skimmering her way to Femizona.

“.....Where the heck is Femizona?” I asked, realizing I don’t know too late. Jasmine was about to say something when I remembered that it was in Neo Francisco, I’m not thinking straight right now. It helped my nerves a lot when out of nowhere Jasmine hugged me and actually began nibbling on my neck. I looked down at her with shock on my face. A shock of surprise, not disgust, how could I be disgusted by anything done by this nearly perfect creature. This was legitimate, her ears and even purrbox were telling me this. She looked up into my face with a stare that said “Pet me.” or “Hold me.” I couldn’t quite discern which, but oh what the hell. I’d do both as I embraced this angel. “Well... we’re affectionate.”

“I wanted to ask you out anyway... so..” Jasmine smiled at me, tripping over her words. “Well... if I have to pretend to be your girlfriend? Why not do it for real?”

My heart and my groin were once again outweighing my mind. I barely met this girl and she’s already wanting to go steady with me. Jackpot, but, I don’t know. Do I want to go serious with a girl I planned a one night stand with? Well, maybe this was a good thing. Maybe it’s something more. My destiny perhaps? Reuniting with Jasmine, running away from home, learning I’m a clone in some conspiracy between two crazy Earthers. Maybe I am destined for something greater, something with Jasmine. I took her by the hand as I smiled at her. “Shall I escort milady to Femizona?”

“Be my guest!” Jasmine giggled, as we walked around a bit just enjoying the company of each other. I had Higar begin emailing Craig and telling him I was off to Femizona, though I couldn’t share with him the details. Especially since I didn’t really know them myself. I felt a little bad, I had to tell him SOMETHING, but he wouldn’t even believe that a Senator from Femizona poisoned me with her breath to turn me over to a crazy cyborg. It’d sound like an excuse to ditch him.

I looked towards Jasmine, rubbing my fingers on the hand that wasn’t holding Aristo’s saber through her hair as I smiled at her. It wasn’t just that she was mine and she wanted me, I don’t even know her. Yet, when I look at her it just makes sense, somehow we’re destined for one another.

“Craig just send you a message back.” Higar said running in front of me. “He says that he’s always wanted to visit Femizona and will meet you there. Also you also left your IDE at the College and he will be picking it up for you.”

“Tell him he can have it.” I said as I breathed inward. I can’t believe I’d be doing this consensually for the first time. I am not a damn furry, I don’t want a lion tail let alone scales, but there’s no denying the sheer power of the RIDEs. If I’m gonna encounter Aristo again I’ll need to be as strong as I can be. “Better yet... why don’t I tell him myself. Higar fuse with me!”

Higar was very delighted, giving a grin that mimicked Aristo’s, clearly we were on the same page.. “I thought you’d never ask.” Then it happened. The lizard tackled me, him dissolving into my body as we became one.

Here I was, inside Higar, his nanites reworking my body as I lost my ears and gained a scaly tail. I found myself not in memories, but in blackness. Me floating around in blackness. My virtual body image is... me... before I ever fused. The mind knows what it wants I guess. I could feel that Higar was all around me and I was in his very soul. Bonding with him, bonding more closely than I did with Dad’s RIDE. I can feel Higar as an extension of myself and I know he feels me as the inner-part of himself that is human. All the things that are great about being human that RIDEs may never experience he has in me. We are one. We are Bob and Higar. I can call out to him. He is all around me. ::You know, I never wanted to be a Rider. I appreciate my humanity... and don’t want to lose it. You being a reptile is going to make me lose it faster. I didn’t want to be a Rider. To have to have another life form be the other half of me. I prefer to go things alone. So if I wasn’t scared I would never give up my independence. Are we... an Integrate?::

No Bob:: Higar’s voice called ::You have fused for the first time. When you fused with Lawrence the Lion, you basically got steroid injects that gave you a tail. You are now experiencing what it is like to share yourself with another being, to give of yourself to another freely.::
It feels... amazing:: This strange limbo, inside Higar. We are two and we are one. I am a igauna? I am a Man? It’s hard to tell.  ::But... the only reason we fused is because I was scared of Aristo.::
A friend in need is a friend indeed Bob. Riders know this. You don’t have to Integrate to cease to be only one person The amazing feeling you’re describing is you realizing that you are no longer a single man, but an animal and a man.:: Higar’s voice was soothing, I couldn’t but to just let him have control.
Where’s Jasmine?:: I didn’t see her, or anything, I just floated in oblivion. My mind was numb, I feel like I’m nothing and yet all things. I’ve never heard of a RIDE Fusion described like this before, but I wouldn’t want it another way. Though a part of me longs for her. The part of me that knows our destiny. ::Jasmine is... ours?::
She is outside of us, fret not. I am in control of our body. You’ve had a strange day. Rest in me and I shall take care of Jasmine. She is ours, I am yours, and you are mine. We’re all very connected. We are all one.:: Yes, Higar was right... We are all one.... I can do anything, because I am everyone. Male, Female, RIDE, Human. I am all that is and ever shall be. No WE are all that is and ever shall be. I am inside Higar, thus I am inside myself. I can create any realm myself and go there. I want to see... Mine and Jasmine’s Kingdom. We are king and queen of our own little world and deep down she knows it! On a beach, with our giant sand castle, we look over our tropical kingdom. We embrace one another and are lost in each other's souls. It doesn’t matter anymore, who is Bob and who is Jasmine. I am she as she is he. My precious Jasmine, let us live inside ourselves, inside of everything. Let us change our world and ourselves. Forever!

-Interlude Kayla-

I had emailed Higar some specific instructions and some spying software. I hope Bob’s heart breaks easy because I could see it on their faces. Bob was lusting after Jasmine and she was foolish to think he was serious, and so was he, but if they were to survive Aristo they’d need to know the truth of their feelings. Jasmine’s very innocent, so it’s a good thing Higar will be treating her well. I’d have time to think about that later, Aristo was still 50 feet away, one of Aloha’s community colleges was nearby, the same one Jenny taught at. It was too obvious that’s where he was. ::Sabrina this isn’t going to be easy. Contact Jenny while I keep an eye out for Aristo and his French whore. Remember, do not use the I-Word.::

You don’t have to tell me twice! Jenny’s my friend too!:: Sabrina responsed, her virtual avatar in the icon for her looked ready for action, anthropomorphic and in her army gear. Her mostly white breasts with a few stripes covered by ammo belts, this being the only thing she was wearing shirt-wise. Sabrina’s other clothes were camo pants and a hat, showing she was ready to kick some ass.
I know Sabrina:: I entered the school, none of the classes Jenny taught were in session at the moment. They wouldn’t be this close after graduation. So if she was here she was merely preparing for the next semester or tying up loose ends. Either way she would be alone and that wasn’t good. Aristo had no morals, he just had a sense of “If I do this will I be caught?”, and that let him do the most wrong. I still had to wonder how he’d pull off dragging a teacher out of school without anyone noticing. I looked around, the aardvark fuser at the receptionist desk would be of no help as he was too busy with a long line of people registering for class. Each of them looked bored, all fused up and talking to their friends whilst their bodies were posed to show off their RIDEs like college age kids do. Likely just having gotten them for College. I began realizing how ridiculous this was, not only are those students armed, but the police force of Aloha had a small security desk adjacent from the sign up. This was a school, one of the most secure structures in all of Aloha, Aristo couldn’t do anything without being caught no matter how many contingency plans he had, my bravado was up for nothing as I shook my head in defeat. ::Are you beginning to think this is a waste of time?:: I asked Sabrina.
Absolutely not. Aristo just left Jenny’s office:: Sabrina sent back ::she actually was about to call us when she saw I messaged. ::

