The Lost One

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Author: Oberon
This story is a work in progress.
Copyediting is welcome
Blood, Fur and Iron story universe

May 30th 1945, Palau

Lieutenant Joseph Danielson looked down at the form crumpled down in front of him in its final repose and tried to stop the flow of tears that ran down his haggard stubble cheeks.

“Why? Why did it take me this long to realize that I...”

His heart lurched again in pain as he tried to come to grips with what he had learned about himself on this god forsaken battlefield halfway around the world from the place where he had grown up.

The form in front of him bore only a slight resemblance to the human lieutenant who crouched down over her. A pair of soft triangular ears covered in grey fur jutted from the top of her head and its face was pushed out to form a distinctly canine muzzle. The soft white fur below her lower jaw was now stained red with the very essence of her life. The once bright golden eyes were now rapidly dimming with the film of death.

Though she was dead and could no longer feel his arms around her he still held her close to him to deny the simple fact that she was now beyond even the best that mortal medicine could provide.

After a few more moments he looked down at his own fatigues and spotted a small black enameled pin with a stylized white human skull on it and ripped it off savagely and threw it as far away as he could. The deaths head on the pin was a repugnant to him now as the woman that he cradled in his arms was to those we still believed in what the pin symbolized.

Finally he picked up the body with a tender gentleness that it could no longer feel or appreciate and headed towards the nearest aid station safe behind his own people’s lines. He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her laying there to rot, forgotten, on some unknown island in the middle of the pacific so far from home. He cried alot after he got back to America.