Dragon-men Chronicles: Formation

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This story contains adult content.
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This story is intended for people who like M/M. If you don't like M/M, you may not enjoy this much.
Author's Comments

I wrote this in high school. It was supposed to be part of a series detailing a particular fantasy-world but it was never finished. It's open to editing as long as you don't censor or remove content. It's just a simple M/M sue fic that I want to share.

Dragon-men Chronicles: Formation

Author: Ox

A cold breeze carried though the pass where the two men trudged forward. The pass was just under the normal tree line, although a thick pine forest flourished at this altitude. They moved ahead in silence, neither of them accustomed to the great wilderness beyond their castle home and both of them were in awe of the great wonder and beauty of the wild lands. However, the journey they were undertaking had a purpose that hung heavy in both of their hearts.

One of the hearts belonged to a knight named Gregory that served as a close guard to the king of the kingdom whose borders they were now passing though. He wore some of his lighter ornamental armor and a thick cape for warmth. Training left his body fit and muscular which well accented his natural bulky frame. Because of his physique and the loyalty abound in his usually happy-go-lucky canine personality he excelled quickly in his ranks. However, since the kingdom was at a long-standing peace he had never experienced real combat and not one scar touched his handsome body. Most of his work came from performing small tasks for the king. It had been his sad duty this day to escort the newly banished court mage to his new mountaintop exile.

The court mage, Drake, was also a large man. Through the years he had collected magical energy from various sources and had constantly been channeling part of that energy to reinforce his body so as to be in readiness for his more taxing magical efforts. However, he had begun to put on weight after his leave of the castle. When he was exiled he voluntarily broke every contract, bond, pact, and promise he had ever made to any spirit, essence, demigod and deity in order to give the king some assurance that he was not a threat. He was powerless and worthless now as a mage, summoner, or shaman. He would spend his remaining days beneath the peak of the mountain they were approaching, the Mountain of the Sleeping Dragon-god. He knew it was a hostile environment that he was entering and both he and Gregory knew that there was little chance that he would survive there for long without the aid of his magic. Feeling a chill Drake pulled his robes together and caught up with Gregory. The two walked side by side for quite some time.

Gregory was first to break the silence, "I don't think you did it. You’re just not that kind of person."

Drake smiled ruefully, Awhat does it matter if I did it or not? The king's word is law and the punishment has been cast.

Gregory had been hoping for a response to confirm his beliefs. He said with a perplexed look, "which means?"

Drake decided to wash away that small bit of fear in his simple-hearted friend's eyes, "I never touched the king's heir."

Gregory set free a deep breath, "I knew it. But why does everyone say you defiled the king"s son?"

Drake was quick to correct, "Heir. The king has no sons." He muttered under his breath, "And the king couldn’t produce a child even if his kingdom depended on it."

Gregory continued to prod, "but why?"

Drake looked far ahead to where wild roses were growing on the mountainside. He spoke slowly, "I got too close, I think."

Gregory couldn’t comprehend, "to the heir?"

Drake smiled once again remorsefully "No, to the king."

"I don't understand" said Gregory while shaking his head.

Not loosing his forward gaze Drake continued, "You see, I love and desire the king most of all, more than I ever loved another man or even a women, but when I approached the king with my desires I was banished. Defeated, I accepted."

Gregory was silent.

Drake kept going, "I will miss those days the three of us spent in the castle garden, just letting time go by and just staring into each others eyes."

Gregory looked into the direction of Drake's far-off gaze, "why are you telling me this?"

Drake chuckled, "you asked. And aside from the king the only other person I love is you."

There was another long silence but as they neared the end of the trail Gregory broke it again by saying, "I’ll come back. I do't know when, but I’ll come back looking for you. So don't die."

Drake’s only reply was, "I understand."

After a mile further they parted in silence. Gregory left half his supplies there and returned the way he came. Drake grinned sadly as he watched his last friend walk out of his life.

After a few moments of contemplation Drake gathered the gear and decided to look for a place to call home. Drake left the pass trail and meandered higher up the mountain. Quite a few times the path he traced narrowed and one side would give way to a cliff— and a drop straight down. This offered some spectacular views of the forested pass between the Mountain of the Sleeping Dragon-god and Moon Spring Mountain. He knew he ought to find some shelter on the slope of the mountain and somehow carve out a living on the mountain. He was chained to this mountain now, bound it like the sleeping god within it. His mind raced for a moment at the thought that there could possibly be an active spiritual essence on this mountain, but then he remembered the fact that when it came to place names most of the names were all legend and had no factual basis.

After two days of wandering on the mountain slope he found a small stream. Methodically he replenished his flask and rid himself of his thirst. He followed the stream further up away from the path and crawled into a grotto formed by one of many waterfalls created by the stream. The sound of water lured him into a deep sleep as the sun set over the grassy slopes on the mountain above the tree line. Come morning Drake pushed onward. Fatigue was starting to get to him and although he wasn’t thirsty the thin air and emotional exhaustion caused him to be weak. He started to sweat profusely although the thin air was sharp and cold. He pulled his robes closer to himself and continued to haul his gear up the slope, following the stream. He knew he should rest to conserve his strength, but he knew everything he did since that night with the king was pointless. He pressed onward hoping that at some point his body would just give in.

In a daze he just continued to follow the stream upwards. Moments seem to smear across time. First he seemed to be at the rocky peak, and then in the grassy incline of the mountain side, them in a forest again. His body started to give out as his vision blurred and his joints ached. More than once he collapsed hard into the mountainside. He pulled himself further. An over powering headache forced him to stumble along and quite a few times he had to stop and try to remember if he was following the stream up or down. His chest began to ache and tighten. He was wheezing heavily. Drake fell to his knees and started crawling high up the slope, letting his gear fall behind him as he dropped it. He likened himself to shooting star, past its apex in the sky and now burning out. He thought of his king and the pain his king had given to him after rejecting him. He has been given pain and now he was being given death far away from his king. Tears filled his already blurred vision, causing Drake to be all but blind. Drake could feel the soil beneath his fingernails as he dug his raw fingers into the ground. He coughed and saw blood from his lungs splatter on the ground infront of his face. Drake shouted in pain as the collapsed into the water. The echo came back as loud as thunder but by that time Drake was already too far gone to hear it.

There are a few things that Drake had overlooked in his painful blind wondering. First of all, the trees seemed to go all the way up the mountain’s eastern face well past the normal tree line of the surrounding mountains and that the stream he followed was actually one of many flowing down that side of the mountain. Thirdly when he dug his hands into the dirt he should have noticed that it wasn’t just gravel ground down by the wind but bona fide fertile soil. Next he should have noticed that he was stumbling up towards a large plateau on the eastern mountainside about a mile wide and guarded to the north and to the south by large rocky outcroppings of the mountain. The flat land was not visible at the base and nearly undetectable in this east-west mountain chain unless you were on the summit of Moon Spring Mountain further east. The last thing he should have noticed was the young shirtless man running to his aid as he was collapsing.