I nodded to my RIDE in Virtual ::Alright. Put her on:: Sabrina took our body to one of the nearby recharging couches for students to wait on, I myself found in a destroyed 1990’s Extreme Post Apocalyptic city. A favorite virtual place of Jenny’s RIDE Half Qwafia, it was modeled after an online virtual shooter called Hellzone Armageddon City. ::If you see Aristo, start following him::

You got it!: Sabrina saluted from her HUD picture as she put a cigar in her mouth. Always the playful one Sabrina.

Qwafia, here an anthro cougar dressed like a raider from an old Fallout game and Jenny as her old human self dressed very conservatively and professionally in a blazer rode up on a motorcycle. “That mofo Aristo came for us Kay, how did he even find out?”

My Avatar was currently set to anthro white tigress with a Dealer’s Visor and a cousin worker’s outfit. “My informant turned out to be Shyver, Aristo’s Early Crossride was a hoax to lure me into a questionnaire about you, as if I’d actually say anything. I denied everything, but I guess he found you the same”

“Ye-yeah. I had been having lunch with the dean, he was hoping I could tone our ‘Hot-For-Teacher’ act down because the Earthers were having problems with it. Aristo found us in the ladies’ room and said he’d tell.... you-know-who we evaded the candlejacks that day” Jenny said timidly, always the shy delicate flower letting Qwafia talk her into things. “If we didn’t go with him back to Supernova and hand over our DIN. Said he’d be in Femizona tomorrow to collect me, at the ‘Girly New Vegas’.... to collect me I mean.”

“He’s finding everything I’ve hidden!” I growled, quickly formulating a plan. “Listen, I want you to be there and surrender.”

“WHAT?!?!” Jenny shrieked with a blood chilling scream, looking at me with a mixture of fear and pure disgust.

Qwafia jumped off the motorcycle, grabbing randomly discarded two laser blasters off the road remnants we stood on and blast at the city. “Then we let him have it as we’re flying back to Supernova in his fancy spaceship!” Blowing apart buildings by aiming hot laser at choice exposed support beams. “BOOM!”

“No I want you two to record evidence and send it back to me. We’ll nail Aristo for the thug that he is. It’ll be easier to escape him then it would... he-who-must-not-be-named.” I laid down the facts, Aristo would rather something be lost than him not have it. Admittedly from what very little I know of Fritz, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were my brother.

“Can’t we talk about this?” Jenny begged, looking and wincing at the destroyed buildings. “There has to be a better way. I’ll get a fake ID, new look, and become a teacher in Cape Nord. He’ll never think to accuse a guy of being me.”

“Sorry doll, but Kayla’s right, we need to bring Aristo down. Sides, I don’t small boobs.” Qwafia taunted as she pinched Jenny’s B-cup chest playfully. “No boobs at all is just out of the question!”

Sabrina showed up in feral form and was suddenly tugging at me, she must have seen Aristo. ::Found Aristo and Lucille they just walked out.:: Well I was right.

“Just get busy on finding out how he tracked you. I gotta go....” I was out of there and out of the college before we could exchange goodbyes. I saw him, Aristo or her rather, the overbreasted skunk fuser was in the middle of a defuse when I called out to her. “Aristo!”

She looked back at me after finishing her defuse and Lucille’s morph into skimmer, Aristo was wearing a toga and perched on what looked like a forest speeder from Return Of The Jedi, but in skunklike monochrome. The speeder I could understand, but not the toga barely concealing her giga boobs. I guess it was the most college thing she could think of. “I already bested you in our previous match. Just have my winnings in Femizona tomorrow. Or I’ll leak that embarrassing video.” Aristo said not wanting to attract the attention of the college kids going in the building. Where were they during our actual fight? If only there had been witnesses to that. Well they’ll witness me killing Aristo, it would bring down my career, but screw it I’m doing the worlds a favor. I brought forth my plasma guns, but Aristo just wagged her metal finger. “Oh spoilsport, be mindful of where you are.” she said as a bobcat RIDE bumped into his/her operator, a boy who had not yet fused with his/her dressed like a pokemon trainer. Both staring at me with my guns drawn and I found myself rethinking if I wanted to shoot. I know what I just said, but when you see the eyes on you it gets harder. “Tomorrow I’ll be in Femizona, I know it’s not quite three days, but I’m altering the deal.” finally she flew off and I deactivated

“Where you going to shoot for real?” The pride of Kanto asked.

“Are you going to keep putting off fusing? That RIDE is female isn’t it?” I tried changing the subject, make it about the other person, make them justify themselves.

“That has nothing to do with what I asked and it’s none of your business. Gun wielding maniacs are mine.” He brought up. A male secure about himself, that’s new.

“Look, just... here” I sent 1,000 MU to his digital wallet, which he checked as he heard it ping. “No one pulled a gun.”

“Okay then.” he said as he and his Bobcat went inside.

Me and Sabrina had other business here. According to my spyware in Higar, Bob’s friend Craig was heading for the school’s garage, and I’d be there to meet him. If his message to Bob about having no luck being hired by the hotels was accurate I had a new dancer. As I ran to intercept Craig I looked into the Higar Cam. Bob was unconscious and Jasmine was in Higar’s arms as they began making out in the back of a taxi headed for my casino. The taxi was an Emancipated RIDE driving his or herself.

“Oh Higar! You’re such a gentleman. I can’t believe Bob just dozed off.” Jasmine stopped the kissing to say. “I was just kidding to him about the boyfriend stuff, but.... I can’t believe how well you and I are hitting it off. Also thank you again, that lunch was terrific! I never had Sushi before.”

“Don’t mention it. My operator stooped so low as to have me pretend to be him, I can’t do that for a cutie like you.” Higar said as he bit on Jasmine’s neck trying to continue their fun. Sorry Bob, but you’ve gotta learn. “Just wait till we’re in the casino proper.”

I went back to where I actually was and saw Craig, pulling out of the garage. Stopping as I was blocking your path. “Hey I need to get back to my casino in Femizona, can you drive me?” I said to Craig. “I’m Kayla Edmund, I can get you some free poker chips if you want if you’ll help me.”

“Right now I’m just looking for a job.” The handsome blonde said breathing outward in exhaustion. “I’ve been rejected from everywhere in Aloha for a week!”

