Isan Dawn - Chapter Three

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Isan Rising story universe

By: Oberon

We paused in front of the door for a moment and the doctor opened the door and I looked into the room, to be precise at the bed where my lovely mate was still sleeping, a single IV feeding her as her chest rose and fell with each breath.

"Helen…" I softly said before walking up to her bedside and looking at her new face. Her muzzle was similar to mine in that it shared equal parts male and female traits, other than that her fur colouration was quite different than my own. I was blessed with the colouration of a white tiger, while her pelt featured the colouration and markings of a snow leopard. I purred softly as I gazed at her form and spared a moment to look over at the doctor but he simply nodded and smiled softly.

"This isn't about sex is it Mr. Von Ryan?"

I shook my head softly. "I don't think its ever just been about sex. Our parents weren't there for most of our early lives and we had to make do with a whole series of caretakers that also educated us as well. Our shared experiences, as well as our natural bond as twins... well it led to this. Before you chastise us for not trying I should inform you that both of us tried our hardest during our mid to late teen years to find someone who would be both mentally and physically compatible with our needs, wants, and desires."

"I take it neither of you had all that much luck?" He surmised quietly.

Nodding I placed a hand on my sister's shoulder with a smile of my own. "It's hard for anyone to live up to what Helen and I share. It's absolute, we share everything together, our joy and sorrows."

"Even a couple that's been married for a long time would be hard pressed to attain what you two have."

After a moment I stepped away from her and gestured him forwards. "I think she's waking up, and it might be easier on her if she sees a human first. I don't want to scare her out of her skull before she understands what has happened..."

"Good idea."

"In the meantime can you tell me where the washroom are?"

"Yes... there's one between this room and your room. Oh and one more thing, your urinary tract isn't connected to your penis any more so you'll have to sit down in order to relieve your bladder."

I stopped at the door and turned slightly. "Thanks for the heads-up doc." I said before heading out to the bathroom. What he didn't know was that roughly ninety percent of the time I sat down anyways. It wasn't for a lack of male pride or anything so shallow as that, instead it was simple practicality. Even though standing up had its benefits it also had its drawbacks, in my case that was more so because, quite frankly my aim was pathetic so I mostly only stood up in the outdoors or at a urinal. When I was finished my business paused to look at myself in the mirror and I had to admit to myself that I was a rather striking looking individual. My facial markings were a series of black on white stripes with a rather unique clawed pattern above each of my pale ice-blue eyes. My forehead was high and domed, much more so than on any natural-born feline, probably to carry the larger brain required for a creature with sapient intellect. Sweeping back from my high forehead and back was a shoulder-length shock of soft, silky white... head-fur. I was hesitant to call it hair since it was much too fine to qualify as such.

After spending a good five minutes regarding myself I left the mirror, washed my hands, which now possessed a set of one inch long curved retractile claws in each finger, and left the washroom to return to my sister's room.

Her head swiveled so that her gaze met mine, cool grey eyes meeting my blue ones before she softly asked, "Mark is that you?" I nodded softly and walked over to her bed taking her hand in mine, though as I thought about it I realised that referring to her, and by extension myself, as male and female really didn't apply any longer. "Yes Helen I'm here now."

"What the heck happened to us?"

Chuckling softly I replied, "Your guess is as good as mine love, but that last cold was a real doozy."

"You could say that again." I replied with a soft chuckle scratching one of my ears gently.

She chuckled as well, hir laugh warm and musical to my ears before she grabbed my arm and yanked me down so that I was face to face with her before she turned her head and opened her mouth. "Shut up you fool and give me a kiss."

This was awkward since the doctor was watching us but after a moment I shrugged my shoulders and tried to figure out how to give her the kiss that she deserved. After a few moments of trial, and error we figured out that we could softly kiss each other's lips for a polite one or two our muzzles in opposite directions for a full on French Kiss.

After our experiments with kissing the doctor cleared his throat softly and we parted slightly. "As far as I can tell both of you are doing quite well now, and there's no real reason for us to be keeping you here is there?"

Helen and I looked at each other before we shook our heads in unison, something we'd been teased about in the past, before, again in perfect unison, we replied. "I don't think there is unless you need us here."

He chuckled softly shaking his head. "Not really, though Ms. Von Ryan you should find your feet before we get the discharge papers taken care of."

She nodded softly in understanding before quickly proceeding to flip the hospital blanket aside. For Helen gaining her feet was almost the same as it had been for me, minus the bigoted statements of a narrow minded orderly.

What need of an orderly did we have when I was here for her to help her find her feet?

Within fifteen minutes we were each handed a clipboard, with discharge papers, our personal effects, my Desire S was flat dead, and our clothes, which would never fit anyways.

"Mark how about you stay here while I go get the car, then we can go get some clothes that will have a chance of fitting our new bodies."

"What exactly am I supposed to do while I wait?" I asked her softly in response.

"I don't know... you'll figure something out." Was her answer as she tied her robe tighter around her waist. "I have a feeling that you still have something to do here brother."

"What do you mean love?" I asked her, my tone sounding a bit puzzled.

"I don't know hon, but I just have a feeling that you have something else here that needs your attention."


"Trust your feelings Mark and it should be cleared up shortly."

"I sure hope so, I've never been all that fond of hospitals."

"I know that Mark." She tossed over her shoulder as she headed out the door to the cab, which I assumed she's called a few minutes ago.

"Mr. Von Ryan..." The doctor, who'd stuck with us called out to me.

"You can call me Mark if to want."

"He shook his head before carrying on, I think I know what your sister was referring too."

I felt my ears perk forwards in interest. "As long as the problem isn't medical I think I can deal with it." He shook his head, "I don't need you for medical reasons, but because of what you've become."

"What are you talking about?"

"To put it bluntly we have an orphan in one of our rooms who's stuck here because he has no other place to go. His family all died from this damned plague and he's changed species into... whatever it is you've become."

"What is it you want me to do"?

"Well... talk to him, try and get him to respond without being afraid. You see he's withdrawn into himself, and he reacts like he's half the age he really is."

I nodded softly. "Go on."

He took my hand guiding me to the elevator. "Aiden Cooper just turned ten, in fact his birthday was during his transition."

"So he's reacting like a five-year old?"

"Not in all things... in fact some of his reactions seem to be a bit younger while other reactions are older. You really need to see him to understand."

"Okay I'll reserve judgement till I actually see him." I said evenly as the elevator care to a halt and we stepped off of it.

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