As it may, the heart be known?

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Author: Justin S. (Whiteflame)

As it may, the sun makes its voyage
down from the white-capped peaks.
As it may, the glistening droplets bring
small puddles down from the skies.
As it may, the blue jay breaks into
yonder nests to steal the eggs of another bird.
As it may, the feral sea turns about
its tides in lows and highs,
where water mixes with salt.
As it may, the spirit drives
the mind to ponder that which the spirit already knows.
As it may, the wandering pilgrim wanders
through the seemingly tame woods of lamp posts,
He knows why, but not the destination.
As it may, a dove is only a dove,
and a goose only a goose.
As it may, a hare is only a hare,
and a horse only a horse,
or can it be something else?
Can a horse... human?

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