“Oh I think we could use a new dancer.” I said as I got in the back of Bob’s hovering motorcycle. Bob was really going to hate me for this.

“I was hoping for manager....” Craig sounded disheartened. “But that’s more than what I’ve been offered so far.”

“Oh don’t worry, prove yourself capable and we can work something out. As a rule I never let men without good credentials start big in my employee. Party loyalty.” I shrugged. “However I’m sensing a great deal of potential. I bet you’ll prove yourself in a month.”

“Alright. Sounds like a plan, no other fish are biting.” Craig agreed. “When do I start?”

“As soon as we get back.” I assured him. “As soon as we get back.”

-Back To Bob-

I woke up in a very luxurious room still fused to Higar. It was like my room, but the bed was roomier and had various settings. Waterbed, Magic Fingers, Tanning Bed, Recharging Bed, etc. This bed could become any bed. I also saw the finest fabber money can buy mounted on the wall, the biggest TV in the world, authentic tiger fur carpeting, several hundred mu in Pokerchips, and so much more. As I removed the blanket I saw Jasmine in bed with me. Naked, purring. Did we do it? I guess this is Femizona.  ::Higar... What happened? Please tell me we slept with Jasmine, and play back those memories.::

Our fusion was odd... you sort of geeked out like you were on drugs or something and started babbling about how you were one with the world and then you had virtual sex with Jasmine. I had no idea what was going on. So I just pretended I was you whilst scanning for what the hell happened.:: Higar recounted ::Though we did sleep with Jasmine. She accidentally ordered a very potent aphrodisiac from the fabber.::
So what did happen? And... how was the sex?:: I asked, a little more curious about the latter in all honestly. As I pushed off the covers I noticed that woo, Jasmine is far more intoxicating with her clothes off. The miracle of cross riding at it’s finest. She was sleeping on her side facing the other way, snoring with her bare bubblebutt facing me.

Jasmine was moaning something. “hmm..... vroom vroom.... one more lap... and I win the F-Zero Grand Prix!” I guess she’s a gamer, had no clue.

Well there was no Fish Poison in either of you. That was a ruse to get you to come. I don’t think Kayla expected us to fuse. As for your drug trip. I have no idea. It’s possibly a freak occurrence. I’m a RIDE, we’re constructed from Quantum Minerals, so things can be unpredictable at times.. To answer your last question the sex was fantastic.: I have a bone to pick with Kayla, but for now, I began replaying the memories of the sex and quickly realized I could do this an infinite number of times like we just couldn’t stop.

That was fun for a few go-overs, and a few minutes, turns out virtual time dilation is awesome. I got out of bed and defused. “So now what are you gonna do Higar?” I asked him as I sniffed myself. Surprisingly I’m not all that sweaty for someone who spent of a chunk of time in a big metal suit, then again RIDEs are anything but simple suit.

“Gonna watch Jasmine sleep for a bit, you go ahead and shower.” He suggested and licked Jasmine’s cheek. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Jasmine began laughing to this. “No no Dynomutt, we haven’t crossed the finish line yet.” Aww, cute little thing, can’t wait to show her what I’m like when I’m awake.

“Alright then, if you say so.” Taking Higar’s advice I hit the shower, which in my suite I found was literally a golden shower. The nozzles were made of gold, the showerhead was made of gold, and the water was a synthesized liquid that had all the properties of water and the appearance of melted gold. This is overdoing it a bit, but it’s awesome. It took me awhile to actually notice that I didn’t have ears anymore yet somehow when I did, I couldn’t bring myself to care. I didn’t mind that my ears were gone, not even a little bit of phantom ear. What I did care about is that I didn’t even feel this rich back at my rich parents’ house. Christ Almighty it’s like I went to bed with lion ears and woke up a Bruebeck. Cha-Ching! I stepped out refreshed and naked ready for round two. The first thing I saw was Jasmine getting out of bed, the blanket wrapped around her slender body.

“Oh Good Morning Bob.” she smiled at me. “Kayla sure is a good host. She gave us the most expensive room in her Casino! Sorry you missed everything. Higar was really sweet though.” she said as she walked up the RIDE laying on the bed recharging and kissed him. I have never before been jealous, of a frigging robot. Jasmine was all over me before my blackout. “Bob do you mind if Higar uses your thumbs again?” she asked me.

“Yes I do! Higar’s a machine, I’m the man, he can’t love you.” I argued

“So you will? He’s so sweet!” Jasmine giggled as she got back on the bed and began petting Higar. “He really knows how to treat a girl.”

Higar looked at me and laughed. “What can I say, the lady recognizes a love machine when she sees one.”

“This is not happening..... This is not happening!” I panicked. “You too are joking right?”

Jasmine and Higar looked into each other’s eyes. “I’m still a guy at heart Bob, a very cute guy. I was joking when I said I wanted us to be lovers. I thought you were just getting really into it.” I’ve got to still be dreaming. “But last night Higar taught me what it means to be a girl, and it turns out being a girl feels really good. Especially when GentleRIDEs take you out for Sushi before snagging you away to a dream palace filled with wonder and those, those steaks. What are they caled sweetums?”

“Filet’ Mignon” Higar answered as my stomach began turning.

“Metal Fever! You’ve got Metal Fever you hussy!” I shouted at Jasmine, that heartbreaking bitch, she found just the right way to get to me. Dad was right, dames are more trouble than they’re worth till you find the one that isn’t. “And you, Higar, you should know better. You’re a RIDE! You don’t even have the bits and pieces that matter to a woman! You can’t actually be in love with her.”

“Oh but I am Bob, you just wanted her for sex and you know it. What we have is special, turns out fusing isn’t the closest you can bond with a human. Oh Jazz I wish I were a woman so that I could fuse with you.” Higar and Jasmine actually began kissing. Her mouth just, under constant fire from that robo-reptile’s tongue. He actually had the nerve to look at me with that higher-than-thou look. “You’re saying our love isn’t real because of my privates Bob? You sound just like the ‘Traditional Marriage’ activists of the 2010’s”

“I don’t need to be lectured on morals by a talking suit!” I exclaimed, angrily pointing at Higar. Truthfully I wanted to punch in the face, but I didn’t want to break my hand. I had nothing else to say to them as I pulled a golden High Roller’s Tux from the fab and got dressed before grabbing the Nano Stealthsaber off of a stand next to the bed, holding back every urge to cut Higar with it. I stormed out of the room and went down to the casino lobby, maybe a few slots will get my mind off that. How the heck did I lose her to a RIDE! Higar can’t even get it up without me. Okay that sounded really gay, speaking of really gay what I saw in the large tribal themed casino with fake hardlight trees and desert sands was too much for me. The main lobby not only had more slot machines and blackjack tables that you could imagine, but there were men in speedos and exceptionally large bulges everywhere. It was enough to make me feel inadequate. Craig would have loved this, and my dad would have been downright jealous of these guys. All of these guys were Riders, but not all of them had their PSAs on. It was definitely PSAs that made them this way since these dudes were ridiculous. I read about male strippers in the brochure, but I was not prepared for this.