Drake felt like he was in a warm dark cocoon. He breathed deeply and took in the medicated air. Half asleep he felt his headache go away and the tightness in his chest subside. The air felt warm like those days in the sunlit garden when he, Gregory, and the King would relax between the morning meetings by lying around the fountain. He let his thoughts wander to the king and back to his current exile. Love and pain bound him to this mountain for the rest of his life. Drake relaxed a little bit, “What I should do is build up his magic once again and use it to turn the king into my beastly love slave and… no. It’s over. His punishment should be to live with the fact that he’s disposed of his only chance for real love. But, where does that leave me? Empty longing and chains wrapped around my heart.” He paused as he mulled over his emotions, “I should wait until Gregory comes back, at least.” He let himself slip back into a long sleep.

“Eat it, it’s good for you.” Said a soft voice. Drake felt soingthing being pressed against his lips. He opened and a rich broth flowed into his mouth. “Now swallow.” Drake did as he was told. He felt weak and helpless but strangely comfortable in the stranger’s arms. Drake’s hazy mind slowly came to the realization that his torso was being propped up and spoon fed by a pair of powerful arms. Drake caught the faintest whiff of the scent sweat coming off the other man as he slowly felt. It smelled good. It felt good to be off of that cold mountain and in the strong arms of a man. The troubles of ages past seemed to fade away in the warm embrace…Drake drifted off to sleep…

“And when the great dragon god… placed his eyes upon the mighty king of gods… he knew..” Drake felt himself in those strong arms again. He knew he didn’t ever wanted to be let go… or let down again. “So, do you believe in love at first site?” The other man asked after a silence. Drake was too weak to reply. “I don’t know, there’s just something inside of me saying that you’re the one.” The other man pressed his face so that his nose was touching Drake’s. Drake ‘s body tried to stiffen up, but it proved too weak. The other man continued, “Not just the one for me, but the one to save our home. That’s why I got to make sure you get better.” The other man kissed Drake’s forehead and and Drake fell into a deep sleep.

When Drake awoke he heard the voices and footsteps of quite a few men. “What a noisy bunch of fellows” he thought.

“You think he’ll be awake?” said one in an inquisitive tone.

“Only one way to find out” said another in a matter-of-fact voice.

“What are we going to do with him when he’s done stewing, eat him?” one chuckled.

“Yeah, what are we going to do with him?” another voice chimed in.

An older voice, the leader apparently, replied, “We’ll just have to ask him now, won’t we? You four, start moving those rocks, you two work the pulley, and I’ll see if I can get the lid off”

Footsteps on a metal ceiling above him, with a few grunts and the occasional rock hitting against the metal top could be heard from inside. Groggy still Drake could do nothing but sit in the relaxing bath. There were a few deep grunts as latches above became undone.

“See, I told you I could do it. Now you two bring it up slowly” said the leader’s voice.

A thick mist formed as the warm air from the inside quickly shot out as the lit to the pressurized sauna Drake was in was removed. A lantern light from above shot down into the pool he was lying in. “He’s awake!” the voice of the leader rang out. There was a slight splash as the young man jumped down into the heated water pit. He raised Drake’s head gently and looked into Drake’s hazel eyes with an honest smile, “How do you feel?”

Drake looked up with a smile, “Much better, thanks to you.” Drake paused for a few moments, “Uhh… I mean my headache is completely gone and my chest doesn’t hurt anymore. I feel kinda week and groggy though.”

The other man chuckled, still grinning, “That’s because you’ve been in here for three days without real solid food. C’mon handsome lets get you out of here and get you something to eat.” Drake blushed; he would never get such attention from the king—not even on his best days. Feeling light again Drake tried to get up, but found he couldn’t move.

The other man shook his head and his long golden brown hair, “Yeah, I see how it goes; you want me to do all the work. Well, then.” Drake felt two big strong hands reach under his body and lifted him up out of the warm water. For the first time Drake realized he was naked. Drake felt helpless and grateful at the same time. The large man flung Drake over his shoulder and held the weak man in place by holding onto Drake’s buttocks as climbed a rope ladder. Drake was overwhelmed by the Tarzan and Jane type treatment. Luckily for Drake the mist was still rather thick when he was brought out of the pit. The man sat him down on a nearby bench, wrapped a blanket around him, and gave him some sweet but tart liquid to drink from a flask. Drake mumbled something but could get the words out.

The other man spoke, “My name is Dyne. You were sick because you weren’t accustomed to the air up here. You went too high too fast. So we had to stick you in the pressure cooker with some herbs so you’d get better. That drink will help you accustomed to the air this time around, so don’t worry. ” Dyne paused looked back at his wet guest then back into the mist, “You know, I don’t think they know I pulled you out yet.” He pushed away a lock of hair from his broad face and continued, “So what is the message that you almost died to deliver here?”

Drake turned his head away somewhat shamed, “I come bearing no messages.”

Dyne was puzzled, “But you had no gear on and it looked as if you had been running to get up here. If you weren’t hurrying to meet us, then what were you running to?”

Drake looked down at the ground emerging from the thinning mist and thought with an emptiness swelling inside him again, “my death.”

Dyne pulled Drake’s face gently by the chin, “Don’t look away. There is nothing to be ashamed of, please tell me why you are on this mountain.”

Drake looked into Dyne’s shimmering blue eyes, and felt a bit better. He ventured to tell the truth, “I was exiled to this mountain by the king. I wasn’t supposed to stay on it long.”

Dyne searched Drake’s eyes for a moment to see if he was telling the truth, then he gave a big grin, “I see, so you’re stuck with us now!” He pat Drake on the back and raised his voice to the other men that were just now becoming visible in the mist, “Hey guys, I want you to meet our new brother,” he turned to Drake lowered his voice, “Eh, what was your name?”


“Right! Men, please welcome our new brother Drake!”

“Yo! Drake!” shouted one stout lad.

“Pleased to meet ya dude!” chimed another fella.

“Howdy Drake, hope ya like it here!” said a gruff guy.

“Hi Drake!” or other variants the rest all shouted at the same time.

Drake a little flustered at meeting so many shirtless men at once, smiled sleepily and gave a one-handed wave, “nice to meet you all.”

