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Post Previously in Page Heading

Hi, just thought I should drop a note here since I imagine most authors won't be regularly checking Help:Templates for updates. I've finally added a template that I should have created long ago, a tag to put on userpages to facilitate linking to your personal story category; Template:My stories. If you want, just stick this code at the top of your userpage to create a standardized little box with a direct link in it: {{my stories}}. Bryan 22:25, 18 January 2008 (EST)

Paradise Categories

I just wanted to let you know that your Veil stories should have the Paradise Category as well. The Veil is actually a subcategory of Paradise. In addition, all stories get the Story category so they show up on the All Stories page. Thanks. --Buck 14:50, 24 January 2008 (EST)

IDIC Meeting?

I came across your stories on the IDIC while searching for multiverse based fictional organizations, and wondered if you might be interested in a meeting with Agents from another group of stories called the PPC, or Protectors of the Plot Continuum. Agents from the PPC, somewhat similarly to your IDIC teams, visit fictional universes to maintain the status quo. They do this by removing bad fanfic and the fic's characters from the stories by killing them. Just wondering if you might be interested in representatives from each group bumping into each other somehow, as your IDIC apparently covers all fictional universes.

Here's a link:

Interesting setting. (Though as I just added) IDIC wasn't originally my idea (not that a Multiverse setting is all that original). It's origins are on the TSA; I'm just taking my own take on it and spinning it.
The meta setting is still gelling for me as I write my own stories (specifically what the Tangle is and how it relates to everything) but the setting in general is wide open for anyone to write in and do what they want. If there are conflicts it's always easy to just handwave them as different actions in similar universes/multiverses. :)

Hmm...are there any informational links for the setting?

Not really, since it's a meta setting really, as in literally anything goes. If something happens that you don't like that someone else wrote, feel free to ignore it. (Though I would generally try to be consistant with my own stuff. :)
I'm on IRC all the time if you want to talk more or find out my thoughts on what the Tangle is and what my crew/little corner is about.

  • NOTE: Copied the discussion over to Category_talk:IDIC. Probably best to continue it over there. :)

--Jetfire 09:21, 19 January 2009 (EST)


Um, hi, I'm Drake, and I hope you could let me use your character AT in my story (Paradise setting)...If permitted, he/she is going to be the one that Jon (main character) consults after first change...and I can send you a copy of the story first. I also hope you can read through the story when I'm done (it'll be some time from now; I'm a slow writer) and let me know what you think. Thanks a lot :) I could only contact you via your talk page as there was no "Send message" link to use...sorry that I took up a new section. -- Drake 02 April 2009, 19:50 (+0800 GMT)

Sure, just let me take a gander at it when it's done/near done and we can make sure things work out fine, but I don't see why not. --Jetfire 00:09, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for trusting me! It'll take some time though: I still have homework and projects left over, so it won't be done in a hurry. Still, I'll work as fast as I can. I'll try to speed it up a little. -- Drake 04 April 2009 15:10 (+0800 GMT)

Hey Jetfire, I'm almost done with the story. I'm working on the last edits, improving a little here and there but it should be ready in one or two days. You can take a gander now. Or even two ganders. Okay, so I don't know what a gander is. But I hope you could help me check through my story, for inconsistencies with AT's character or the timeline in general, and stuff like that, and also give a critical review. Could you provide me your email address to send the Microsoft Word document to? I don't really want to post it on Shifti yet until the editing is 100% complete. Once again, thanks for kicking me into action, and offering to check my story! :) -- Drake 20 April 2009 22:17, (+0800 GMT)

Umm...Reply soon? Thanks! -- Drake 27 April 2009 22:17, (+0800 GMT)

ok guess you can send it to that should work.

Got it. I'm editing a large part might take a little longer. Expect an email from "Johnathan Wong" at "" ---- Drake 1 May 2009 21:22

All right, sent the story to the above email address. Hope it's correct...actually I'm not sure if that even is you, 'cos you didn't sign off after naming your email. Just checkin', hope I didn't send to the wrong one. Thanks once again for helping me out! -- Drake 5 May 2009 15:52

According to the logs it was Jetfire that posted that e-mail address. -- ShadowWolf 02:38, 6 May 2009 (UTC)
Wow, I didn't know ShadowWolf was watching this convo...unnerving. O.o Anyway, I finally posted the final version of my silly story on Shifti. Thanks a lot for critiquing it (and bearing with me)! --Drake 14 May 2009, 22:17

Just a complement

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know I really liked your Veil series. I haven't finished it yet but I am enjoying it so far. Usually stories that feature the characters changing into some type of anthro animal are kinda shallow. I liked yours because you actually thought of details like how their diet changes, how interactions change and to what degree their instincts change. Good job I'll make sure to keep posted.

