Isan Dawn - Chapter Two

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Isan Rising story universe

By: Oberon

I slowly felt myself beginning to wake up as I pulled myself out of the sweet embrace of sleep my eyelids grinding at my eyes like sandpaper. After a few moments of blinking my eyes to clear the feeling of wallpaper I began to really comprehend things, both the sound, smell, and sight of my surroundings. The very first thing I noticed is that I felt, strong... healthy, completely well. The second thing I noticed was the additions to my body. The most glaring was the white and black tiger striped fur that covered my body from head to tail. Tail?! I had an honest to goodness tail sticking from my furry bottom and as I gently rubbed the tip of the strange new appendage I felt my fingers creasing the fur and a soft rumble built in my chest.

I was purring, actually purring as I inspected my body in more detail. I also had some slight inflation in my chest as I softly rubbed what I took a moment to concede where breasts. The weren't big breasts by any stretch of the imagination, but they wheren't just over-developed pecs since they were in the area of a B-cup in size. Feeling slightly frightened I checked my lower extrematies and sighed with reliefe when I found that my penis was still there. it was contained within a furry sheath, but it was, none the less present and accounted for. Howerver, below my newly sheathed cock was somthing new, instead of my familiar male testicles there was a region of short soft fur that led to... oh man that felt amazing... I gently touched the warm furless slit and gasped as the incredible sensations before I forced myself to stop before I got too carried away. I knew exactly what this body part was, I'd spent enough time fooling with my twin sister to know what a vagina was. The real puzzle was what a pair of tits and a pussy were doing on my body while I still appeared to possess a male penis.

My internal ruminations were brought to a swift halt as a, rather harried, looking man in a white doctor's coat came into my room and looked at me from the door. "Awake I see. Do you know who you are"?

I nodded softly. "A'm Mark Von Ryan." I managed, realizing then and there that I would need some time to get used to speaking with my new mouth and dental structure without biting my tongue off with my Sharp new teeth.

"Well that's a relief. You're the first of your kind to wake up here."

"Um can you tell me where here is?" I queried softly after a few moments of thought.

"Yes I can, you're in the Advanced Treatment and Research Ward at Calgary University Hospital."

"What am I doing here" I asked him in a puzzled tone of voice.

"Well you've seen what your body looks like right"?

I nodded slowly conceding the point. "What can you tell my about this new body of mine"?

"Well... there's a lot to tell. In the past three and a half weeks your body has undergone radical, and most of my co-workers concede, permanent changes. These changes have not only been at the physical, but also the genetic level in every cell in your body. While it appears that you've retained your memories, and personality everything else about you has changed including your species, gender, and diet." He paused checking his tablet, he was carrying a Blackberry tablet instead of the traditional clipboard, before he carried on.

"Your species, it appears, shares most of its internal and external traits with members of the Felid Family with some notable differences in locomotion, visual accuity, and vocal abilities. Your gender appears is even more unusual, in that we've never seen it in any animal other than some invertabrate worms.

As near as we can tell you're a completely functional hermaphrodite with internal testes, as well as a womb, ovaries, and a vagina. Furthermore those breasts on your from are much more self-supporting than a normal human's would be, though I still would suggest that you make a point to purchase a bra with some support in order to make things easier on you.

Finally from a basic analysis of your digestive tract I would suggest that you try and limit your intake of vegetables and un-processed grain products. since it appears that you lack the ability to properly process large amounts of fibre in your diet."

After he finished his lecture to me I laid back for a moment to let the information sink in before I began asking him some questions. "Does this mean that if I was so inclined I could become... pregnant?"

"Yes as far as we've been able to ascertain you'll still be able to father children, but additionally you'll also be able to bear them as well."

"How long do I have to stay here?"

"Well as much as we'd love to study you... we need the bed space. We've got more cases of the Chimera Plague than we can shake a stick at."

I nodded softly and ran a hand through the hair on my head between the two pointed ears that I understood that I now possesed before I flung the thin hospital blanket aside and got a better look at myself. I was wearing one of those hopelessly flimsy hospital patient gowns that left very little to the imagination. After taking stock for a moment I swung my legs, which now ended in a pair of digitgrade foot-paws, down till the pads of my feet touched the cool linoleum floor.

"Perhaps I should grab an orderly to give you a hand at first since it make take you a few minutes to find your ballance. You're quite significantly larger than you were before. Last time we measured you, you were 198cms tall and weighed 116kgs." I paused looking at him since that was well over six feet tall and over two hundred fifty pounds, I'd never been that large, ever. The biggest I'd ever been had been, had been five eight and one hundred, seventy-six pounds. After a moment I nodded slowly and sat on the bed while he went to fetch the orderly.

As I sat there I leaned slightly forward, unconsciously so that I didn't jam my tail-base in the mattress of the hospital bed and tightened the lone string on the gown that kept me from displaying my assets, both male and female, to the world. Finally the doctor returned with a huge male orderly who looked even bigger than I was.