Dyne, deciding Drake was too weak to walk by himself picked the man up and carried him out of the cave with the other men following. Drake decided not to struggle and to let himself be taken like a good boy. He saw that he was being taken down a wide path from a rocky outcropping on the mountain down into the heart of a small village beside a small lake and a three quarters square mile forest. The air was cool but fresh and he found that he could tolerate it much better now thanks to the elixir Dyne had given him. The lake was calm and there were a few boats floating along, hoping to get the catch of the day. The village consisted of a few run down wooden houses around a central stone square. As he looked around Drake only found men of various ages doing daily chores and making preparations for some sort of festival. Most were in top shape and all of them were shirtless. Drake wondered what type of place he had been exiled to, surely the king did not know there were men living up here?

Drake slowly drip dried as the morning sun brought heat to the valley on the mountain side. Dyne told the others to go do their daily chores and he carried Drake to a small house on the edge of the village. Drake found the inside of the house and all the belongings that cluttered it in an orderly manner a bit cramped compared to the rooms back at the castle. Dyne gently placed him on a bed.

“This is your room for the time you’ll be staying here” Dyne said while checking for the tenth time that it would have all the necessary amenities.

Drake was a little bit dumbfounded at the generosity, “Uh, thanks.”

Dyne grunted and grinned, “You’re welcome.” He motioned with his head to a set of clothing that was cleaned and mended hanging in the corner of the room, “Do you need me to dress you?”

Drake checked himself, “No I’m good.” He smiled. A few moments passed. Still smiling Drake said through his teeth, “I’m kind of modest; you think you could um, ah...”

Living with mostly men for all of his life it took a few moments for Dyne to understand what Drake was trying to get him to do, “Oh! You want me to… ahh.” Dyne Turned around and covered his eyes like a child playing hide-and-seek. Drake sighed and retrieved his clothes with a few shaky steps. Upon examining them he found that they were mended with great care. He even managed to get that old wine stain out. Drake put on his pants and his shirt but decided to leave his robes off for now. He slipped his shoes on and fixed his hair back in a ponytail. He looked like he had just ran up a mountain, but that was to be expected, he supposed.

“Okay, you can look now” Drake called out. The look of disappointment was obvious on Dyne’s face. “What? I’m not wearing my robes.”

Dyne grimaced, “I know but…”

Drake stuck out his tongue, “This is how I dress. Deal.” Then after a loud rumbling from his stomach, “You did say you had food, right?”

Although Drake felt he was perfectly capable of walking at this moment Dyne lifted him up again and took him outside. Rake wondered how a mountain man could become so strong on what little nourishment that could exist at this altitude. Then he remembered the unnaturally lush forest above the tree line and the lake they were fishing on. Something was afoot on the slopes of the mountain of the sleeping dragon god, his instincts as a magician could feel it. But at the moment it felt good to be in the arms of a man. Drake found himself set down on a bench at a large wooden table.

“Drake, I have to make the necessary preparations for tonight’s festival, so I’m going to leave you here with grandma and Lucy. I’ll be back tonight.” Dyne gave Drake a hug and ran off in another direction. Drake wondered why Dyne had spent so much time with him this morning if he had some sort of duty to perform and he wondered exactly what kind of man was “grandma.” Sill feeling his strength slowly returning (perhaps by a supernatural force?) he sat at the table for a few minutes before “grandma” arrived.

As it turned out, “grandma” was really an elderly woman. She was accompanied by an older teenage girl and another young woman in her early twenties. Grandma spoke first, “So Dyne says you’ve been exiled to this mountain.” He smiled a toothless smile and a soft laugh, “Bet you weren’t expecting us to be here.” She sat down opposite of Drake and motioned for the two other girls to a take their seats. They respectfully kept silent and knitted. She continued, “This is the village that was blessed by the spirit of the dragon god that sleeps in this mountain.”


“How do you think forests and lakes and breathable air can exist up here?”

“That was the dragon god’s doing?”

“His presence as a male fertility god brings this area bounty. Yet his power only extends to this mountain and to the people that dwell on this mountain top plateau. We have lived here for centuries but our numbers have dwindled in the past few generations as the great dragon god seems to be withdrawing back into the mountain.”

Drake knew that alterations in the ways great spirits emit their energy could signal very critical changes in the nature of magical beings. He broke in, “How exactly has his um, ‘blessing’ changed over the past few generations?”

The aged woman responded, “Well the large game has disappeared from the forest on top of this mountain. Most if not all the fish in the lake are gone,” she paused, “when I was a little girl there were fish larger than a small child in that lake and all kinds deer and boar in that forest almost to the point of it being crowed.” She turned her aged face towards Drake, “But now the great dragon god has abandoned us and draws himself deeper into the mountain, such a shame. And the curse placed on the offspring of those living on this mountain.”

“Which would be?” Drake puzzled aloud. All the men seemed stronger and healthier than average men—hardly cursed.

The old woman shook her head, “Almost all of the children born to the seven families living here in the past three generation have shown no interest in mating with women and bearing children. Granted, it was wonderful to see the romance blossom between the men of this village, but it was painful to see the numbers dwindle. We three are the last women in this village. My two grand nieces and three men of this village are leaving the mountain tonight like their parents have done so before them in order to start a family and carry along the line in the outside world. As for myself, my day of passing will soon come.”

Drake was still puzzled. Never had he before had heard of such a curse. And a withdrawal taking three generations of men to complete… while it was not unheard of in the spirit world it was highly unusual. As a shaman and a magician his curiosity was aroused. He began, “What kind of being is--”

Grandma cut him off, “Tonight is a yearly celebration to honor the dragon god. It is also a farewell party to those that are leaving soon. Since you’ve arrived Dyne has decided that it will also be a welcoming party for you as well. Now there are a few things you should know about how things operate in this village. First of all, I am number one. Although Dyne is the head shaman for the dragon god, I am in charge of the day-to-day concerns. You have a fight with some one come to me; if you need to borrow food, come to me; if you decide to build a new building, come to me…”

Uncertainty and anxiety clung to Drake as he reflected on his bizarre circumstances while hearing the rules and regulations of the village. He was in a village were all the men--well save three presumably—were gay. Rumors aside, the aristocracy of the kingdom could only boast of a few closeted homosexuals but now he was in a village of more than forty men all reasonably attractive and all walking without their shirts on. “Must they do that? It’s a tad indecent…” Drake thought. He looked past the old woman’s face and saw that they all either wore pants of a denim-like material or shorts of a lighter material. They wore a strip of cloth over their crotch and another over their rear with what Drake guessed was a symbol of which of the seven families they came from. Drake couldn’t tell how exactly it was attached to them, but he had the sinking suspicion that it was actually an extension of their under garments. Never in a thousand years had he thought would he be placed in this position.

As he watched some of the village put up decorations in the square he saw lovers hug and kiss each other and pat each other on the rear. They talked freely about their emotions—even if those emotions came from the crotch instead of the heart. Everything he always hungered to do in secret these men did blatantly in front of each other. As much as it scared him he yearned to join them, but could he free himself from his life of secrets behind royal chamber doors? His attention snapped back to Grandma as she mentioned Dyne’s name again.