It wasn’t long before one of them bumped into me, I could feel his oversized manhood brush up against mine, this was no accident as he kept thrusting and rubbing our sticks together until he said “Hey sailor, wanna leave after your rousing night of betraying your best friend.”

I turned around hoping that wasn’t the voice I thought it was. “Craig?!?!” That was his voice. The face was covered by a large tiger fuser, which gave me false hope until he lifted the faceplate and revealed it was definitely him. “You’re huge!”

“You dragged me to Aloha, so you could have a bootycall with some slut you might at graduation in a fancy Casino! Fuck you Bob, fuck you!” He said, looking down on me, like he was was about to eat me. “I can’t believe you’d do something like that. If you had to think with a dick you could have thought with mine.”

“Craig... what the hell happened to you?” My draw dropped at the scantily clad behemoth before me.

“Turns out the only hotel that was hiring was this one, and the only position I was qualified for was exotic dancer.” He said to me, his voice told me that he wasn’t going to forgive me anytime soon. “I’m a fraking prostitute because of you and that hussy!”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” I asked, having to look straight up to see Craig’s face. “I mean, you were kind of a manwhore anyway...”

“Is that all I was too you?” Craig lifted me up with a single hand and as green tail shook rapidly with fear. “A way to get your rocks off, a fall back bitch incase Jasmine didn’t screw you! I never wanna see you again Bob. I mean it’d be one thing if you were straight up with me or even acknowledged my existance, but no, you just danced with her on the Craps table while blasting ‘Lover’s Reef’ out of Higar’s speakers and told me to beat it”

“Hey I can explain... there’s this guy named Aristo who created me in a lab to... build RIDEs I think I’m not really sure it wasn’t very well explained, and I’m here to find a way to kill him.” I screamed frantically like a scared little girl, hoping this longshot would work. “I’m meeting with Senator Kayla for this reason. I didn’t recognize you because something knocked me out while I was in my RIDE” I closed my eyes waiting for whatever Craig was going to do, but he just set me down gently.

“Bob.... if you don’t care about me enough to tell the truth instead of making up the worst story I have ever heard and blaming your RIDE to boot. Then you really are scum. What am I going to tell your mother back in Nextus? That her son is exactly what she thought she was? Just go Bob, just go.” Craig teared up as he went to deliver a Vanilla Coca-Cola in an old timey glass bottle and a grilled cheese sandwich to a Slingo Player, the tray balanced on his bulge. As much as I hate to see a grown man cry, that’s rather impressive that he can balance that on his thing. I knew he wouldn’t believe me, Higar and Jasmine, those... they... they ruined my friendship! If I was in control of my body I could have explained everything.

“Sir is there a problem?” Asked the hostess of a nearby poker table a Fuser Bunny who noticed me fuming at the mouth and standing around. She wore no hardlight.

“Damn right there is. My RIDE, my girlfriend, and my bestfriend just betrayed me.” I yelled at her. “Look just let me see Senator Kayla.”

“Sir this is Lady Or The Tiger. Males can’t just make demands to see the owner. She’s very set in her political beliefs.” The bunny said to me. “Either crossover or ask a woman to help you see her.”

“Look Miss. I’m in no mood for anymore Gender Bending technology, infact I don’t want to see a RIDE again for as long as I live! You tell that feminazi to get her very nice ass down here within the next five minutes because Bob Roberto is sick of being shat on by everyone he know or I swear to God I am going to rip you out of that bunny suit and smash her brains in right in front of you!”

“How dare you make threats!” The rabbit said to me, at this point I was getting pissed off. “Get the hell out of this casino right now before I have you arrested!”

There went my last nerve. I ignited the blade of Aristo’s lightsaber. “I have even have the Nano Stealthsaber she wanted me to hold onto!”

“Oh... that Bob Roberto. Jasmine’s fiance. Yes Kayla has been expecting you.” The rabbit fuser pointed me to a nearby blackjack table where sure enough, there was Kayla fused up with Sabrina. “She’s not bad at hiding in plain sight. But sir, if you ever threaten me or any other employee of this establishment again. You will be persecuted to the fullest extent of Femizonan Law. You’re lucky I don’t press charges right now. This rabbit was a hand me down from my mother and you scared her!”

“Yeah yeah, fascinating.” I told the bunny as I sat down before Kayla’s table. I was just ready to get this over with.

“Hey Bob. You had quite the night last night. The kind of night where if you remember it you weren’t there. Well I remember it. I bet you don’t though.” Kayla mocked. “Looks like Higar’s got himself a bit of Human Fever. Who do you think he’s fused too to have his way with Jasmine now?”

“Why are you doing this?” I demanded. “Torturing me ontop of the fact that you’re selling me into slavery to keep your stupid friend alive! how do you know she’s not dead already?”

“I own a Casino, gambling is my life. So live with me Bob, I assume you know how to play Blackjack.” Kayla bore her fangs in that same smile Aristo had. “Cruelty and insanity run in the family Bob. Maybe it’s of benefit to me that I sell you to Aristo for Gabriel’s life, and maybe my real plan went awry? What do you think Bob?”

“No more games! You’ve played with my life and my heart. Come clean, what the hell is going on?” She had something to with Higar, she had to, why else would she be doing this? Is Aristo her accomplice?

“Oh? Your heart? Tell me what do you know about Jasmine’s hobbies or interests? Name one meaningful moment you spent together. If you can I won’t send you to Aristo.” Kayla boasted. “If you can’t, you’ll shut up and play blackjack with me.”

“This is easy, we..... we..... Well we fought Aristo together!” Come on Bob you can do this. You LOVE this girl! You can prove it to this psycho. “Yeah, we fought Aristo together!”

“Really? I remember you saying ‘Higar fire assualt rifles!’ and then her just kind of standing there. Try again?” Kayla yawned and began shuffling the blackjack deck out of boredom.

“We made love!” I reminded her

“Higar used your body to do that because I asked him too.” Kayla countered me, she also pissed me off.

“You raped her you hypocrite! I thought you were in some pro-woman super group or something!” I was practically reaching for her neck, how dare she do that to Jasmine!

“You’re not wearing a RIDE Bob.” Kayla taunted, sounding rather bored as she held out her paw and fired a blue beam of light right at my torso which sent me flying like 20 feet through the casino! “So I’m far more deadly”

I had the wind knocked right out of me, reaching for the tigress who was now standing over me. “W.... why?”

“You lusted after Jasmine and somehow think that this gives you have some kind of claim to her! Sorry, but I just had to point this out to you before you were given away. Now get up! That was just a knockback beam you big baby. It’s as lethal as my bubblegun” Kayla chastised and blew bubbles out of her mouth as she helped me up, escorting me back to the table. “We have a game to play.”

I sat down in my seat, turning off the saber and putting it down on the table, as she put two cards on my end and two on her. The cards weren’t real, made entirely out of hardlight. I noticed this easily as the cards had quite a strange glow to them. “Awesome deck.”