The orderly looked at me and then at the doctor, an appearance of revulsion on his face, and strangely enough also in his scent, as he said. "Doctor I know I'm here to follow your orders but I won't touch that dual-sexed monstrosity."

The doctor looked almost shocked, at the beef-cake's pronouncement until I started chuckling. "Matthews get out of here." He ordered before looking at me. "What's so god damned funny Mr. Von Ryan?"

"His attitude sir... Although I've changed his attitude reassured me that this was the same world that I'd grown up in."

"How can you say that? We try and foster..."

"Don't give me that horse-shit! Humans have as much right to be xenophobic, narrow-minded, self-centered bigots and anyone else. Indeed I expected it sooner or later."

He stood there with his mouth opening and closing for a second like a fish's before finally shaking his head softly. "Of all the patients I could have ended up with, I get a cynic."

I shook my head softly, "I don't consider myself as a cynic, but instead as a realist. You see sociology is my Minor while Computer Science is my Major, so I have made a point of understanding human nature."

"Oh." He managed to elucidate incoherently.

"You have to understand most of the time humans hate what they fear, and fear what they don't understand. I embody something of that lack of understanding. Furthermore my body is based off of that of some of the Earth's most dangerous predators and there is a instinctive response to distrust predators built into the human psyche."

"I guess you are right on that count. Should I get someone else to assist?"

I shook my head. "Why deal with the hassle when you could assist me yourself ? you aren't built like a twig so you should prove more than adequate for my needs."


"Listen we can do this by the 'Book', which means we have to go through your staff of orderlies to find one who's willing to lend his or her shoulder for a few minutes while I find my feet, and my balance, or we can just screw the 'Book' and get it over and done with now."

After a moment he began chuckling before he finally said, "You, I like."

"Is it because I see the heart of the issue and try and find the easiest solution even if it doesn't always meet the rules?"

"Precisely! You don't seem like the kind of person who takes cap from anybody." He answered as he stepped up beside me and took my hand before pulling on my arm.

I heaved myself into an upright stance with my feet spread wide while my tail, which I hadn't done much with yet lashed the air behind me. I tried to get it to calm down for a few moments before the doctor said something.

"Quit trying to fight it Mr. Von Ryan. Your new tail is there for a reason, its to help you balance so let it do its job and just relax."

I nodded closing my eyes and relaxing, letting my new sense of balance take over. A moment later my body, and my tail was quiet with only the tip of the somewhat flexible tail twitching. "Now for the next part... walking."

"Yes precisely. Walking might be a bit more difficult, but not my much."

"There's only one way to find out, by doing. As Yoda in Star Wars said, 'There is no try do or do not."

"That's the spirit Mr. Von Ryan." He encouraged as I lifted one of my feet to take a step.

The funny thing was that it seemed that once my natural sense of balance had returned it wasn't going to go away since I found my walking gait right away and let go of the doctor's shoulder. My gait, it appeared, was much smoother and more graceful than my old, masculine tromp. Indeed my hips moved more, probably because they were wider than they had been before, probably an adaptation for bearing children.

The doctor watched me with a soft smile as I growled the room, getting used to walking on my own two feet again till I stopped and smiled at him. Bad idea, he recoiled from my smile before I closed my grin. "Sorry about that, I forgot, with this new mouth comes some new teeth and you still have an instinctive response to a carnivore displaying too many teeth." He also apologized to me fore backing away as I told him that I'd actually been smiling because I'd found my feet so quickly.

"Well I'm glad you feel so good about yourself."

"Can you tell me if my sister's had to come in as well?" I asked remembering that she'd also been ill as well.

He nodded softly, "She's in the room right beside this one, and she should be ready to wake up any time now."

I nodded with the tip of my tail twitching happily and a relieved sigh. I couldn't bear the thought of being forced to live the rest of my life, however long that was, without her by my side.

The doctor closed with me then in the softest of whispers said, "Just try and keep your exact relationship to yourself."

"What do you mean?" I asked though I had some idea of what he was talking about.

"We ran genetic tests on her, her unborn fetus. Her genetic structure is remarkably similar to yours and your sister’s, but there aren’t any unusual genetic markers that are from anyone outside of your family.”

I lowered my head softly and nodded. “Can you please keep it private?”

“Yes I’ll do that… and one more thing… your daughter will be human… for some reason your sister’s body has protected her from the change imposed by the chimera virus.”

“You mean Helen and I are both…changed and our daughter isn’t?”

He nodded with a smile. “Does that suit you?”

“Yes… I think I can live with that.” I told him with a smile. “Can you show me to her?”

“Of course Mr. Von Ryan.” He replied heading for the door.

I followed him with a spring in my step, my heart beating like a trip hammer in my chest in anticipation. I hadn’t seen her since two weeks before I’d gotten sick and now I would see my dear sweet sister again… only like me she would be changed into something new

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