“Dyne’s taken quite a liking to you, you know? He’s even given you a bedroom him his house to live in for the time being.” She winked, “I’d be careful if I were you. Once Dyne gets his heart set on something he doesn’t let go until he gets it. You should have seen him drag you to the hot springs and set that pressure cooker stuff up. And he even mended your clothes while you were recovering. I’ll tell you one thing—Dyne either wants you or wants something from you.” The old woman said with a toothless smile.

Drake turned to the other two women, “What do you think?”

The two ladies were a bit surprised at being asked for their opinion. The older one replied, “All the men here treat us like fragile little girls and won’t let us do any work, I can’t wait until I leave this little world and go out into the real world. As for Dyne—his business is his own.”

The younger chipped in with a gentler tone, “Dyne is taking his time with you because he doesn’t know where you stand and he views you as some sort of messiah.”

Drake nodded although he didn’t really understand, “Taking it slow? He’s already seen me naked and has already tailored my boxers.”

The other three women looked at Drake blankly, why shouldn’t men see each other naked? The youngest continued; “Everyone here idolizes Dyne since he’s the head shaman and pretty much the leader--” Grandma coughed. The younger girl paused and looked for her words, and then smiled and said, “of the men. Anyways, all the guys look up to Dyne and want him to be their lover, but so far the only person he’s ever obsessed over is you—to the point of delaying the rites on the day we honor the dragon god just to check on your well-being even when it appears the dragon god is withdrawing deeper into the mountain.”

A rumbling sound thundered from Drake’s gut. Moaning slightly Drake said, “Dyne said there’d be food.”

Grandma looked surprised and turned to the youngest, “Go get the man his food!”

The youngest hurried off to get food from a nearby cabin. She returned with a large plate of poultry, mashed blue tuber with honey, gelled dragon berry sauce, and a soft bread crumb dish. Drake devoured the whole plate in three minutes despite the fact that he had never seen that type of food before. He let out a small burp, “Mmmmmm! That was great!”

The older woman broke her stony mask and blushed, “You really think it was good? No one ever compliments my cooking.”

Drake nodded enthusiastically, “Yes, this is ten times better than the castle chef’s cooking! You should get a job as a castle cook and work up your ranks to be head chief. But what you have to do is say you come from a faraway kingdom that is now in ruins and you’re the last one to know the secrets of the cuisine and they’ll definitely hire you above to dishwasher level. It’s reasonably true, too. Hm, I’d make sure you have plenty of the local plant species to maintain a garden when you go down. The King will probably let you use a space in…”

The three women were surprised that Drake had knowledge about the kingdom below, even though it was to be expected. They questioned him about where they should go and who they should talk to when they set out from the mountain side. A few hours in after a lavish description of the castle, the royal gardens, the summer villa, and his job as court magician it was obvious that they held Drake in a much higher regard than they did when they saw Dyne drag him through the village. However, as much joy describing the kingdom and the castle in detail brought him it also brought a certain loneliness and longing.

The youngest spoke up, “Grandma, you should come with us. It would be a shame to die without knowing the world below.”

Grandma was flustered, “Well, what would all the men do without me?”

The youngest, and probably the most honest, replied, “Grandma, they have Dyne. We’re the ones that need you now. Come with us.”

The old woman seemed to mull this over for a few moments and then looked at Drake, “Is the land below truly how you described it?”

Drake smiled, “Actually, better.”

Looking out past the lake and the trees and beyond the peak of Moon Spring Mountain the old woman decided, “I don’t know how far these old bones will take me, but by the dragon god I’m leaving this mountain!”

Drake and the other two women clapped.

The old woman pounded the table, “What am I waiting for? I should get packing.” She turned to the girls, “Are you two all prepared for tonight?” The two nodded in unison. “Good, then you should help me get my things together if I am to leave tonight with you by the light of the full moon.

Drake had forgotten about the lunar cycle, if tonight was the full moon then tonight would be the best night to perform magic or rites. If he wanted to help these people with the waning dragon god it would have to be tonight. Drake slipped into the persona he used when he was attempting to gain access to a powerful spirit by its worshipers, “Ladies as I have told you, I am a shaman similar to Dyne. I may be able to help him rouse the dragon god if you tell me where he is.”

Grandma was somewhat taken aback by the sudden transition from fun-loving court mage to serious but gentle shaman, “Usually we don’t allow people inside, but I suppose times are tough. There’s a cave behind the village at the center of the mountain.”

With a small bow Drake said, “Thank you kind women. I shall take my leave and accompany Dyne in his efforts.” And with that Drake left the table at the square and went through the backwoods towards the mountainside. His mind raced at possible explications to explain the nature of the dragon god. He found none. He realized that his strength had returned and then some. That elixir Dyne had given him must have been magical. As a matter of fact, Dyne probably had slipped him one while he was unconscious since he was still alive. It was very potent, but with the trade-off must be that it was also slow working.

Drake came to a large cave mouth that looked somewhat like a weathered dragon’s head. Walking in slowly Drake felt almost dwarfed by the darkness inside-- the ceiling had to be two stories tall. As he walked in deeper the late afternoon daylight dissipated and his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He walked quietly in complete darkness and after a mew moments he saw a flickering light at the end of the cave. As he got closer he saw that it was Dyne surrounded by candles praying in front of a pedestal with a foot tall clay statue of a European dragon resting on its haunches. Listening to Dyne’s prayers Drake analyzed them and found them to be of reasonable quality, although he wasn’t feeling anything from the stature. The dragon god definitely didn’t reside in it or used it as a focus, and the fact that it was clay was definitely suspicious.

Drake walked right up to Dyne’s side, but Dyne was too lost in worship to see him. Dyne had stripped down to his loincloth-like undergarment and his muscles were covered in sweat. Drake noticed that the symbol covering Dyne’s firm butt wasn’t one of the seven families but probably one marking him as high priest or shaman. He also noticed how the candle light reflected in each bead of sweat. The air of the cavern was filled with the scent of Dyne and Drake felt his dick become hard and rub against the inside of his pants. Being so close to a secret fantasy made Drake uncomfortable so he decided to take action—by tipping the dragon statue over and smashing it to bits with a loud crash.

Dyne snapped out of his trance but just stared wide-eyed at the broken pieces, “W-w-why did you do that for? We’ve worshiped that statue for generations.”

Drake was casually shifting through the bits of pottery on the cave floor by candlelight. Bending over, brushing a part of the head a side he said, “Well, there’s part of your problem there. Ah! Found it!”

Dyne, still shocked, only replied, “Huh, found what?”