“Thanks, I made it myself.” A voice came from Kayla’s muzzle, but it sounded nothing like her Having a small russian flair to it, I assumed this was her RIDE Sabrina. “It makes it very hard for cheaters to count cards. Once Card Counting is detected by, all the cards go red with ‘CHEATER’, the house is declared the victor, and the poor sap stupid enough to try trump us has to pay double her or his wager!”

“Haha thank you for the marvelous deck Sabrina my darling. Your cards are as lovely as your nanites have made me.” Kayla thanked her RIDE, but it was creepy. It was like watching someone talking to herself in different voices. Dad used to do it all the time when I was a kid, but I guess he didn’t if I’m really three. “Look at that lovely kitty!” Kayla said as she held up a card to show the pictures of her fuser form on the back. “Hehehe, my personal deck.”

“Oh, but Senator, I think you mean our personal deck.” Sabrina chuckled as the duo lifted up their cards and I mine, both of us in awe about getting two pairs of tens. “Now this hasn’t happened before. Too bad you’re going first.”

“This is a tie game, there’s no way either of us are going to pull an Ace.” I protested.

“But say you do?” Kayla asked. “You could best me and win one favor from me. House rules. You beat me and Sabrina at our favorite game.”

“And the two of us will grant you one favor!” Sabrina finished. “Of course, we ask you one if you lose! We never lose! Kayla! Do you remember the time you bested someone and then you cut off all their limbs to make shoes out of! That was my favorite one.” Well that’s not terrifying

“Of course. How could I forgot that my finest high heels are made of actual heels.” Kayla answered, as my jaw dropped. There’s just no way, this has to be a bluff. “Oh relax, you can grow back bodyparts easily these days. Of course we did have that guy use a rusted spoon....... I had to have Sabrina administer the Tetanus Shots via fusion. Hey it’s not fault, I thought he was up to date on those, but on the bright side she has a year and a half of being a chick left and a pair of fiiiiine replacement legs.”

“Can I back out of this?” I asked, terrified for my life.

“If you do you forfiet, now what’s it gonna be. You need Twenty One to win, the next card could be an ace, but the odds are against you that it is. Of course, if you pass and I draw the ace, you’re going to hate yourself for the rest of your life as you rot away in Supernova! Heart pounding isn’t it?” Sabrina sounded way too happy about this.

I thought about this to myself, if they’re hitting on their next turn then it has to be an ace in a rigged deck. Unless that’s what they want me to think. If I stay, they have to hit and the odds are in my favor that they’ll bust. At least, that’s what I thought until I noticed something on the table itself. A touchscreen that faced me, on the likely fake wooden part. A touch screen that showed the rules of Blackjack and there was a button for “In The Event Of A Draw”, I pushed it requiring full knowledge of my situation. My eyes lit up as I read what I read. I saw no guarantee, but knowing that I only had one choice to make took the stress off. “Hehe, nice try! But in the event of a draw the dealer wins. Meaning I can’t pass this turn! THERE IS NO CHOICE!”

“There is no choice.” Kayla repeated “I rigged everything to do what I want with you. Aristo will be no different.”

“Taunting me?” I asked, way past sick of her family’s attitude.

“Warning.” Sarbina chimed in.

“Whatever, just hit me.” I found myself suddenly struck on the back of the head by an unknown assailant. Pretty hard too.

“As you wish Mr. Roberto.” A female voice stated politely, I turned around to find a timberwolf fuser. “Ms. Edmund. I believe my associate Ms. Enrogyall has informed you of who I really am. I’ll be taking Bob, Jasmine, and Higar back to Supernova as per the agreement.”

“Shyver!” Kayla growled as she slid a playing card in my hand, an Ace. Lucky me. Shyver didn’t seem to notice as she was too focused on Kayla. “If you think you can bust into my turf in one piece you’re mistaken. You coming to collect them means I can hold you ransom for Gabriel.” I saw her pick up the saber from my limited view of the table.

I couldn’t see too much because Shyver was gripping my neck pretty damn hard, but women in fusers surrounded her with their weaponry “I’m as pleased about this as you are Ms. Edmund, but I’m afraid I have to take Mr. Roberto and Ms. Prail to Supernova. Jasmine signed a contract for both herself and Bob to come work for us, under Femizonian law Jasmine may speak on Bob’s behalf if they are engaged. Which legally they were considered as such by this city when Jasmine entered such in your registry.”

“What?” I just became lost.

Kayla gritted her teeth and stayed silent for a few minutes “Higar’s memories say you blackmailed her! Threatened to demolish Higar until she said yes. A contract is not legally binding under duress!”

“Are you prepared to fight it in court? Your friend back at ACE might not like that idea” Shyver asked threateningly, tightening her grip on me. “Not to mention your main evidence is illegal surveillance of an Alohan Visitor, with that alone your casino and ties with Aloha would be ancient history just like the laptop or the iphone before I was behind bars.”

“Don’t let her control you like this, you’ve got him outgunned!” I cried out, Shyver responded banging my head against the table.

“Adults are talking Mr. Roberto.” Shyver said in a professional sounding and monotone voice. “Please be quiet.”

“Fine...” Kayla surrendered, the guards disabling their weapons.

Shyver began dragging me outside, literally dragging me as I gave up on life right then and there. “A pleasure doing business Ms. Edmund.” Shyver called out as the second we were outside we boarded a shuttle. Looked a lot like an Imperial One from Star Wars, the one the Emperor arrived on the Death Star in in Return Of The Jedi.

Shyver snugged into the cockpit and a woman in a skunk fuser was in shotgun, dressed in some kind of toga. “Good work Shever, remember my blade?” the voice spoke, giving me an idea of exactly who it was. Aristo.

“Yes Ma’am.” Shyver replied as she handed the handle to Aristo who slid it into her palm. “What was the purpose of leaving it with your sister? Or turning me female for that matter? No offense sir, but that seemed like inconveniencing me for the next three years for no reason.”

“To show her once again that there is nothing she cannot possess that I cannot take away, even what I give her. As for having you cross? Fun mostly.” Aristo cackled for a good thirty seconds straight, before turning to me annoyed. “Why is Bob in the cockpit Shever?”

“My apologies.” Shyver said politely. “I was in a hurry to get boarded. Mr. Roberto, please go back with Ms. Ferdinand, Higar, and Ms. Prail. Anyway, as we were, I am deeply loyal and will follow you to the ends of the universe, but if you ever force me to be female again I’m resigning. I don’t have gender dysphoria or anything, I just liked being male better. Not to mention Prometheus is a much better conversationalist than Timba, by which I mean Timba never shuts up.”

“I imagine if you did you’d be strangling me. You see I once gave it to myself to see what it felt like, never thought I’d cry till then. Well regardless I guess femininity is just not for everyone.” Aristo replied, actually sounding a little disappointed. “I suppose you just have to have the taste for it.” I retreated back into the shuttle’s passengers section, there was nothing else interesting in this coversation.

