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Ich bin ein viqsin. Fear me.

My actual name is Jo. My actual surname is a bit too easily Googled, although if you're clever (or even simply non-lazy), you can find it pretty easily. In the past I've used the surname "Hunter" for anonymizing purposes (and that's how you'll find my sole TSA story).

You may know me from the TFNet IRC network - I used to be of the ops for #tsa_list and #tsa_tech (back when they bothered to have such things), and also regularly hang out in #transformations. I'm also the one who regularly sets the Sheep on fire. Additionally, I'm sometimes found in #thezoo on Anthrochat, although whether or not I'm actually paying attention there at any given moment is highly variable. ;)

I'm one of the Administrators here, although I don't really get enough spare time to be all that active; if y'all need help and I'm the only one you can find on IRC, I'll do what I can, but in general I just help out SW with occasional backend issues, feature requests, and "beta" tests, and I listen to him ramble. ;) (I have this grandiose plan for revamping the entire site UI so it's more author-and-reader friendly, but that would require about two uninterrupted weeks of free time that I don't presently have and so I haven't touched that plan in like FIVE YEARS.) I'm also the one who decided on an impulse that we should be "" instead of "" and acted accordingly. Viqs helpn!

I've been accused of being an author at times. Perhaps someday I will do something to continue to be deserving of that accusation - I haven't written any fiction in years, partly 'cause I don't really "get into" this sort of thing, but mostly 'cause I vastly prefer nonfiction writing. (And back when I was writing fiction, most of it was arguably actually furry rather than TF anyways...)

Stuff That's Been Written

In the interest of filling out the Wiki and potentially embarrassing myself (and taking up more space with garbage on SW's server), here's most of the stories I have created - with one exception, each is kind of a "my first impression" of a single story universe.

I should reiterate - these are hideously embarrassing, and all written well over a decade ago. I am so very not the same person who wrote these anymore. But I include them because, damnit, I care about community development. ;)

  • Testing The Waters - This was the first story I ever wrote that was posted to TSA-Talk, back in the Elder Days almost a decade ago. I wanted to see how well newcomers would be received, thus the highly original title. I'm not so sure about some of the sentiments expressed therein anymore (ZOMG EVIL OUTSIDE WORLD) but, well, it's my history.
  • TBP: Striking Back - Every TSA writer, by unwritten law, must write a Blind Pig story. This one is mine. Yes, I was rather feeling the strain when I wrote it. This one's responsible for my fifteen minutes of TSA fame, though, so it has a special place in my history. :D
  • WoC: Gonna Rain Tomorra - Written in the Winds of Change universe. This one's a bit silly, but it's also responsible for my fifteen minutes of TSA-Talk fame; it was the second story I ever did, and somehow managed to get attention. I kind of ripped off the punchline from a GURPS sourcebook, but, hey, it works. :)
  • Text Of A Two-Page Note Found Next To The Body Of A Gray Vixen Morph - A New World Awaiting universe story (a universe that seems to have otherwise vanished). Runner-up for Most Pretentious Story Title EVAR. Essentially, I was cleaning up the TSA-FAQ (in an attempt to hijack it) when I came across the capsule description for said universe (which is basically a furry wish-fulfillment scenario - all the humans vanish, all the furries TF), and my first reaction was worry about my family. I'm very family-oriented. So, to get that emotion out of my system, I wrote my universe avatar's suicide note. It worked.

I've also got a few Metamor Keep stories, but I'm not sure if I really want to post them here. And there's maybe one or two more stories out there, but they will for now remain skeletons in my closet.