Drake flashed a shimmering key on a chain in front of Dyne’s face. He held it out at arm’s length and let the key drop wile still holding the end of the chain, “Hm, let’s see if my dousing skills are on par. Let’s see…left…left….right…forward…forward...forward…right…up. Hm, it seems like this key wants to go here on the cave wall but there’s no keyhole.” Drake grabbed a shard of the pottery and started hacking at the loose dirt on the cave wall. Dyne mumbled something about desecrating a holy object while still staring wide-eyed at Drake on his knees. Drake shouted, “Ha! Found it! In goes Mr. Key and…”

The room lit up as the cave walls shook free of dirt revealing centuries-old murals on stone walls. The back of the cave which they were staring at was revealed to be a large stone gem-incrusted gate with two parallel round stone doors that rolled aside in different directions by magic. Skylights opened up and lit the cave up. After the rumbling was over, Dyne looked more shocked than before.

“Yatta!” Drake shouted with a childish jump.

“You made the thing do the thing with the thing…” Dyne mumbled.

Drake lifted Dyne to his feet and patted him on the back, “It’s okay, and the little statue wasn’t the focus anyway. The real thing’s inside, I bet. See? This is what happens when you don’t keep your holy places clean.” Drake tugged at Dyne, who was a little slippery from sweat. Dyne let himself be led by the hand like a child

Inside was a colossal hall about four stories tall and about as wide as a river. Columns lined the eves and at the center was a massive fifty feet tall statue of a dragon. Dyne fell to his knees halfway to the stone beast. Drake frowned, “That isn’t it either.” Drake pulled Dyne back up and approached the statue. At the base of the stature was a large, deep, fountain. Drake couldn’t decipher the purpose of the fountain, whether it was a decorative piece, a bath, or a watery altar.

Dyne slowly came out his shocked state, “How did you know that the other statue was a fake?”

Drake grinned as he tried to peer into the source of the water jets, being careful not to get wet, “I didn’t feel anything from it and the energy you were sending it was just dissipating. Oh, by the way, I’m a shaman too. I just have more experience, I guess. And I suppose a formal education helps. ”

With a look of pure admiration Dyne asked, “So you can help us?”

Drake dodged the question, “He’s in the water—or more precisely, a spring inside the mountain. That explains how he affects you all – through the water you drink.” Drake peered into the water for a few more minutes, “I see now, his power has been waning because he’s dying from neglect and hmm…”

Drake was horrified, “You mean we’ve been neglecting him all these years? But I thought gods couldn’t die?!”

Drake remained calm, “They don’t really die as much as loose cognition and become natural forces. This one is pretty far gone. Usually the greater spirits withdraw and replenish their strength, but this one seems really depressed. Not from recent neglect but…huh…I’ll try talking to it.” Drake entered a trance as he stared into the blue glistening waters of the spring while Dyne looked helplessly on. Drake seemed to be talking to someone without making a sound. Drake’s expression changed from interest to sadness, then he looked at Dyne.

“What is it?” Dyne asked.

Drake frowned, “His story is sad… and it reminds me of someone else’s.”

“Oh?” Dyne wanted to hear it.

“I guess you should know since you’re the head priest. Well, the dragon god was a favorite at the heavenly court for many an eon. He came to love the King of the gods. The King as you know is a lusty devil so the king did not refuse him. But the King, needing to keep his reputation made the dragon god promise secrecy. The dragon god, thinking the King loved him, agreed. However, the King began to snub the dragon god in front of the other gods and that hurt him, for the dragon god cared for the King. In secrecy the dragon god continued the affair with the King of the Gods. However, one day the king went too far and renounced the dragon god and his love of masculinity in front of all the other gods. Hurt, the dragon god blurted out his affair with the King of gods. For this the dragon god was banished to the mountain as long as he’s in this world. In sadness the dragon god has been letting his powers dwindle over the centuries. I think I understand now, whatever drinks the water becomes powerful and dragon-like, which explains the strong muscular men of this village. Up until this point, the dragon god had probably been able to suppress the male and man-loving quality of the energy he sends out in order to keep the village going, but now he’s too weak to do that. So the village numbers dwindle. Hm..”

“He said all that?” Dyne asked, looking as though he was about to cry.

“No, he’s not capable of human speech anymore. Most of it was in scattered memories and images.”

“Would they really treat people like us that way in the outside world? In heaven?” Dyne’s blue eyes seemed to water, “How sad.”

Drake tried hard to thoughts of his king, “But we’re here now, so it doesn’t matter. We should stay in there here and now. Let’s see our options are…not too good.”

“What should we do?”

“Well he needs a lot of new energy in a short time. Even if we got all the guys to pray in here, it wouldn’t be enough.” Drake looked upwards to the skylights in the cavern ceiling and thought aloud, “Donating money? No, the civilization is too small. Festivals? We’re already having a celebration but the dragon god isn’t in shape to enjoy it. Rituals? No, not enough time to design a good one. Ah! I got it! ”

“What?! What is it!?”

“We’ll sacrifice Grandma! Let’s see, first we’ll need a stone table, a jagged knife, jars to hold the blood, a box for the heart---“



“Argh, this is serious!”

“It doesn’t do us any good to be sad near a depressed god. ‘Let’s think positively!’” Drake said in a cheerful voice.

Having been alleviated of his stress, Dyne laughed, “The old bag could probably take all the men on in this village single-handedly”

“Oh, she’s leaving tonight with the others. I changed her mind, I guess.”

A big grin stretched across his face, “Oh? Really? That’s great! I won’t have to argue wither her anymore! Well at least that’s one good thing, the old bag will be gone. I’ll miss her though.”

Drake continued thinking aloud, “Get a new focus? No, not enough energy to focus. I guess that leaves…” Drakes voice drifted as he thought about his plans seriously. He gaze drifted over Drake in his loincloth, “I think we might need to combine three or four elements. If I can pull it off it would be the greatest accomplishment of my career.”

Dyne looked inquisitive, “What is your plan? Do we go on with the festival or not?”

Drake looked Dyne straight in the eye and issued the intimate but seemingly non sequitur question, “Do you love me?”

Dyne almost fell over from shock, “WHAT?!”

Drake slipped into his serious persona and looked Dyne, “I need to know. I refuse to produce dark gods in this realm by creating negative energy from empty expressions of love.”

Dyne looked extremely puzzled, “What are you planning?”

Drake giggled maniacally, “It’s a secret. If I told you you’d try to stop me.” He leaned in closer to Dyne, serious once again, “But I need to know for the third part if you love me. In all my life I don’t think I’ve met quite a man like you. Even though I’ve just met you, I think I love you more than anyone, even more than my king. There’s only one way I know how to energize a high spirit quickly, but it must be done properly and with love.”