Jenny’s here! And she’s a Ms.?!?! I don’t remember Mrs. Ferdinand being single, but maybe that was just a ruse to keep students from asking her out.... Well whatever, it didn’t matter. I was a slave now. A broken hearted slave. I walked to the back where Jasmine and Higar were cuddling and Jenny was smirking at me. “Hey Bobby, what’s a stud like you doing with a maniac like Aristo.”

“I don’t know.” I told her, not even sex could cheer me up right now. “And I don’t care. So I take you’re the Integrate Aristo wants” Like she’s really an Integrate.

“Yeah, we are. Two personalities in a single body, there’s varying levels of Integration. Candy the RIDE is the wild one, and Jenny the human is actually rather shy. Right now we’re both at the helm and evened out, I’m more Candy though. She’s far less scared than Jenny is. Neither of us wanted to be left alone while the other was in control. We’re both pretty tense right now.” Jenny looked around and sighed. “I guess Fritz can’t get me now..... You know Bob I really did find you cute. Always thought you’d shack up with Craig though.”

“He’s too straight edge for me.” I said making conversation, guess they are real. Though I was more concerned with the peril than meeting bigfoot. “Can’t we just blow this ship up and fly away? Can Integrates fly?”

“We could if Higar’s weapons and skimmer weren’t temporarily disabled.” Jenny said, I didn’t know that. “Plus I... have my reasons for going. Aristo sounds nicer than Fritz.”

“Whose Fritz?” I asked, hoping there wasn’t another psychopath out there.

“Just the self-proclaimed King of Integrates.” Jenny visibly shuddered. “You know, for once. Candy’s not feeling all that turned on.”

“Neither am I.” I said, eyeing the card. It should have disintegrated being this far from the Hardlight Generator that made it, but it didn’t. Which meant it was somehow self sustaining, but it had no reason to be. Unless! I poked it twice disabling the hologram and finding a floppy disc labeled. “Play Me In Higar”, it wasn’t really a floppy disc, those haven’t existed in eons, but rather a small harddrive made to look like one due to the Steader fad. I’d wait to see these when I’m in a better mood. Well, maybe I should have just stayed home and became a girl.

Eventually the shuttle landed and we were in the heart of Supernova, where the ACE Evolutions building was located. A small country to the south of Aloha, if you have no cash or are a wanted thug this is the place you wind up. The only place on Zharus that’s remotely like what the Eathers say Earth is like. Anyone who is stupid enough to come here usually winds up slave to Aristo or any of the other slumlords who open sweatshops in this place. I wouldn’t be surprised if this country is where Alpha Wolf’s gang lives. Oh wouldn’t that just be the cherry on top of this shit mondae, Alpha Wolf being Aristo’s pet.

“Everyone out, Charles needs to resume his Walker Form.” Aristo said as the doors to the shuttle opened, she tapped her fuser’s hindpaw. I don’t have time to appraise pretty girls now, but Aristo was a pretty hot one under her armor, she defused the second we were all out. Aristo had Shyver line us all up and me and Higar fuse once more. The shuttle turned into a Triceratops, then walked behind Aristo. Of the four present, or five if you count Shyver’s RIDE, Lucille, Shyver, Aristo, and Charles I guess.

“You’ll never get away with this, once I fab a new DIN, I can get Fritz and his candlejacks here and I could easily escape while you were dealing with him.” Jenny threatened. “It’s a silly goose chase. You don’t have the manpower to take down a few Inties.”

Aristo laughed as she approaching Jenny, squeezing her tit with her metal arm. “Darling, what makes you think your intoxicating self is going to signalling anybody. The only Integrate you’ll see is my gorgeous self once I study enough of you. I had an all metal body once, tell me, remind me, send me back in time to those days with how much I know you love your own my dear.”

“Eeek! Hey don’t touch me there!” Jenny screamed as she fabbed a plasma gun in her hand and shot it at Aristo.

Aristo yawned as he ignited the stealth saber again, knocking the plasma shot away and then the bitch actually cut Jenny’s had off. This got me enraged again as I summoned forth my assault rifles and let him have it, there was no way I’d let her mutilate us as long as I had the weaponry. “It’s your real body this time, so I can really hurt you! Eat lead Aristocunt!”

“Like I haven’t heard that one before.” Aristo seemed bored as she used her metal arm to block various bullets, a single shot not hitting him. Who did she think she was? Wonder Woman? “My glowing eye is bionic. Two things of the robotic me remain, the metal arm which does make fusing a little difficult, but not impossible, and the eye which offers various functions. Such as seeing the world greatly slowed down when I choose that function, Dilated Vision it’s called, some drugs let you have the same effect, but the eye is much healthier mentally. Part of the purpose of letting you around me in your RIDE was to show you that I am invulnerable and nothing you can do will hurt me. However Bob, there is one thing I’d like to make perfectly clear.”

“What’s that?” I asked, firing another shot, hoping Aristo would be distracted enough for that to work. Aristo frowned at me as she caught the bullet inches from her head.

What happened next I didn’t expect, Aristo said a rapid series of numbers I didn’t understand. Afterwards Higar jumped off me and Aristo punched me in the gut with the metal arm, which hurt like hell. To make things much worse the arm was inside me, scrapping loudly against ribcages as he pulled out my lungs. I immediately collapsed, bleeding profusely as I struggled in vain to bleed. The last thing I remembered was Jasmine leaning down and crying over me as I blacked out from a lack of oxygen. “Bobby No! Look, I actually do like you, just not like a boyfriend... and I really don’t want you to die!” she seemed teared up. “Aristo fix him now!”

“Don’t worry, I shall milady, mhmhmhm, I just had to show Bob and the rest of you clowns that I can’t be hurt, but I can hurt you all very much and actually look forward to doing so. If you value your lives, you won’t give me a reason to.” Aristo taunted, and then with that, I died.

I woke up later in a small room, like a crummy motel, my torso bandaged and myself able to breath once more. Aristo must have put me in an iron lung while he printed me new ones. “What the hell happened?” I called out the the strange small man in a weasel fuser looking at me with a smile.

“You’re okay! Oh Bob I was so worried about you.” Said a man about Jasmine’s height, the voice was pretty similar. Like a masculine version of her voice, it’s like everything was there, but the pitch and tone were off. Either Jasmine has a brother here, or she’s a Jason now.

“Jason?” I asked, part of me hoped it wasn’t Jasmine, but most of me wasn’t giving a damn right now. “Are you still dating Higar?”

“That’s an odd question for someone who just had Kano’s Fatality practiced on him. Well, yeah, he doesn’t mind that I’m a guy again. I’m telling you, I wish I was a RIDE. Higar is so dreamy!” Yeah that was Jason, even though I doubt he’s as attractive as a man, I feel like I was defeated and shamed by this. RIDEs aren’t people like some nutjobs would have you believe, they’re just tools invented by Dr. Patil to make our lives easier. They didn’t consider the Tamagotchi real people and I won’t either. So the way I see it, a woman left me because she considered her dildo more useful than a real man.