Trying to contact you

So I'm trying to get ahold of you for my XCom project and can't find where your E-mail address is, nor do I often surf the IRCs. Ergo, I'm hoping you're "Watching" this page and will get back to me. --Doomreaver (talk) 19:33, 16 June 2014 (CDT)

What Will Arka's Future Hold?

Hey, Jetfire; I was wondering what plans you had in mind for the future that lies ahead for Arka, one of the EIDE characters from your story 'The Touch.' About seven eighths of the way through that story, you mention that the EIDE in question would like to become either a mammalian RIDE of some kind or a griffin RIDE. It turns out that I'm actually working on a MORFS/FreeRIDErs cross-over story. Even though this may not seem to be connected to your efforts at all (at least at first,) it turns out that I need somebody similar to the main character whom I'm going to have come in from the 'MORFS' universe. The reason for this is that I need somebody to reside in the FreeRIDErs universe so that my character from the 'MORFS' universe can use her as a reference point with which to calibrate her subspace senses in preparation for a jump that will incidentally land my character from the MORFS universe next to this character in the FreeRIDErs universe. I currently think that my character from the 'MORFS' universe will be a hominin/avian/feline/lupine/vulpine hybrid with the ability to access, interpret, manipulate, and travel through subspace as it exists in both her own universe and throughout the multiverse.
     I could create somebody like that in the FreeRIDErs universe with whom she could make contact after making her subspace jump and landing next to her, but I'm relatively inexperienced at writing and was wondering whether I could start getting to know how to do it by helping somebody else with something on which they're already working. The best I'm hoping for is to maybe be a bit of a proofreader and idea sounding-board, but you can involve me some more if you want. I even have some more ideas if you want to use them; for instance, I know that Yuri and Skyfire, also from your story 'The Touch,' are thinking about joining the Gondwanan Federated Marshals and that Arka has expressed possible interest in following in their footsteps after she becomes a RIDE. I've also noticed that at least one of the Marshals will, due to the outcome of your story 'Spies Among Us,' have to undertake a mission to the Sol system in order to deliver some means of communicating with the Marshals back on Zharus to Ryan, Helena, and Spot. Since pre-constructed DINcoms like the one which these latter three individuals tried to bring with them on their way from Zharus to Mars in order to stay in touch with their superiors back at the Marshals' headquarters would be unlikely to survive a trip through subspace at all, then a mission to reconnect these agents with their superiors would probably have to transport to then the means of constructing one.
     The problem with this idea is that I'm not sure if Robotech Master and JonBuck might be willing to make someone in the FreeRIDErs universe (likely Rhianna Stonegate since she invented the DINcom in the first place) create a version of that device that can be paired with another one after it has been fabricated. As for the mission itself, could Arka possibly be part of it? And if she were to take part in it, then would she have found a human partner to bring along on the mission with her before it started? If Arka had a human partner, then this human partner could easily serve as a target for my cross-over character's subspace jump since the ship on which Arka would be traveling if she were to take part in reconnecting Ryan, Helena, and Spot to the Marshals would bring her and her human partner close enough to Earth for my character from the 'MORFS' universe to make a jump to it. My current thoughts on why she would consider executing such an impossible jump is that she might have to teleport out of range of teleportation-capable members of a group of people who want her to use her powers to their advantage chasing her around in her own universe in order to escape their pursuit of her. I know that this would interrupt the mission in which Arka might take part, but maybe this could be an alternate ending or something?
— RandomDSdevel (talk) Originally posted at 2:44 PM EDY on October 30th, 2014. Last updated at 3:19 PM EST on January 29th, 2015.
P. S.: By the way, how's 'The Power' coming along? I'm looking forward to reading it!

If you're still interested, I've come up with a human partner for Arka. I haven't really gotten that deep into developing him as a character yet, but I currently envision him as someone who gets reconstructed from a copy of his genome and a complete map of his brain and has to adjust to waking up about five hundred years after historical records say he died of complications resulting from some kind of motor neuron disease. That might make for some interesting dialog, don't you think?
— RandomDSdevel (talk) 20:06, 27 February 2015 (EST)