Dyne considered Drake words, “Drake I don’t know what to say, but...” Dyne’s blue eyes beamed, “Yes, I do love you.”

Drake grinned and rested his head on Dyne’s shoulder, “Good, then that makes it all worth it.” Drake’s body tightened as Dyne rested his large hand on Drake’s back, holding him in half-embrace.

Drake had only a moment to stare into Dyne’s eyes before he found Dyne’s tongue slipping into his mouth in a passionate kiss. Oh! To be close to another man! Dyne slipped his other arm over the small of Drake’s back and pulled him closer to his sweaty body. Drake felt his worries evaporate into the cavern air.

After a few minutes of kissing Dyne relaxed his grip on Drake, “So what do I do about the festival?”

Drake, in bliss, replied, “What do you normally do?”

Dyne, still holding Drake, answered, “Well, we dance, sing, eat, play games.”

“What do you do ceremony-wise?”

“Well I pray all day and at sunset I come out and then start the festival by overseeing the feast and talking about the year. Then the guys do their things, we dance, sing, and just have fun and get drunk. It ends when the moon reaches its zenith, so sometimes it’s short and sometimes it’s long. Tonight the zenith should be a little after midnight. Then I come back and do some offerings again and then petitions such. Hopefully they get it all cleaned up before dawn when I’m done.”

“When do you feel the greatest energy from the dragon god?”

“I’d say for an hour or two when I do the final offerings after the moon’s zenith.”

“When the full moon is at its peak?”


“Hm. You should do the festival as you normally would. I’ll stay here and make sure that energy stays focused and perform a certain ceremony at the moon’s zenith. Instead of doing offerings I want you to come back here. We’ll do a ‘special’ offering.”

Dyne grinned at the word ‘special,’ “I see. But I wanna perform a ‘special’ offering right now.”

Drake circled his index figure around Dyne’s nipple, “It’s better to wait for when the dragon’s most active. Besides, if we do it now, I won’t have time for my surprise.”

“Do you need anything?”

“Surprisingly, I don’t. The weakest and most powerful spells are the simplest. It’s been a long day for me, but I think I can do it. If I know it’s going to be a benefit to you, my love, then I can do it.”

“Drake, don’t do anything you can’t reverse.”

Drake looked down into the well, “I’ve already done a lot of things I can’t reverse. Shouldn’t it be sunset soon? You better go start the ceremony—err festival.”

Dyne let go of Drake, “You sure you’ll be alright?”

Drake nodded and pulled away from Dyne a edged closer to the fountain, “I’ll be fine. I know this is all sudden, but go. If you love me, and you love your god, then everything should be all right.”

Dyne adjusted himself, “I do. I will see you tonight.” And with that he turned and left the temple.

The festival went exactly as planned. Grandma and the others ate their final meal and left the mountain under the cover of night. There was much dancing and merriness among the men and had Drake been there he probably would have been asked to dance with a lot of guys. With all the women gone, the men were free to act however they wanted to. Most of the men stripped to their undergarments after an hour of dancing. A few got theirs pulled off by some randy onlookers. The mountain plateau reeked with the musky smell of the men grinding their bodies together. Most of them broke away in pairs to find pleasures other than eating and dancing. Dyne was the most respected member of the group and while he made a good effort to make sure to give his attention to everyone that wanted it that evening his thoughts of Drake caused him to be a little withdrawn. Although he was only a minor shaman compared to the high mage Drake, he could feel the energy changing on the mountain.

Many people were asking about Drake. They thought it was weird that he would break the taboo about only letting Dyne enter the dragon cave and also stay there during the festival. Dyne assured them it was for the best, even if he couldn’t say what Drake was doing. Soon enough, the moon rose to its peak in the sky and Dyne excused himself from his comrades. They were sad to see him go for the night, but as it was expected they let him leave. They all secretly envied Drake, knowing that is whom Dyne was returning to.

Or was he? As Dyne returned to the cave he felt a strange presence as the moonbeams poured through the skylights. It was very strong and he couldn’t tell if the energy he felt was Drake’s or the dragon god’s. He stepped carefully through the circular door into the large temple hall. Next to the fountain a lone figure in a shimmering green cape was standing. From the portal he couldn’t tell who it was. It wasn’t drake’s clothing but…the size and height were about right. Dyne walked closer to the man. Suddenly, when Dyne was a few feet away the man turned around. The man looked like an über Drake! The being looked like Drake, but more muscular and more handsome, and hardly looked like he was found on a mountain half-dead a few days earlier. Dyne didn’t understand what was going on.

“Drake?” Dyne asked.

The other man smiled silently, as if he wasn’t going to let the question of his identity be answered so quickly.

Dyne stared at the man in silence. Something was amiss. “That is you, right, Drake?”

The other man smiled silently and removed his cape and placed it on the edge of the fountain. He adjusted himself and stared straight into Dyne’s eyes. Dyne felt his heart jump. What had been Drake’s plan? Had he been able to revive dragon God and was already functioning its powers or…? Dyne wasn’t sure just exactly this new person was.

“Who are you? Is Drake alright?”

The being beamed and finally spoke, “You know me. You saved my life many times. I’m in your debt.”

Dyne was more confused than before, but confusion seemed to be becoming his normal state of mind that day. He looked at the being that looked like Drake and replied, “I have? When?”

The other person chuckled lightly and then summoned up his serious persona, “You found me on the mountainside and brought me back to life. In one short day you showed me what it means to love another man and gave my heart a reason to beat again. But long before that you kept me alive with your love and prayers—nearly ineffectual as they were—but it meant something to me, trapped inside this mountain to see this little boy give me all his love and affection all the way into adulthood. It was like the beating of a drum in the darkness that kept my tired soul from dissipating completely. And now I can return that love thanks to that man whose spirit I have fused with.”


“I know this might be hard to understand, but who I used to be—Drake and the dragon god you knew are now the same person, myself. I have the memories of both. Are personalities and history are similar and I was a weak god before so we were able to fuse successfully without losing any part of either. I am still Drake and I am still the dragon god, but we are now the same person. Understand?”

Dyne fell to his knees, “Oh great dragon god! I wish only to serve you!” Everything Dyne had worked for all his life, the return of the dragon god, had come true and took the form of a man he had fallen in love with at first sight. His heart was in awe and in ecstasy.

Drake chuckled and resumed his normal persona, “Please, my shaman, please call me Drake.”

Dyne smiled, tears of joy swelling up in his eyes, “Yes, Drake!”

Grinning, drake wiped the tears from Dyne’s handsome face, “It’s okay, relax. It’s just me.”

Looking up at Drake, Dyne asked, “Is that how you really look? Shouldn’t you be a giant mystical dragon?”