“Awesome, why don’t you go integrate with him before I have him thrown in a crusher.” I said bitterly.

“And I was hoping we could be friends, sorry, I can’t. I’d like too, but Aristo says that he designed us to work with Higar and Wally specifically. My RIDE’s name is Wally btw. I wish he was a girl at least, I was getting kind of used to that.” Jason said, I can’t believe he actually pronounced btw’s individual leaders, can’t you just say by the way? “It’s weird I thought my mommy and cross-mommy made me with their bodies, but Aristo says he made us here three years ago.”

“Jason, why don’t you and Wally go walk around. I’d like to be alone.” I said to him, looking the disk I got from Kayla and scanned the room for Higar, finding him next to me. “See if you can find a food fabber and eat some candy bars or something.”

“Okay then... if you insist.” Jason shrugged. “Wanna play some Super Smash Bros. Apocalypse when I return?”

“Sure, sure.” I said, agreeing to anything just to be rid of him for a little while. “I’ll Falcon Kick your ass across Angel Island.”

“Goodie, I wish I could have had a RIDE that was a pikachu girl. Do you think I’d be able to shoot lightning out of my checks?” Jason asked me, leaning a little too close.

“I don’t see how that’s physically possible.” I replied as I leaned back, will you just leave me be you hyperactive little child. I swear he’s like a human version of Hugh Phileas. Now there’s an obscure reference for you, Paradise Perspectives. Who the hell even knows what that is in this day and age, who knew what that was in the 21st Century? I forget where I read it, I think Craig linked it to me once. I’m going to miss Craig more than anyone else.

“Well, you and Higar rest well. I’ll just leave you be.” Jason and Wally left with that, humming to themselves. I have to at the very least respect that the same glow of innocence around Jasmine did not leave when she became Jason, but I still wasn’t ready to forgive him. I can buy that Jason’s an innocent victim, a confused young woman lead astray by a malfunctioning piece of garbage. It was Higar that I was really mad at, why I fused with him I had no idea. I turned an faced the little turncoat “Higar, can you play this?” I asked him, pulling the disc out of my pocket.

Higar laughed at me. “Just slide it in my mouth, I’ll fuse with you and we’ll have a look at it together.”

“Are you going to make my life even worse if I do? What can you say that’ll promise me that you aren’t going to screw me over again.” I demanded to know.

Higar fused with me and swallowed the disk, I could have fought him, but I didn’t expect him to just take me over like that. “Please. What could I possibly do to make your life any worse?”

“Famous last words.” I protested the lunatic RIDE.

“Look, the world doesn’t revolve around you. You need to start respecting other people. I can see your memories, if you weren’t a punk I bet you wouldn’t have started a fight with your dad. I never had a mom, but I sure as heck would have said ‘Yes mother, whatever you say mother.’ or ‘I’m rather happy with my current gender, though you make interesting points mother.’ she cares about you, you know she does. I pulled these from your head, so you can’t deny them.” Higar ranted through our mouth. “You know damn well that everytime she said ‘Bob you should become a girl.’ all she was really saying was ‘Bob I’m worried about you and want to see you do well in life’, you knew this, but instead you screamed at her!”

Well forgive me for not immediately giving up my genitals to make mommy proud! I’ve seen the error of my ways!:: I was about ready to strangle this reptile. ::I’ll immediately get myself a rocking pair.::
She’s from Sturmhaven, they see men as being unholy! Why didn’t you prove that men weren’t evil by being kind to her? Do you think you helped her opinion of men by starting fights and screaming at people? Look I’ll let you think on it. For now, let’s look at this disc. It mainly seems to be a message, a disc continuing terrabytes of space and it’s a recording that barely takes up a gig, well, that’s Zharus for you, we’re the kind to use a broadsword as a letter opener.:: Higar commented ::Gotta love Sarium, without it I wouldn’t have been born.::
Fascinating:: I muttered

Senator Kayla appeared before me in virtual with a half smile. She came in quite clear, but I attribute that more to Higar, we were in a bedroom that I guessed was hers as she leaned back on the bed. “Bob, if you’re seeing this I caved in and decided to give you to Aristo. Look I owe you an apology and an explanation. I know it must have killed you inside to see Higar with Jasmine like that. Your fake memories give you a Nextus upbringing, the double shock of a RIDE-Human romantic pairing must have really made it shocking. Such a thing is normal here in Femizona, I signed the legalization of RIDE Marriage bill myself. Sabrina’s my wife legally, I’ve actually had myself re-humanized after being turned anthro tiger by her just so we don’t look like siblings, and no I’m not cheating on her with your sister, I’m just a Polygamist. I had to break you and Jasmine up. You two are in serious trouble, and if you don’t protect Jasmine, or Jason as he probably is now, then she won’t survive. Jason’s brain is very, simple in comparison to your own. You’d never gain the kind of bond Jason needs to have with you if all he was to you was a one night stand.” The Senator mrrowled at me. “Your and Jason’s families were hired by me to take care of you. Handpicked by me to give you the most loving and secretive homes, yours was the family of my second wife. Georgette’s older than she looks, but that’s the beauty of easy to access body-reshaping technology. I tried encouraging the two families to raise you both female, not only because I am a gaian, but Aristo wouldn’t have recognized you if he saw you both as the fairer sex. The two of you are clones made by him, illegal ones made to work in ACE Evolutions, but I snuck you two out three years ago, hours after your births, and refitted your memories while trying to get my friend Gabrielle out. I thought about turning you two into the Marshalls, but I was worried about what they’d do to illegal clones or the fact that I had broken into ACE and stolen you. It could have ended badly for me or you, so I decided not to chance it. I’ll work with your families to get you out immediately. I’d say more, but I don’t know what more there is to say really.” The Senator’s ears lowered and she hugged me, the same way mom always did. “If you find Gabrielle, please, tell her I’m sorry. Oh and, before I go, don’t worry about your skill in fixing RIDEs. Aristo made you with the ability to make them expertly already encoded in your hands.”

The message ended shortly after that, once I found myself back in reality I shook my head. “I guess there was a method to her madness afterall, sounds a little too comic book to really be happening.”

“The senator’s a good woman, when she intends to be.” Higar replied.

Almost an hour had passed and I was sent an email to get me and Higar to Cell 22 as soon as possible, Higar took me straight there. I found a woman in a rat fuser already at work putting the finishing touches on an Elephant RIDE. “Greetings and salutations, you must be Bob. Shyver has already gotten me up to date on your capabilities. This is an ELP(f)-HAA-002. Or in English, a Female Elephant that’s good at blowing things up, something Shyver had me work on all night. I’m unaware if you're good with techno-jargon, I am completely fluent and will not stoop down my vocabulary for amateurs. Shape up or ship up, I recommend shaping up. The place is well guarded against escapes and if you don’t work well they fill your food fabber with the stuff that makes everything have the taste of utter bollocks.”

“Okay Gabriel Locke....” I snided, seriously, who actually talks like that. The fact that her name actually is Gabrielle just makes this funnier.

“Yes, that is my name. The decision as to whether or not it is to be worn out lies solely with you, but I would prefer you did not as to do so would be both annoying and serve very little purpose. Kind of like my tail really.” Gabrielle responded, which got me giggling instantly.

“Wait, your name was Gabriel Locke, you’re in a rat fuser, and you sound like that? Dude, you have got to be kidding me.” I laughed at him.

“I don’t see the humor in it. Is this an inside jest that I am not aware of?” Gabrielle asked as put a few finishing touches on the elephant, closing up the chassis.

“Oh yeah, there’s this character in this old story who talks just like you and he’s named Gabriel Locke. Here uh, Higar send Gabe the entire Paradise Perspectives.” I explained.

Gabrielle stared off into space, likely reading the story to herself. It didn’t take long for her to finish, though she looked very disturbed as she looked it over. “Riveting tale chap. Stranger coincidences have happened, you know what they say about monkeys and typewriters. Quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a cartoon that featured Aristo, especially given the way he acts like a Supervillain.”

“Actually I did a search.” Gabrielle’s RIDE said, her voice was far more feminine. Which isn’t to say Gabe’s was masculine, but it clearly sounded like a woman trying to do a man’s voice. “Turns out there is, or atleast there was one planned. It was called Project Z:Neo Earth, it had a Bob AND a Shyver too. One of the two people who worked on it was the person behind Paradise Perspectives. Had the online handle of Hawl Enroygall, which is Aristo’s last name.”

“Sounds like this monkey had one hell of a typewriter.” I said, scratching mine and Higar’s head dumbfounded.

Jason and Wally walked in with Shyver in her she-wolf RIDE behind him. “Due to the highly illegal nature of your confinement here, I’ll be watching you for the week. You will have regular supervisors afterward. Your first task shall be a JAG(m)-MMA-002, afterward we have a special order for an ALI(f)-PSA-002 specifically a Princess Luna. So work fast and work well. The Fabber is on the wall behind you it will give you everything you need.” Shyver said coldly. “Your workday is 15 hours a day with no days off, you may be asked to stay afterward. 15 will be the minimum and mainly reserved for slow days. Bob you have a key to your room, if you wish for Jason to have one discuss it after work. For now, you have the higher IQ and so you have say so on whether or not your roommate has a key to your room.”

“How come I don’t get a key?” Jason asked, his hands on his hips in an objecting pose. “I want a key!”

“You can discuss it with your partner after work.” Shyver stated. “Now Gabrielle, boot up the elephant for her test run, I loathe having a slender hourglass frame. I rather miss being bigger.”

“Right away She-ver!” Gabrielle taunted as she mentally turned on the elephant.

The elephant ride trumpeted loudly and proudly. “....I’m alive, ELP(f)-HAA-002 online and reporting. What can I blow up today?”

“Perfect.” Shyver said as she diffused with her wolf. “Fuse with me, I’d like to be bigger again.”

“With pleasure.” The Elephant said as she fused with her new operator. Shyver and the elephant stood tall and well over us as they looked down upon us. “Lots of really strong weapons Gabrielle. I could level an entire city with firepower like this. I’ll see about your request for the return to your birth sex, but you know that’s really now up to me, so no promises. You all have your assignments, the conveyor belt in the center of the room will bring in your two projects. Finish them and I’ll find busy work for you. Do a really good job and I’ll take you out for a nice meal.”


Work was long, but easier than I could have expected. I decided to have a beer and light meal when Shyver us out. It was a bar in Supernova simply named “The Tanuki's Hammer.”, a pun on the hermaphrodite status of the owner whose RIDE was named Thor, it was, like many things on Supernova, owned by Aristo. The place had a nice atmosphere nonetheless, themed after a kabuki theater. The bartender said the place used to be a library until a few years before ACE showed up, she or he, whichever, said it just didn’t have good funding so, I’m just gonna say she, she sold the place to Aristo in exchange for Thor and embraced the bartender lifestyle and hermhood. Me and Gabrielle kept trying to guess her original gender, but she wouldn’t admit it. All in all I had a blast. Gabrielle’s a severe hotty outside the armor, but, I think it’s going to be awhile before I give my heart to another.

All in all I decided I’d be the only one with a key to mine and Jason’s room, that way I can be alone when he and Higar date. Higar hated the idea, saying I had to protect Jason, but, he can have that job. Jason and Wally haven’t unfused since I first saw them, so I think he’ll be fine.

I’m starting to think it might have been a good idea to ask my family for help when this Aristo stuff started. Maybe Higar was right, I really need a friend right now. I sent a message to Craig, took a while to get it through since there’s a proxy in place censoring various words and direct virtual calls don’t seem to work. Higar’s still out with Jason, but I’ll be able to check my messages as soon as he gets back.

Speak of the devil, there’s a knock on the door. “It’s unlocked.” I called to Higar, Jason, and Wally, already knowing that’s who it was.

Jason went straight to bed. “He’s asleep, I’ll just get him to bed.” Wally told me, I nodded and waved him past.

“Did Craig message back?” I asked Higar, bored and laying up at the ceiling. I haven’t been doing anything but play Tetris on my digital wallet since I got back to my room/

“Yeah, he says he’s getting a job here. Your mom got Aristo to hire him, probably because she’s worried about you, he’s going to start in a month. Though he doesn’t seem to know anything I don’t know if he really doesn’t or if it’s a safety measure....” Higar said. “He’s coming over with Jason’s sister Stacey.”

“Promising. Maybe Kayla’s got a plan?” I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but I hope it’s not long. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, but slavery didn’t sound like a good idea to me.

“For all our sakes, I hope so.” Higar said, fusing up with me likely out of boredom. Worked for me, I was about to fuse with him anyway. I felt like playing a song, and in virtual it can at least be a concert.

-Special Thanks- Jean Doe for co-creating the setting and helping me find a location to put Femizona on the map, being very patient with my constant delays from countless divisions.

Robotech Master for co-creating the setting and creating my favorite character Zane Bruebeck.

Jetfire for creating Aloha where a lot of this story takes place and being cool when I stupidly made the original draft in which Femizona was in Aloha without consulting him first. Thanks, you would have been justified in being a little madder at me than you were (which is not at all)

Marvel Comics for coining the name Femizona, which I borrowed.

Fallout New Vegas and The Casino Stages in the Sonic The Hedgehog series for inspiring Femizona

And... whoever wrote The Lady Or The Tiger, I forgot who did.

Arizona for ironically being a very Anti-Transrights States and yet being part of the name for a community ran by Cross-Riders who pity men.

Last, but not least. I'd like to thank my friend My friend Xhyz, for letting me use his fursona Xhyz as a RIDE and for his aid in the original creation of Shyver, Aristo, Bob, and Jason several years ago.

Disclaimer:If anyone wants to play around with Femizona, I'd love to see it happen, and would be delighted to work with you on it. I mainly made it because it really seemed like a Story Setting that takes place in the far future and DOESN'T have a casino was missing something. Namely a Casino!

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