Drake laughed out lout. He scruffed Dyne’s hair, “If I assumed my dragon form I would fill this entire hall and crush you. Although I’d suppose the form I feel most comfortable would be the one I used when I served in the heavenly court…”

Suddenly, two large, muscular wings sprouted from Drake’s back as his clothes seemed to melt away, revealing his large hairy frame. The wings at first looked like a second pair of powerful arms as they grew large and grand. Drake’s body started to grow bulkier and his thick chest barreled out with muscle. He face became wider and his nose and jaw protruded forward until they formed an alligator-like maw. At the same time his ears grew pointed and fanned out with fin-like ridges. As he bulked larger a thick alligator-like tail sprouted from his rear and plopped on the ground. Thick, vivid, iridescent green scales covered the sides of his legs, the backside of his arms, the back of his neck, his tail, his wings, and the posterior side of his body. His body hair increased so he had a thick forest of lush brown chest hair. His shoulder length hair grew down to the small of his back and his beard became long and bushy. His eyes turned reptilian, and his hazel eyes turned a bright green. In fact, his entire body seemed to radiate a god-like aura and even now Dyne knew the Drake was holding back greatly.

The naked dragon-god spoke, “All these years when you drank the water of my spring, this is what your body has been trying to become.”

Dyne gave a quick glance at his muscular body, “That is what made me this way? I never knew. My lord, I thank you for your gifts.”

Drake started to stroke his large dragon-god dick until it slowly rose to erection.

Dyne was more than a little started at this sudden turn, “Drake, what are you doing?”

Drake clomped closer to the still kneeling Dyne, leaving his plump dragon dick just centimeters away from his face. He petted Dyne’s dark hair and said in a serious tone, “I only want to give everything to those that love me. Dyne you’ve already promised to give me all your energy, I must return the favor. If you drink of my seed you will become a dragon-man like I am now and you will be able to give me even more of your energy and love.”

Dyne as awestruck, to be the consort to the god he worshiped all his life, “My lord, I couldn’t. I’m not worthy…”

Drake pressed the oversized cock against Dyne’s trembling lips, “You are more than worthy. And I love you Dyne, and I know you love me.”

Parting his lips slightly, Dyne took the Dragon-man’s member into his mouth. He mouth watered at the taste of the meat. He ran his tongue along the ridge of the head. He raised his hands and began to sneeze and stroke the base. Drake emitted a deep contented rumbling as he caressed Dyne’s shoulders and ran his clawed fingers through Dyne’s hair. A tender silence rang through the hall as the man and god made love.

Dyne was in the middle of a deep suck when Drake shot his load unexpectedly. Dyne’s reaction was to swallow the first large jiz in a quick gulp before he could think. He paused for a moment and the cum quickly filled his mouth and dripped down his check. He took a deep breath through his nose and started to chug the dragon-god cum with joy. The dragon-god seemed to have an endless supply of cum, and as Dyne stared at the two grapefruit-sized balls Drake had he couldn’t help but wonder if Drake was churning out more cum as quickly as he could swallow it. Drake gave a contented draconic smile as he filled his young acolyte with his rich seed. In time this man would become the greatest of his followers.

Dyne licked his lips as Drake withdrew his member and a trail of cum and saliva slowly fell to the ground between them. Drake took a few steps back to give Dyne room for his transformation. Dyne rose to his feet and took a deep breath, tilted his head back, and looked at the night sky through a skylight. He could feel the energy saturate his body—stronger than any energy he felt before. Dyne was already a large man, and larger than all his comrades, but now his body began to bulk out even more. His tan muscles bulged larger, pressing against each other like meaty fruit growing together on the same branch. Had he had been wearing normal clothing they it would have been surely quickly torn off. Dyne gained about a foot in height as his body became a massive tank—arms as wide as tree trunks and a thick bull neck that seemed to dwarf his head if it wasn’t for the mane-like beard and long locks that he was gaining. As his waist expanded his loincloth stretched to fit. Drake couldn’t help but notice the utility of those accommodating undergarments—he would have all his acolytes wear them. Drake smiled to himself. Yes, and nothing else.

Dyne was ecstatic, he felt huge—every muscle in his body was nearly three or four times the size of his normal muscle-bound build. He felt like a hulking giant! He tried to shuffle his stance to open his legs up and make room for his swelling balls, now the size of grapefruit, and he could feel the extra couple of hundred pounds of weight and respective mass in each muscle laden leg but he found he could move them easily. All his attention at the moment was focused on his throbbing cock, which has poked out from under his undergarment and now was fully erect and about as big as a champagne bottle. Dyne stroked fleshy bottle with his now thick, massive, hairy hands hoping to build the pressure inside it until popped and sprayed the hall with its warm contents. Drake, the dragon-god, was visibly drooling.

Dyne’s eyes under his thick brow went wide as the first dragon elements creped into his colossal body. A thick alligator-like tail sprouted from his ass at the tip of his tail bone and plopped itself on the ground behind him. In this quick spurt of growth Dyne felt his asshole more down lower between his legs to make way for the thumping huge tail and become more of a tail hole. Pre spurted from Dyne’s dick as he adjusted to the tail. He let a brawny hand run down the length of his dick, between his legs, over his hole, and as far down his tail as possible. It felt like a mammoth extension to his penis starting at the base of his dick, crossing his ass, and plopping huge and heavy behind him. And the underside of his tail was just as sensitive as the shaft of his dick. He thumped his new tail in excitement and managed to increase his arousal even more. Drake was pleased that Dyne was happy with the changes so far, Drake had managed to take Dyne’s attention off him for a while.

The next draconic element to manifest itself was the wings. As Dyne was busy admiring the aspects of his new tail (thump, thump, thump) a pair of large muscular arms erupted from his back. Dyne found him self lurching forward and widening his stance even more to balance himself as the extra arms soon became almost as thick and heavy as his current muscle hulk arms. In a few moments the hands of these arms grew long and thick until the fingers almost touched the floor and a thick iridescent rainbow membrane filled the gaps and formed a pair of huge bat-like wings.

While all this was happening Dyne’s skin was changing. He found the skin on the posterior sides of his body growing thick iridescent green scales and becoming less sensitive while the skin on the anterior sides becoming a soft cream and becoming more sensitive. His body hair increased and a thick forest of chest hair erupted between his pecs and trailed down to his bushy crotch. As his body turned green and cream Dyne’s feature became more and more dragon-like. His thick feet and hands grew claw-like nails. A thick mane ran down his neck, his back, his rear, and down his tail and ended in a lion’s tuff. He legs became sturdier in order to carry the extra weight of the muscles and wings.

But most noticeably Dyne’s face changed. His nose and mouth protruded out from his face to form an alligator-like maw, but still thickly bearded. Dyne felt new teeth form in his lengthening jaw—not all pointy carnivore teeth, but a good mixture of both. Dyne finally felt a dull sinus headache he’s had for the past few days go away as his sinuses re-adjusted to the new nose. He took his wet hands off his throbbing dick for a moment and touched the area under his blue eyes in amazement. Bus soon his dick called for attention and he was back to stroking it. Dyne’s ear become long and elf-like, sticking up past his gold-brown hair, then fanned out in a fish-like fin, with the same rainbow iridescent membranes as his wings. Dyne’s thick brow became larger and more muscular as the pupils in his dashing blue eyes become reptilian slits—although dyne’s vision didn’t seem to have changed in the slightest.

Dyne couldn’t control himself as he felt the changes draw to an end. He feel so full of power and virility—imagine how Drake must be feeling now! It was a dream come true, to be in the service of a god that loved him, to be a dragon even! Dyne thumped his tail on the ground and spread his new wings wide as he leaned back and was ready to shoot his hot draconic load being cooked in his now melon-sized balls. He felt as though his gland was going to burst with cum just as he was about to burst with joy. He squeezed the head of his cock and pressed his thumb down over the lips of his cock. Dyne let out a loud grunt as his warm cum shot out in a warm spays high into the air almost out through the skylights. Dyne kept this up for a good three minutes, coving the hall in a golden shower. Drake hugged Dyne and licked off whatever cum Dyne got on himself.

When it was over Dyne smiled at Drake with a look of admiration and total loyalty to his renewed god. That was all the thanks Drake needed—plus he could feel the stream of energy flowing strong to him.



“Can you do that trick again?”


“The golden shower.”

“Maybe in a few minutes.”

“Good. Now, are all the men in the village sworn to me like you are?

“Yes my lord!”

“Draaaake. Call me Drake. Now, can you do me a favor?”

“Anything for you, my---er, Drake.”

“Good. Dyne, what do you want me to do?”

“Refrain from shooting your seed until morning.”

“Whaaat? But I already want to cum again!”

“It’ll be okay, you’ll see…”

A voice echoed in the hall, “Wow, no wonder they never let us in here!”

A second voice chided, “Quiet, he’ll here you!”

Another man replied, “Well, we’re trying to find him!”

Yet another gruff voice replied, “Okay, I guess we should fan out.”

From behind the statue, the hulking dragon-man Dyne whimpered to Drake, “now?”

The dragon-god Drake looked to the whimpering Dyne, “How many did you say there were?”

Dyne quivered as the urge to cum rose, “I told you three times already!”

Drake chuckled, “Just playing, they’re all there.” Drake gave Dyne a hug and licked his maw, then gave dyne’s massive hard-on a few good licks for god measure. “Hit it big guy!” Drake said as he slapped Dyne’s rear. It took only one hefty grunt before Dyne’s dick erupted massive amounts of cum into the air over the grand statue and onto the unsuspecting villagers.

The men first heard a booming grunt from Dyne and nearly jumped from shock . Immediately all men looked to the alcoves of the cavernous temple and then finally back to statue. It only took moment’s before dragon-man’s seed came pouring down on them all. At few there were few shouts of “trap!” and “cave-in!” but those warning quickly died as he men f the village felt a strange power flowing over them as the cum ran down their. They immediately recognized it as belonging to Dyne, although no one there had been trained to sense such things… then like a bolt out of the blue they all could feel the presence of Drake, the dragon god. Thus the first effect of the dousing was the link-up to the dragon-god mainly because they had all already pledged themselves to service in the name of the dragon god. Their worries gone, they all become eager to see what would happen next. They continued their search of the surrounding area from where they stood, Dyne and Drake still not seen behind the massive statue. Suddenly one of the men made and audible “Huh?!” and bent forward a slightly as his pants ripped and a massive alligator-like tail erupted from his buttocks and thumped on the floor behind him. The man rubbed his now exposed buttocks and the base of his new tail with both hands and an abashed look on his face. There was only a few moments for the other men to shout colorful exclamations before another man started clutching his sides and bending forward slightly. A massive pair of dragon –like wings sprouted from his bear back to their full length in seconds. That man stood swollen with the pride of glorious wings until the weight of said wings was too much for his small body and he fell on his back. Immediately after that another man suddenly grew half a foot and completely hulked out into a hyper masculine über muscular tank. Halfway through that transformation two men grew large alligator maws and another, the one who first grew a tail grew an enormous dick and balls. Before that was over five other men grew a mane of hair down to their butt cracks. The confusion grew as nine men suddenly grew large draconic feet and started tripping over each other. One man bending down to examine his new feet suddenly grew a tail and had it launched in the face of another villager.

From behind the statue Dyne groaned, “Is this supposed to happen?”

Drake waved his hand dismissively, “Eh, so the dragon god is a little out of practice.” Drake peered from behind the statue at the transforming men. He chuckled. “Eh, better hose them off again…and again until they are full-blown dragon-men.” Drake started stroking Dyne’s cock, “Here I’ll help!”

Dyne’s apprehension towards the situation melted away as he felt waves of pleasure being emitted from his cock. As his cum shot skyward he moved around in front of the statue so he could hose down his men directly, This simple act took great effort as Dyne’s mind was washed over in orgasmic pleasure and adoration for Drake. In a few minutes the odd group was looking more and more like proper über masculine dragon-men. The only catch was most of the men’s fine points were now exaggerated in dragon man form. The few men that has slight pot bellies now had enormous hulking guts in front of then. Sleek slim men were even more slimmer and hairless, and hairy thick men were now pudgy bears with an almost fur-like covering of body hair. And they came in all different colors, the mode being green.

Dyne paused, being well spent. He slumped to the ground in a happy haze. Drake called for a warm rain to pour through the skylights above and wash his acolytes and the inner temple. He stepped forward and moved next to the spent Dyne and addressed his acolytes in all his mighty dragon god godliness. “My followers, because of you and your leader Dyne I have been able to persist for so long. Tonight I return that loyalty with your new forms. You are now dragon-men in my service… You shall strive to grow in power to eventually become as powerful as your head shaman. You shall love each other and offer the resulting energies produced to me. In addition… ” Drake trailed off. He, the mighty dragon god, had lost their attention. The scene before him was one of a giant orgy with all the dragon-men discovering the nuances of their new bodies and the erogenous zones on their wings and tails. Drake couldn’t help but feel his own holy member grow hard at the scene. To the high shaman who was now back on his knees and licking Drake’s massive shaft Drake said softly, “You know…I really gotta teach you guys some self-restraint….er…uhhh…oh…Er, tomorrow. That is…..today…uh SHALL…be a day of cele BRA tion!”

And that, as they say, was that.

And the rest, as they say, is history.